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Progress Being Made to Restore Service Post-Hurricane Irene

by on ‎09-01-2011 05:40 PM - last edited on ‎09-02-2011 10:45 AM by Employee

vz.jpgWe’re continuing to make progress in restoring service to our customers impacted by Hurricane Irene.


As we said earlier this week, the restoration of service for our customers remains a top priority as thousands of Verizon employees work safely and diligently from Virginia Beach to Cape Cod to help make this happen.


As power companies continue to restore service to homes and businesses, more of our customers are regaining their phone, Internet and TV services.  The loss of commercial power has caused the majority of Verizon service outages in Irene’s wake.


We took many preventive steps to prepare our network for Hurricane Irene, and the advance planning helped minimize the overall impact as our network performed very reliably.  We’re pleased that the vast majority of our customers’ service has not been affected.


In the past two days, 63 percent of our landline voice, DSL-based High Speed Internet and FiOS customers who had been without service are now back in action.  We’re also clearing more and more dispatched troubles each day as power is restored.


While we’re making great progress, however, there is more work to do.  Needless to say, if you still do not have power at your residence or place of work, it’s important to let your local power company know.


If you are one of the few who are still without services in your home or business yet your power has been restored, please call 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).  In addition, you can report an outage, check the status, request a new repair or update an existing repair by going to  You can also use our In-Home Agent support tool at and downolad it today if you have not already done so.


For customers still without power and who use our copper-based landline phone or High Speed Internet service, you also can use our automated tools noted above to streamline your service restoration.


Lastly, for our FiOS customers whose commercial power has recently been restored, you may need to reset your battery backup unit.  Instructions for resetting the battery backup unit can be found on the following website:


There are other tropical storms on the horizon, and we’re tracking their paths to be prepared.  If we can help you in any way, let us know.


by Teddy108
on ‎09-02-2011 11:26 AM
So am not a customer they never came to install my services to repair other service
by macqueen
on ‎09-03-2011 02:16 PM

 What progress. I am a very dissatisfied customer, I live in MA the electric company has been to my house TWICE and restored service.I called on 1st can't come until the 4th but no power oh you'll have to call back when restore. Power restored next day called on the 2nd sorry now we can't come until the 7th. My wife works out of home must have service. Service rep helpful said he'll see what he can do calls back I am sorry but the dispatcher says tough luck your town has been hit very hard. Maybe if Ivan and Lowell didn't take such huge pay outs Verizon could afford to hire more service personnel and maintain their grid. Everything is a battle with Verizon all they want to do is rise their rates and fees. Make everything self service and if your service is out too bad we don't care about your situation and we don't have the support personnel to repair our network.

by macqueen
on ‎09-05-2011 08:07 AM

Everybody at Verizon must be enjoying their long holiday weekend still have not heard back on my post

by macqueen
on ‎09-05-2011 08:10 AM

Either no one reads this forum or Verizon really does not care.


by glamazon42
on ‎09-05-2011 09:59 AM

I love Verizon!!! I always get great customer service!! As for the hurricane..... I did lose my landline service for one day. I just got my power back last night. I was out of power for eight days.


 I did have a small generator and checked my email and even watched tv a couple of times just to see what was going on the world. My cable and internet worked!! I couildn't believe it. BUT I didn't have power. I never complained because I know that the power people are doing what they can just like Verizon was doing what they could. I saw the trucks out and about.


Crazy as it sounds, they can't fix your cable if you don't have power.


What a shame people are complaining that they didn't have cable. Seriously? You couldn't watch tv? You didn't have internet service. You ever heard of WiFi or the library? You had AC, hot water and lights but you still were unhappy. What about the people without power? What about the people with trees on their houses? What about the people who lost their loved ones?


You will get your precious cable and internet... it may take a few days, maybe even a week.


Remeber the hurricane in Haiti a few years ago... some there still don't have power. Be gratefull!!!!

by macqueen
on ‎09-05-2011 12:12 PM

I have power it takes them 5 days to make a service call.  The power company can get there but Verizon can't.

I could care less about TV, Maybe you haven't heard this but some people work out of their homes and need 

a phone and internet connection to do their jobs.  It's amazing that someone would compare our country to

Hati and use it as an excuse for Verizon unacceptable service levels.  Do you work for Verizon management?


by exhausted
on ‎09-06-2011 10:42 AM

 I have always been pleased with services until now.  The VZ help agent is not working for over a week, the live chat does not help nor did waiting on the phone for over 15 minutes to suddenly receive a busy signal.. I need to convert my router to a wirless

system and the last agent I spoke to    said he did  not know how to use the list of numbers and codes he gave me to effect the conversion.  If people in my area are using their wirless system why can"t I get connected?   This has been the most frustrating experience with Verizon .

