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by ‎05-10-2011 12:14 PM - edited ‎05-10-2011 12:46 PM

kroeger.JPGEditor’s note: Have you heard about Verizon Perks?  Verizon Marketing Director Dustin Kroeger explains how Verizon residential customers can get discounts on merchandise and services.  His letter is reprinted from the May-June issue of Verizon Spotlight magazine.


By Dustin Kroeger

Do you like saving money? Sure you do. After all, given the choice, who wants to pay full price for anything when you can get it at a discount?


That’s why I think you’ll love the new and improved Verizon Perks.  It’s a customer loyalty program without the usual strings attached. There are no points involved, no hassles — just savings on the things you do every day, right in your neighborhood.



Dining discounts? Check. Shopping discounts? Check. Movie theater, bowling and golf discounts? Check, check and check. So whether you want to grab a coffee or dine at a fancy French bistro, shop for a laptop or a new pair of sandals, catch the latest blockbuster or hit the spa, chances are we can help you do it for less. 


That’s not all. We’re also giving you exclusive deals called Insider Perks. You’ll get FREE previews on premiumchannels, the chance to test your skills in FREE gaming weekends and the opportunity for a chance to win tickets to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


The cost for all this savings and fun? Nothing. The program is absolutely FREE. Think of it as a gift from us to you, a thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer.


There’s just one thing you have to do: register. Just visit to get started. Then check out all the opportunities you have to save each and every day. And be sure to come back often, as we’re adding new deals all the time.

Until next issue,

Dustin Kroeger

Director, Customer Relationship Marketing




by chiefdon
on ‎05-19-2011 07:31 AM

Almost weekly we receive mailings offering new customers free DVR for life ( a $239 annual savings ) while the current customers have to pay the same fee yearly ... Is this how "customer loyalty" works ?

on ‎05-19-2011 03:43 PM



Like many businesses, we offer promotions, and these promotions do change over time.  Chances are, if you're a FiOS customer, you received a promotion when you signed up for service.  The Verizon Perks program is a way of saying thank you to people who are already customers by offering discounts on dining, shopping and other items.



by chiefdon
on ‎05-19-2011 04:35 PM

It looks like FIOS is going the way of the wireless segment, where competition is offering perks to switch back. Optimum is offering faster internet, more phone features and a lower cost. Sorry, no promotion offered as an early adaptor, guess the pioneers take the arrows !

by chiefdon
on ‎05-19-2011 04:53 PM

Quick follow-up ... Does anyone believe that the Verizon perks will equal $239 annually ( value of the DVR ) ? If so, I would like to hear from you ...

by msamel
on ‎05-21-2011 01:15 PM

Since Verizon is a communications company, let's see how well they communicate with me after this comment. I received a letter from them about a $1.98 monthly discount that I could receive if I simply bundle my Fios HD set top boxes, whatever that means. It indicates that my savings for 3 boxes is $1.98 per month. Not my savings if I had three boxes could $1.98, my savings with my 3 boxes is $1.98. I called Verizon to discuss this as the notice requests, and after going through the maze of electronic options to get the right person, I finally received the correct electronic option when it said: Due to our high call volume, we are unable to take your call, please call back later, and was promptly hung up on. I have never had a company hang up on me due to high call volume. -What a communications company!


Being persistent, I called back and went to tech service doe my desire to talk to a human being. They then transferred me to the correct department. The rep then told me that I have only two HD Set Top boxes and that I only qualify for a $.99 discount. I asked her why the letter said that my current price of $31.97 with 3 set top boxes qualifies me for a $1.98 discount. She told me that one of my boxes is not an HD box. What do I know? 


I then asked her for a discount retroactive to the date that I had the boxes installed, or to the date that they have been offering discounts for two boxes, and she told me it wasn't possible. Once again, why didn't I get the opportunity to ask for this simple discount immediately when I qualified for it, whenever that was?


This letter is misleading and simply wrong.


