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Talk About Outstanding Customer Service!

by on ‎03-18-2010 12:16 PM

fios.JPGVerizon customers in the Northeast who call us with a FiOS billing question are getting a return message that very day from a senior executive to make sure everything goes right.  And just for extra measure, Verizon Vice President of Sales Bob Driscoll provides his personal Verizon e-mail address.


Driscoll’s initiative is just one example of the extra steps Verizon is taking to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Other examples include new self-service tools that enable customers to do business with us when it’s convenient for them; a streamlined call tree system that gets customers to the right person quickly; and the ability for FiOS TV customers to remotely program their DVRs from a cell phone or computer.


“I just think that as a customer, I would really appreciate hearing from a company I do business with, making sure I was happy,” said Driscoll. “If the call comes from an executive who leaves a way to contact him, that’s even better.  As a customer, you know that if an executive is involved, it’s going to make a difference.”


Here’s the way it works:  New FiOS customers sometimes have questions about their very first bill, which includes pro-rated charges from the date FiOS was installed.  If a customer calls into one of our Northeast call centers with a question about their FiOS bill, Driscoll’s office will send his automated message back to the customer by the end of the day, thanking them for doing business with Verizon and inviting them to e-mail him if there are any concerns.


And some customers are contacting Driscoll just to say thanks. For example, here’s what one of them has written to Driscoll:


“Hi Bob. I received your voice mail and to answer your question I would like to say that I'm loving your FiOS service. Everything is working fine and I have made some calls to get some help and questions answered and so far everyone I've talked to has been very polite and professional and most of all very helpful. By the way I tell everyone I know how great the FiOS service is and my daughter switched from cable also and she seems to be very pleased so far.”


Driscoll’s approach to customer service is certainly hitting the right chord with our customers in the Northeast. Similar efforts are underway throughout the Verizon service area in the U.S., as Verizon continues to demonstrate its commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations.

by rhomboid
on ‎03-18-2010 05:36 PM

well, if I were talking about outstanding customer service... I wouldn't be talking about Verizon, then, would I? The worst automatic answerign system in the history of creation, first level support that often (though not always) knows little about either existing problems or solutions, a billing and business department with attitude.


I'll be frank - I find the product - the reliability of FIOS internet, speed, etc. - to be good, much better than my previous carrier. But i find the customer service pathetic, and am amazed that Verizon would want to boast about it.

by DavidR
on ‎03-18-2010 07:18 PM

I agree with rhomboid 100%.  Verizon products are excellent.  Verizon customer service is the very worst I have ever, ever encountered.


Every single month, there is an error in my Verizon bill.  Every month I call up to get the bill fixed.  It usually takes 20-30 minutes, if I can get connected at all.  I finally get the problem fixed, and then the next month, a NEW problem pops up. 


Verizon should be very very ashamed.  Both billing and customer service are pathetic.

by fdnydave
on ‎03-18-2010 09:43 PM

So here I am over 45 mins on hold and you want me to give a comment on customer service?

by frugalman
on ‎03-19-2010 03:43 PM

could you post the email of Bob Driscol?

I called billing last week and I ma in the northeast.  Did not get a call from Bob.  But I would like to follow up with his email on the blunders that their billing CSR have.


by jimhpa
on ‎03-19-2010 04:05 PM

I'm sorry, but this is the wrong week to post this. Last week I realized that my direct debit from my checking account somehow was removed and I wasn't notified. I called and spoke to 8 different people before finally hanging up and trying again. That time I went through 5 people. The last person couldn't explain what happened, but just told me how to pay on the phone and setup  with a credit card. The frustrating part is that no one wants to take responsibility for the call - even to the point of making sure I get to the right group. I believe I was bounced between some groups multiple times.