by meo1
on ‎09-06-2011 11:48 AM

I have been trying to use on-line bill pay since 9/1/11.  After numerous attempts, I call on Friday to speak with a tech.  It is the holiday week-end, and I am given tech support number 888-669-9901, which tells me they are closed until Tuesday.  I started at 8:30 a.m. this morning trying to get someone to resolve my problem, tech support had me delete my temp files- did not resolve issue, transferred me to someone who could view my computer on-line- (he was in Maryland, did not have rights to view customers in Texas), transferred me back to tech (she re-set my login and password), transferred me to Janel who could view my computer on-line (she only handled e-mail problems) Janel tried to transfer me to customer billing but I got cut off.   I called customer service to try to pay my bill, but they will only do so through bill-matrix which charges a $3.50 convenience fee.   I spent over 2 hours on the phone with Verizon, actually speaking with agents for about 20 minutes and the rest on hold.   Verizon should be paying me a customer fee.   I have been a Verizon Customer,  (Wireless, TV, Home Phone and Internet) over 6 six, but AT&T may be my next service provider. 

by jerzeygrl2313
on ‎09-06-2011 04:02 PM

LOVE< LOVE<LOVE Verizon.  During the last storm my service went totally uninterrupted!!!!  My neighbors have Cox and was out for 3-4 days.....    Kudos to good service!

by Employee
on ‎09-06-2011 04:13 PM



I do apologize for the problems you have been having paying your bill. I am sending you a PM.


Peter C.

by works2much
on ‎09-06-2011 08:24 PM

OK...called Verizon today to report phone line is down on the ground. Was told to email them..???? Whatever, so I am emailing you Verizon to let you know that my phone line is laying on the ground and would like to have it put back on the poles before winter hits or the porcupines start chewing or worse. This is my only phone wireless here.


Thanks & have a great day!

by Admin Emeritus
on ‎09-06-2011 08:47 PM

@exhausted - have you tried posting your problem on the forums? It's possible another user could assist you, but it's a little unclear based on your post. If peer-to-peer troubleshooting hasn't worked for you, let us know and we'll get you some help.

by Employee
on ‎09-06-2011 11:52 PM

@works2much - I am sorry to hear about your line being on the ground. I have sent you a private message to get some more information from you.

by macqueen
on ‎09-07-2011 08:18 AM - last edited on ‎09-07-2011 08:25 AM by Moderator

I am still waiting for service.  Its unbelieveable the unacceptable service I am receiving from Verizon.


{please keep it relevant}


"If the phone don't ring you no who it must be? Verizon.

by macqueen
on ‎09-07-2011 08:38 AM

Unacceptable Service response.  I have been trying to get Verizon to repair my down line for some time now.

I have spent quite alot of time on hold calling 800-Verizon.  I fell for the first trick, you ask to speak to a supervisior they

put you on hold for about 1/2 hour then they come back on the line and tell you the supervisior will call you back.

Guess what the supervisior never calls you back, I can't believe I fell for that.  I finaly got a supervisior on

the line.  Try to follow this logic and unacceptable service level,  The supervisior stated that customers who need

their phones for medical reasons are 1st to be restored, 2nd in line are people who need their services for work which

I fall into.  So I lost my service(storm related) on 9/1 they can't do the repair until 9/7 between 8-5.  So Verizon has over

6 days of repairs with customers that have medical issues.  Could you imagine being on a heart montior needing your

services trying to get hold of Verizon to get them to fix your services.

by debmangolas
on ‎09-07-2011 10:11 AM

I didn't have power due to Irene from 3:30 pm on Saturday, August 26th until 9:30 am on Monday, September 5th.  My landline was out the entire time.  Just curious, will I see a decrease on my Verizon invoice because of this outage?  


I was really excited that my FIOS was up as soon as I got my power back.



by Employee
on ‎09-07-2011 03:29 PM

@ debmangolas, I have sent you a private message on how your service works without power.



by irate1
on ‎09-07-2011 05:49 PM

My mother in law who is 87 lives in an apartment complex in Philadelphia, Pa which has been without phone service since 9/3. I find it hard to believe that Verizon cannot restore service in the middle of a city of over 1 million

by stanemiles
on ‎09-07-2011 07:02 PM - last edited on ‎09-07-2011 07:31 PM by Moderator Emeritus

We lost power on 8/27 because of Irene and along with the electricity went FIOS and internet. I followed the instructions for reporting  Verizon outages ( not calling until power was restored) Power was restored on Sat. 9/3 and I no FIOS / internet.  I reported the outage to Verizon {edited for privacy}) and was scheduled for a tech for Monday 9/5.  This was after I stepped through the resetting of the box/battery.  THERE WAS A TREE ON THE POWER LINE and Verizon cable was on the same poles. I tried to tell the agent that but I needed a tech to come out and tell me there's nothing he can do, but have a crew come and raise the line. He said he put in another request and I would be contacted within 48 hours by the crew because the line affected not only myself but other customers in my neighborhood.  Well 48 hours later, no crew.  I call again and talked with another agent and he set the next available appointment for Sat 9/10 {edited for privacy}.  Irene was no surprise.  It was forecasted and Dominion Power brought in crews for other states to help restore and repair poles in line.  Verizon cables are on the same poles. Why or did Verizon have crews from other states come in to help restore cable and phone lines?  thank you for letting me vent.  Looking like one week with no electricity and and additional week (2 weeks) with no FIOS / internet.  I should be thankful for the service you provide, but if I can go 2 or more weeks without you, do I need you?

