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Hyperlocal campaign expands to showcases the value of FiOS at multi-dwelling units

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Before I married, I lived in an apartment.  Nestled by tall trees, and surrounded by people chiefly in their 20s and 30s, I liked my bachelor pad.  Due to the lack of gadgets and Internet-connected devices in the early ‘90s, however, my free time was spent at the local golf course, hanging out at the pool or relaxing on the patio.  But the thing I most remember from my apartment days was watching the infamous police chase with O.J. Simpson.  As a newshound, I was riveted.


Rewind 20 years and the contrast looms large.  As a 20-something, I had no high def TV.  In fact, I watched the O.J. drama unfold on my modest 19-inch TV and prayed my spotty cable TV service wouldn’t croak.  My remote control was dumb.  I had no high speed Internet connection to stream video content or zip emails to friends.  I didn’t own a cell phone; I couldn’t post comments about the slow white Bronco to Facebook; and the only things that tweeted back then were the birds in nearby oaks.


Fortunately, today’s apartment and condo dwellers have a lot more going for them when it comes to enjoying technologies’ riches.  Too often, however, people think you have to live in a single family home to get the best in broadband and entertainment services -- not so.


Thousands of apartments and condos located in Verizon-served areas today can receive the same ridiculously fast Internet speeds of 25/25 mbps, 35/35 mbps and 50/20 mbps FiOS Internet and our crystal clear FiOS TV video content as do customers who live in single family homes.


This year alone, about half of all the residences where we will deploy our all fiber optic network include multi-dwelling units, or MDUsWhile a wide-range of people live in MDUs, the majority of residents in MDUs served by Verizon FiOS are between 25 and 50, with the peak concentration being between the age of 25 and 39.


We found the trendsetting, “techknowledgeables” between 25 and 39 in particular to bear some unique attributes:

45% are more likely than the average adult to consider the Internet as their primary source of entertainment,

20% have taken some of public transportation in the past month,

78% have seen a movie in the past 6 months,

33% go the gym 3-4 times a week, and

64% like to dine out and socialize at bars, half of them with their friends.


Late last year, we launched a hyperlocal marketing campaign in Washington. D.C. metro that has helped us showcase the value of using FiOS to the Gen X and Y crowd who live in, or are seeking to move into, MDUs.


This week, we’re expanding our hyperlocal campaign to metro New York, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles.  In those markets, our efforts will be focused on reaching more young professionals who tend to be heavy wireless device users and spend an average of 14 hours per week online.


Our #musthavefios campaign in these four additional markets will reach prospective customers where they spend much of their time – in gyms, restaurants, movie theatres, malls, transit center and bars – and showcase the value of having a high-power broadband and entertainment service like FiOS in their apartments or condos.


With compelling online and door-to-door offers of FiOS Internet and TV -- some that include free activation, a wireless router and premium video content -- we look forward to helping MDU dwellers enjoy the same technology benefits we offer those who live in single family homes.


To make it easy for young professionals to find MDUs with FiOS, we’ve created region-specific microsites, or landing pages, that show the MDUs in each market where FiOS is available.  Consumers in metro New York, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angelescan visit


We believe our highly targeted campaign will help prospective customers, plus benefit MDU developers and property managers who can use information about FiOS to differentiate their properties from others that only offer cable or satellite services.  On Twitter, you follow the chatter with the hashtag #musthavefios.

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