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Introducing FiOS Football on the iPad

by on ‎10-13-2011 02:28 PM

FiOS Football app.JPGAs FiOS customers, you know that we offer an exceptional football experience with everything from NFL Network, NFL RedZone and ESPN Goal Line, to our widgets and more.  We recently told you about all that FiOS has to offer, when we announced the launch of the FiOS1 High School Sports Widget and the Longhorn Network. 


Today we’re introducing the latest addition to our football lineup: the FiOS Football app for the iPad.


FiOS Football is a free app for the iPad for our FiOS customers who subscribe to FiOS Internet and FiOS TV, including NFL RedZone.  The app features football-related stats, news and content, including player information, team stats and live scores from across the league.  Plus, you can watch NFL RedZone live. 


To use the app, customers must be within a FiOS home and connected to the FiOS home router over wifi.


This app is especially cool in houses like mine – my husband could catch NFL RedZone on his iPad while my toddler, who rules the TV in our home, gets his fill of cartoons.  So, download the app from Apple’s app store on your iPad today, and check FiOS TV channels 335 or 835 to see if you already get NFL RedZone.  Check it out this Sunday and let us know what you think.


Also, check back here tomorrow for a post from our brand new blogger, Deidre Hart, who will be writing a regular post all about football – and how you can maximize your FiOS service to fully enjoy your favorite sport.

by brucerjr
on ‎08-30-2012 02:43 PM

I can't find this app on itunes.  Is it going to be able next week for the 2012 season?  Please respond  ASAP.

by dtarullo1
on ‎08-31-2012 10:52 PM

I noticed the app went missing as well.  Talked with Verizon and he was reading the notes on it and said it was removed as of 7/31/2012 and he also stated that usually if an app is getting updated it will have a corresponding note when the new app will be available, which this did not have.  So looks like Verizon is against streaming for RedZone just like they are about streaming live TV.  Must be a contract thing with NFL Network I guess.

by Yachtbb
on ‎09-05-2012 11:53 PM

FIOS football has disappeared from website AND app store....what gives Verizon ??? Chat with Verizon rep tells me it has been removed and your reps don't even know why...!

Why don't you communicate this to your customers ????? We are paying you for these "services"....

The same goes for your ipad streaming efforts.... Don't keep telling us its coming....give us a realistic ballpark idea.

There are alternatives without switching to your competitors....for example Slingbox....

But by saying "its coming this year" (tagline since 2010...) when its really not..I don't know whether to invest in Slingbox or wait...

If this keeps up, I WILL find a competitor....


As john Stossel used to say "Give me a Break"

by brucerjr
on ‎09-10-2012 11:54 AM

Hard to believe that verizon doesn't even respond to questions on this forum. I guess it is OK to advertise on your own web site that you provide a service to existing customers that you really don't provide. Remind me, is there a law against that? How come cablevision can provide this service for all channels and verizon can provide it to cell phones if you have a wireless subscription, but fios customer are SOL. Calling cablevision now . . . . .

on ‎12-30-2012 02:41 PM

NFL Mobile 12: Watch Live NFL Games and RedZone on the iPhone



There are some particulars here, looks like it's not compatible on IPAD for some reason







It’s football season and as the NFL gets underway for 2012, it’s time to take a look at how to watch live NFL games on the iPhone with the NFL Mobile 12 app.


iPhone users on Verizon can watch every Sunday Night, Monday Night and Thursday Night NFL game on the iPhone on 3G and WiFi for $5 a month.


This package doesn’t include every Sunday game, but it does include NFL RedZone so you can watch every touchdown, punt return and field goal during the season — all included in the $5 a month price. The video below shows some of the NFL Mobile 12 features.


Unlike many of the solutions to watch NFL football games on the iPhone, Verizon subscribers don’t need a separate subscription to Direct TV to watch. Android owners can watch live NFL games with the same app on the Verizon network.



I spent the day watching my Miami Dolphins take a beating by the Houston Texans on the Red Zone Channel. I can’t watch my team play every sunday, but I can see the scoring plays as they happen. For me this is a much better solution than the NFL Game Rewind, but it’s a far cry from the NFL Preseason Live app that offered every NFL Game live with AirPlay support for my iPad.


The NFL Mobile 12 app is a free app, but it only works on Verizon powered devices. This means I can watch on my Verizon iPhone, but I can’t watch on my iPad because it isn’t  a 3G iPad on Verizon. The app does not work on the new iPad. I’m looking forward to this service more on the iPhone 5 which should launch with 4G LTE. This will mean faster speeds for better looking streaming video, though it will eat through my shared data plan faster.



The streaming video looks good, with clear sharp-looking streams all afternoon while it jumped between teams scoring across the NFL. When I jumped to 3G, the video took two minutes to start. Video quality over 3G is poor, bordering on unwatchable.



I plan to use the app mostly to watch the NFL RedZone channel while I am on WiFi while watching a local game on my HDTV or while at a friend’s house. I wouldn’t want to use my iPhone to watch a full Sunday night game unless I’m connected to WiFi or on the rumored iPhone 5 with 4G LTE.





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