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More Phones Taking the FiOS Experience Mobile – Only on FiOS

by ‎10-19-2010 09:30 AM - edited ‎10-19-2010 09:32 AM

 If you haven’t heard already, Verizon Wireless announced on Thursday they will begin selling Apple’s iPad in stores starting October 28. This is great news for consumers, but it doesn’t stop there if you’re a FiOS TV customer.


Today, we’re letting customers know the iPhone and iPod are now compatible with FiOS Mobile Remote, an application that lets FiOS TV HD customers use select mobile phones as remote controls.  The addition of these two Apple products makes the app available on more than 40 devices, including every device running Android software v.2.1 or higher. If you want to see if your device is compatible with Mobile Remote, check out the complete list here.


Mobile Remote, which launched in February, lets subscribers change channels, manage parental controls, pause, rewind and fast forward or record a TV show.  Customers can also click on the VOD button on their phone interface and browse and order movies; and even click on the FiOS TV button that lets you jump to live TV when watching recorded programming.


It also does some things that a regular remote can’t.  Want to view the photos stored on your phone on your TV set? You can transfer one photo at a time from the handset to the TV, with the flick of a finger.  Customers can also view an entire slide show of photos stored on their mobile device.


To register an iPhone and/or iPod, customers simply go to the FiOS TV Widgets main menu on their TV, click on Mobile Remote, find the mobile device in the list of supported phones and follow the instructions for pairing it to the HD Set-Top Box.  Apple users will see an authorization pin during the registration process.  Customers will be prompted to install the Mobile Remote application through the Apple App Store, on the customer’s device.


Once the device is paired to your HD set-top box, you can start to enjoy your new remote control.  Let us know how often you’re using Mobile Remote instead of your regular remote control. 


by MIpapaof4
on ‎10-20-2010 07:35 AM

Back in Aug, when I had Verizon as my internet provider, I set up a vacation reply.  Now that I am on Frontier, the vacation reply keeps raising it's ugly head.  I've gone in and turned it off but it keeps coming back.  It is very hard to get back into Verizon now that you have switched us over to Frontier.  Any help in this would be very helpful.  Thank you---------------Jim

by ssanders79
on ‎10-20-2010 09:13 AM

Works well on the iPhone.  I love the keyboard input for searching.  I just wish you could integrate the 2 apps (DVR Control & Remote).


The ability to set up multiple set top boxes is a nice feature as well.  Thanks for supporting the Apple iOS devices.

by plunkman
on ‎10-20-2010 12:38 PM

I saw this article via a tweet from @Verizon.  I clicked on the link, but I couldn't see the video because its Flash, and I was using my iPhone.  I suggest putting up the video on youtube so that the targeted prospects will be able to view it on the targeted devices.


on ‎10-20-2010 02:43 PM



We like your idea!   Please submit it to the Verizon Idea Exchange at, and the product managers will respond to your suggestion.



on ‎10-20-2010 02:50 PM



Good point.  We're using Flash for a slide show with Mobile Remote screenshots, and we want everyone to be able to see it.  We'll definitely keep that in mind next time.



by gotmytan
on ‎11-01-2010 04:57 PM

I have been trying to install the mobile remote app for my iPhone 4 unsuccessfully.  I go through all the steps and enter the PIN provided via the widget into my iPhone but get an "Error No Device Found" message after it trys to fetch a list of set top boxes.  It asks me to "Refresh" or "Reset PIN".  I've tried multiple times but cannot get this to work.


I have the DVR controller app which works fine so am frustrated.  I called the customer support line and they told me they had no support for this and couldn't provide any other number or help, that was it.  Very Frustrating!


Can anyone help???

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