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TV Everywhere? We’re getting there

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As long as there have been rabbit ears, there has been TV everywhere.  But TV that follows you everywhere, on glowing rectangles of various sizes, still has a way to go to be fully realized, according to a panel discussion held at the Consumer Electronics Show.


“Video Everywhere -Technologies and Platforms - Enabling the Next Generation of Over-the-Top TV” featured a distinguished panel of seven experts involved in the delivery of borderless content, including Michael Weintraub, director of technology, Verizon Digital Media Services.


(To see how Verizon is addressing these issues, check out the announcements we made with Samsung and LG from CES).


As the discussion unfolded, Ken Roulier, deputy CTO of the broadband, cable, and satellite division, Amdocs, pointed out that TV really isn’t everywhere today, even with the proliferation of Internet protocol TV and advanced devices.  Over-the-top TV rides over someone else’s network to someone else’s customer, according to Roulier.  TV everywhere on the other hand is best described by TV received on phones, tablets or laptops.  And today, we really aren’t seeing all TV on all devices.


Verizon’s Weintraub noted that it’s not just about the devices it’s about the fast networks the content rides on. 


“You’ll never get the bandwidth over the air that you can get over a piece of glass like the FiOS network,” said Weintraub.  “It’s the size of the broadband pipe that truly delivers TV everywhere once you’ve worked out content issues with providers.”


Weintraub added that Verizon’s investment in both the all-fiber FiOS network and the fastest, most-advanced 4G Long-Term Evolution network with Verizon Wireless has been “very expensive” but has “changed the experience consumers are having with content everywhere.”


Roger C. Wood, vice president of digital media, iCrossing-Hearst Corporation, noted that looking ahead, the business models that will advance TV everywhere will focus on how content providers drive the adoption of these technologies.  In his view, the key areas that will advance TV everywhere revolve around new payment technology platforms and coming up with a new advertising technology or approach that breaks the 50-year hold traditional advertising has held on TV.


“I don’t think it’s going to be banners going across the screen,” said Wood.


Weintraub added that this is exactly why Verizon Digital Media Services was created. 


“It costs too much money to produce all of the content for all of the formats for all of the devices, not to mention the distribution models and the marketing programs to drive all of this content to all of these devices,” said Weintraub.  “Verizon Digital Media Services helps streamline that process by creating a turnkey option for content providers.”


Just like TV everywhere is driving a more personal experience for entertainment that is not bound by location, it also makes directed advertising a much more personal experience, geared toward the individual.  This makes it more valuable for everyone: the advertisers, the distributor and the customer.


Ultimately, Wednesday’s panel discussion reinforced that while CES is full of amazing advances in electronics, devices, home entertainment, smart appliances and more, the network drives technology adoption and use, and as the network sophistication and capacity increases so does the value proposition of the innovation ecosystem at large.  In that regard, Verizon’s FiOS and 4G-LTE networks continue to set the pace for the best viewing experience as consumers stream more and more toward borderless lifestyles and TV everywhere.


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In the process of trying to build hype LG's CES press release doesn't bother to tell you that to access this content you'll need to subscribe to both FiOS Internet and FiOS TV services. So again, why exactly would a customer who already has a FiOS set top use the integrated content being offered via their television? Verizon should either get into over the top streaming and offer a product that seriously offers a traditional TV alternative, or stop screwing around.


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I don't need or want TV everywhere. I tried that with ATT on my HTC Windows phone and it was a POS that they cut the cord on it. Just provide what is available to my house and don't charge me to watch it on each TV. There are already standard formats. Why  4G Long-Term Evolution network to broadcast content over IP that COSTs $$$$$. More SPIN and more bandwidth sales for wireless devices. Is 4G LTE any better than MOCA that can't even stream more that one or two  HD at a time? NO! What will be the price of 4G LTE per GB? Unlimited plan. Let's get back to fore HD in the home issue. Not SD on a device that is to small to know the difference.


I think this belongs more in the wireless community.


I think the Deal that Verizon Wireless and Comcast pulled should be in the court system with the FCC and FTC! I think the whole thing stinks. Are they gonna start giving free bandwidth to customers for all these bandwidth hogging applications for streaming low quality video?


I am an ATT wireless customer and plan on staying that way. T Mobile and ATT can't merge, but Verizon and Comcast can to these deals, and the gov. turns their heads?

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