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More Interactive Features Now Available for FiOS TV’s Interactive Media Guide

by Employee ‎09-30-2009 01:57 PM - edited ‎12-01-2009 09:50 AM

More Like This VODFiOS TV customers wanted more detailed program information, interactive video-on-demand (VOD), more shortcuts and easier ways to upgrade their FiOS TV, and I’m happy to say the folks in the FiOS lab have come up with some pretty neat responses.

Starting now in Texas and California and rolling out in every FiOS market over the next few months, we’re upgrading our Interactive Media Guide to make on-screen purchasing and FiOS TV navigation faster and easier than it has been.

With the upgrade, customers can check out the original airing date of a show and cast, along with genre, director, detailed description and more.  In an age when programs run more than once and when many folks use DVRs to watch favorite programs regularly, this should make it easier to know whether or not you’ve seen an episode.

Interested in ESPN PPV events like GamePlan or NBA Full Court Pass?  When you see the “You Are Not Subscribed” message on the screen, you can now just click “OK” on the remote and order within minutes.  No phone call to customer service needed.

Don’t have time to scroll through all the choices in the FiOS Video on Demand library for a movie rental?  There are two new features to help:  “Recommendations for You” and “More Like This.”  Now FiOS TV’s Interactive Media Guide will recommend other titles based strictly on movies you’ve rented in the past. 
Or click on a VOD title for a preview, and there is a new button on the screen to select “More Like This.” 
Recommendations for YouAdditional VOD titles based on actors and genres will appear.

Customers looking for additional pa rental controls features for VOD can now lock certain ratings, hide adult titles, or activate the parental control PIN without leaving the current show they’re watching. 

The IMG upgrade also activates a shortcut button on the FiOS remote control.  Pushing the button brings up a brief menu of some popular features.  It makes it fast and easy to set global parental controls, block specific channels, see a list of future times that a program will be shown again, or record a show.

The FiOS brainstormers are still thinking of other improvements they can make.  Have an idea?   Let us hear about it by posting a comment here.


by kDawg
on ‎09-30-2009 02:46 PM

It would be nice to toggle between 4:3 and widescreen format. There's a lot of wasted space on the sides of the UI. Let people choose widescreen format if they have a widescreen TV. HD is such a big thing these days why don't you have a menu to take advantage of it?

on ‎09-30-2009 03:45 PM

When is NYC getting the 1.7IMG Upgrade ? I heard that the FIOS Digital Voice will be with this new IMG that will feature Caller ID on TV. I heard October 20 the IMG 1.7 will be in NYC . Although I read FIOS Digital Voice was a go in NY today, 9/30/09.





on ‎09-30-2009 03:55 PM - last edited on ‎09-30-2009 04:06 PM by Moderator

keep me updated ,{edited for privacy}

billy burgess

by Davidgro
on ‎09-30-2009 04:03 PM

I'd like to see the option to change the program listing so that the info for the selected program is on the top of the screen, not magnified in the middle.  I find the current guide very difficult to read.  How about giving people the option to change the guide's layout, just like we can see program info in summary on the screen bottom or full info in the half screen view?


Also... I'd like to see tick marks in the progress bar so I could quickly jump to the middle of a program, rather than fast-forwarding which takes much longer.


Finally... it's a pain to access the Facebook and Twitter apps by entering a parental code each time.  I can see the need for a code if there are young children around, but how about giving people the option to require the parental code?  I have older children and they're allowed to access everything.  Why should we have to always enter the parental code, then Facebook password, etc.?



on ‎09-30-2009 04:05 PM

I'm looking forward to a true 16:9 guide with 3 hours of programming information, whether the IMG is in SD or HD.

by Tom_M
on ‎09-30-2009 04:39 PM

I like the FiOS HMDVR a lot but some of the basic DVR functionality that I have been used to with DirecTV and/or Tivo is missing.  Without some of these funstions, it can be incredibly frustrating to operate the DVR from time to time.


Here is wishlist that I've come up with after a few months of service:



  • 20 hours of HD content is simply not enough. Doubling that is a step in the right direction, but more storage is necessary.  Consider that DirecTV's newest base HD-DVRs holds ~100 hours of HD content. 
  • The ability to expand storage using an aftermarket harddrive (via eSATA or USB port) is necessary, especially when using the DVR as an HMDVR. 
  • Need to be able to modify end times on a program already being recorded. This is HUGE. One can modify a program start or end time before it starts somewhat easily in the View Schedule menu, but once it starts, you're stuck.  You're only option is to record as a series to pad the end, but this doesn't help if it's something like College Football which has 15 other programs with the same name that day.  Also, I don't want to record a Series, just that one program.
  • Inside the Series Manager, you don't have the option to see the upcoming schedule for a series you're recording. You can do this in the Guide, but it can be difficult to find a show this way. 
  • One should be able to manage recordings (record, set series, delete, etc) on an HMDVR from the client STBs. One can do this online and from a cell phone, why not from another STB within the home? 
  • This isn't a DVR function, but would be good nonetheless: Would be useful to expand VOD fast forward options.  Currently one can only fast forward at a 2X rate, which is very, very slow.  What if i watched half a movie once and want to catch the other half sometime? (the resume play function isn't always available, especially if I've had to reboot the DVR)
  • Option to change 30 second skip to 15 second skip (so useful for baseball between pitches). Or change to a 30-sec Slip, like DirecTV.
  • by jhatton1980
    on ‎10-01-2009 02:41 PM

    I had been hoping the new update would fix this: The single greatest failing of the Fios interface for the two tuner DVR is how it handles the tuner switching.  Everyone I know who has Fios mentions this to me as the single greatest annoyance.


    For a good summary, see the post at 06-05-2009 07:18 PM and then the one after it.



    Honestly, these new features are nothing terrific. I mean, seriously ... incereasing the ease and speed with which customers can purchases shows and channels is a slight convenuience for the customer and a major interest for Verizon.  Why not have the "the folks in the FiOS lab" research what is really making it difficult for Fios customers to watch TV shows with the two tuners the way they want to.

    on ‎10-01-2009 03:33 PM



    I'm totally with you on point #3.  In addition to that, it would be nice if, when selecting a future show in the guide for recording, there was a "record epsiode with options" just like there is a "record series with options".  In reality, it should just be "record episode" and "record series" and selecting either of those should take you directly to the options menu every time so you can change the options as you wish.  Currently, if you want to just record the episode (and add extra time, or whatever else), you have to record the episode and THEN go into the DVR menu, find the show in the schedule, and update the options manually, which is too much of a pain...

    by Platinum Contributor I
    on ‎10-01-2009 04:30 PM



    I fully agree with #3 like you do.


    While I agree there needs to be an option to easily extend a single recording from the Guide, I do not agree with your approach to always go to an options menu. For whatever reason I rarely need to change an option when I record something, and I do not want to have to go through an extra step each time.


    My suggestion would be to have a default option that the user can set in the Menus where you will A) always get the extra menu, or B) never get it. And then if I have it set to never, I could still extent the recording using the technique that exists today. That would give the user the choice to use whichever technique he/she prefers.



    by Employee
    on ‎10-05-2009 03:14 PM

    Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for IMG upgrades.  We're always interested in your feedback and ideas for making FiOS TV even better, and we're already working on some of your suggestions.  I’ll be sure our product developers know what you’re thinking.  One of them, Joe Ambeault, a product director here, is on Twitter at




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