by Deathjunkie
on ‎09-07-2011 09:30 PM - last edited on ‎09-07-2011 09:38 PM by Moderator Emeritus

I am a verizon customer, and must say I'm very happy with my service. And macqueen I must say that you are very ungreatful. This company and it's employee's are the most hard working utility company I know. Yes thier service might be the most expensive compared to everyone else, but it is totally worth it with the service they provide. And with that hurricane, and if you see how torn up **bleep** is you would at least try and have some respect and at least some common sense that they ain't gona be coming to your door that fast, especially when there are cables line, and cable poles down on the ground all over the place. So get some{word filter avoidance} patience, and let them do thier job.  * By the way Verizon and it's employee's keep up the great work. Your doing a fantastic job *

by macqueen
on ‎09-08-2011 08:04 AM

More games at Verizon repair.  On 9/2 my wife called in the repair and specifically asked if some one had to be there, the rep said"No it is outside work.  So you could imagine my frustration after waiting until 9/7 and coming home from work that the repair work was not done and my wires were still laying across the street.  The tech had closed out the repair "no one on site".

I called the repair office and now they contradict their previous rep and say I must  be there.  They made the excuse that I might sue them because I may claim that the tech my have done the job poorly and that I need to be there to supervise the repair tech.

????  My bet with the rainy weather the repair tech probably would prefer to stay in his dry truck and take credit for an attempted service call.  He couldn't even make the effort to roll the line up on the street that has been there since 9/1.  They worried about liability and they have down lines on the public roadway.  Does anyone out there have Lowell McAdam's emai or address?


Deathjunkie maybe you could have some more insightful comments for me.  I can see your point on how concern they are about down cables.  


by Employee
on ‎09-08-2011 08:37 AM
@macqueen, I can definitely understand the frustration here and I would like to assist you to address your concerns. I sent you a private message please check when you have a moment.
by Employee
on ‎09-08-2011 08:48 AM

@stanemiles I sent you a private message so we can assist you in preparing to restore your services.

by Employee
on ‎09-08-2011 08:50 AM
@irate1 I do apologize for the delay in restoring services. I would like the opportunity to address the issue for you. I sent you a private message to get started.
by ariawoman
on ‎09-10-2011 03:38 PM

I have to say, I'm extremely dissatisfied with Verizon right now and their lack of response to their customers, myself being one of them.  I have been without phone service to my home (and I pay for TWO lines) since Hurricane Irene.  While I understand this was a large natural disaster, it would have been nice if verizon made the experience of having to contact them easier.  I sat on hold several days only to hang up because a cell phone gets really annoying to be calling from while sitting on hold and droids have crappy battery life.  Finally I get a person today and I'm on the phone with him, mostly on hold, for 40 minutes!


Finally he figures out that I'm part of a group outage that verizon is already aware of and isn't going to be able to restore until SEPTEMBER 30th.  It's only the 10th!  By that time, I'll have been out of service for over 30 days.  On top of that, I'm sure they'll charge me for both of my lines which i've not had the priviledge of using since August. 


I was told I'd have to call back to talk to billing to find out what they'd be willing to do.  Shouldn't Verizon handle this automatically when they know they are not giving a customer the service they are paying for????  Why does the consumer have to jump through a thousand hoops to get what's rightfully theirs? 


Extremely dissatisfied with Verizons lack of communication.  They could have sent those in the "group outage" some kind of indication that they were aware of the issue, when they expect restoration, and credit our accounts whatevers necessary to cover our losses. 



by stanemiles
on ‎09-10-2011 07:10 PM

Stick a fork in me!  I AM DONE.  Verizon was suppose to come out and restore my FIOS / internet today and they came out and re-attached the line to the pole, but still no service - no FIOS  -  no internet.  Each time I have called and requested repair, it was to re-store FIOS / internet.  Still no service.  Two tech / serviceman, two visits and still no service.  What did they come out for?  What is a reasonable amount of time before you cancel service and take your money and business elsewhere?  Issue me a credit for no service please and please email me the address / telephone number to the president of Verizon.  I need to speak to someone who can help me.

by Employee
on ‎09-10-2011 11:34 PM

@ariawoman If it is part of a group outage you will be automatically compensated. If theres downtime due to Verizons service not working and its not within time frames of a group outage, those must be reported to billing individually.

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