I'll post back when I receive a response from Verizon, since I was unable to track down the contact information from the Director of Customer Relations Marketing, Mr. Dustin Kroeger. Oh, the relief he must have by not having his phone number on a letter he signed. Why give your customers the opportunity to actually contact you when you can have thousands of people man the phones, after having your electronic systems hang up on valued customers because the reps are just too busy receiving complaints like this one.


I'd love to leave them, if only another service was competitive. Well, I guess I get what I pay for!



by martin5k
on ‎05-22-2011 06:37 PM

Tried to change my bundle from a triple to a double and was told that it would cost me $15 dollars more a month to make the change even thought the advertised price on the internet is $35 less than what I have.  I am now trying to decide between comcast and direct tv.  Thanks alot Verizon.

by chiefdon
on ‎05-23-2011 07:10 AM

Perhaps Verizon needs to understand the difference between "customer loyalty" and "customer service". Once signed up to a plan that's it !!! But they will give you discounts on things we don't need !

by Employee
on ‎05-25-2011 02:44 PM

Dustin Kroeger writing here, replying to some concerns customers have expressed about a recent mailing they received with my signature. 


Here is the gist.  We recently sent a direct mail piece to a relatively small subset of customers based on the configuration of the set-top boxes they have.  The sole intent of the effort was to inform them they may be eligible for some small savings.


Unfortunately, due to a data error, the mail piece targeted customers who were either already getting the savings or did not have the set-top configuration we were referencing, resulting in an erroneous savings calculation for some.


We value all of our customers, so much so that the intent here was to try to save money for those who were eligible.  The last thing we wanted to do was upset any of you or lead you to believe that we were trying to deceive you. 


I apologize for the error that occurred and the confusion it created.  We are going to continue to look for ways to make our customer’s services as efficient as they can be for their home budgets.  One thing we will definitely try to stop, however, is making mistakes.

by BobActon
on ‎12-28-2011 05:56 PM
Can't help but pile on here Dustin - your name is on the letter. I too received a letter from Verizon telling me I could bundle my two HD STBs for a $3.99 monthly savings - all I had to do was call; no strings. I called and, surprise surprise, I was told oh, "that does not apply to you because while you have two HD boxes one is a DVR, so... however I noticed you do qualify for a $300 gift card if you recommit for another two years, blah blah blah..." Sounds like the glitch may simply be a ploy to get "selected" customers to call in for another sales pitch. Now here is the best part, I could downgrade my DVR STB to just a HD STB thus giving me the requried homogenous set of STBs to qualify. So, by lowering my spend rate with Verizon I would now qualify for the additional discount. Hmmm, Ok, sorry for the saecasm, but it is annoying to receive an offer, wait on hold only to be told - oops, it was a mistake, but we would like to sell you more stuff. Not sure this is what was intended when someone came up with the idea. To me it is simple. You made an offer - see it through. It's a character thing, Yes, these mistakes can be expensive and, it they are too expensive, then make it right another way.
on ‎12-29-2011 12:49 PM

SD boxes are discounted if you have Multi-Room DVR. Or Just HD boxes. Seems like you should be able to have just the DVR without the multi room feature, and get the discount for multiple HD STBs. I bet the way it is in the ordering system, they will not allow it because they want you to have Multi-Room.


Hardware bundles.



by PoJamie
on ‎02-15-2012 11:28 AM - last edited on ‎02-15-2012 12:45 PM by Moderator

I have gone through {word filter avoidance} sometimes to get through with Verizon, but never fail, I ALWAYS get a good CS rep.  I was offered that $300 deal too.  I am looking for it now.  All I had to be was paid up on the 13th of Feb and commit to another 2 years.  I wasn't planning on changing anyway.


I almost switched myself though based on the hold times. There has got to be another way.

by PoJamie
on ‎02-15-2012 11:31 AM

BTW, where can I find my gift card?  Woman Very Happy

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