My FIOS account is in PA and I did not receive any followup. I still don't know if this will be reflected on a credit report or what happened.

on ‎03-19-2010 04:49 PM


How about a response to postings on the blog. You post and ignore your readers. Do you know what the gold folder is for on your forums page? I bet yours is gold and you think it's pretty!

on ‎03-19-2010 04:53 PM
We appreciate all the comments about customer service, and we use them to improve every day.  We'd like to understand more about your experiences with us, so we're contacting each of you offline to see how we can help.  But we also have some suggestions for the next time you need to reach us.  In addition to calling us on the phone, you can use our online self-service tools,, to get things done.  We'll be adding more tools like these because we want to take the stress off our customers and make it more enjoyble to do business with us.  Our top priority is matching our great products with outstanding customer service, and we're investing in the people, training, systems and technology to help us continually improve our service and response times and deliver the most accurate bills possible.
on ‎03-19-2010 07:10 PM

Thanks. You do read your blog post comments. Sometimes harshness is the only way to get a response when you are unhappy about something. Many are unhappy about a few HD channels being moved into a premium bundle with premium channels. Is that being looked at? Please feel free to send a PM to me in the forums regarding anything you would like to discuss. OR join us in the CL forum round table. There have been a few posts there perhaps you could help with. I apologize if I was a little harsh in the Forums PM I sent you on 03-05-2010 07:08 PM, and perhaps that is why it went unanswered. I know Eric used to join in from time to time, so feel free to do so.


Again thank you for responding to your readers, and we look forward to more interaction with you in the future.

on ‎03-19-2010 07:18 PM

Oh I went to the link. More propaganda.

Verizon Self Service Options Streamline How Customers Get What They Need

You must be joking. I spent 1/2 hour with online bundle upgarde options while chatting online with a support rep. trying to upgrade from Extreme 20\5 to Extreme 25/25. Not possible. Read my post and the entire chat session in the CL private forum. Site does not work. Like many companies either upper management is out of touch or the people under you are hiding things. Now I am thinking of going Internet only instead of the knee jerk reaction that made me want to upgrade.

by rhomboid
on ‎03-20-2010 10:37 AM

"In addition to calling us on the phone, you can use our online self-service tools,, to get things done"

Translation: "don't call us. Don't ask us for help. Do it yourself. Your couple a hundred dollars a month doesn't include capable live help."

And that press release (people have problems with your service, and you direct them to a press release?), it said "For many common service requests, customers access Verizon's self-service platform and the voice-activated services by dialing 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).  This simple, efficient and single point of contact" Simple? Efficient? Hardly. It's the worst auto system I have ever encountered. It does not recognize vocal replies,  and it does not offer relevant choices, and it does not offer relevant responses to our vocal responses.

And, it's yet another example of how Verizon is trying to do away with live customer service. "Don't call us - use the online tool, even if it doesn't address your issue. . If you call us, don't talk to a live person, deal with an inefficient auto tool, that gives no help. If you do talk to a live person, well, we're not going to give them the skills to help you, nor the freedom to step outside the very small box of approved answers".  None of them can think for themselves, they're restricted to preprogrammed responses that never help, and as another poster stated, no one takes ownership on issue. They forget the main rule of customer service - the customer is (almost) always right. And they forget the main rule of problem solving: See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it. Instead we get "I dunno" or "It's not my job" or "Let me transfer you" and transferring usually leads to another interminable wait, or, even worse, to a dead line or disconnection.

In other words, verizon has to pay for fewer customer service reps, and has to spend less for each one, since they're not truly qualified (especially the tech reps). Fewer reps means longer wait time, which means we eventually hang up... and they don't have to spend more money on more reps.

If the cellular signal and FIOS reliability weren't better than the alternatives in my area, I'd run from Verizon as soon as I could, all due to the poor customer service. In fact, as soon as as I see that I can get decent cell coverage and internet service from other providers, I'm gone.

by Gold Contributor VII
on ‎03-20-2010 03:13 PM

@ rhomboid.


Ditto / +1. That is how I feel too.

by jimhpa
on ‎03-21-2010 09:00 AM

I received a phone call within 2 hours of my above post from a supervisor who took responsibility for my issues and has worked to resolve them. Thank you, Verizon, and this supervisor, for the quick response from my above comment.

by rhomboid
on ‎03-21-2010 12:16 PM



that's great, I'm glad you got your problem resolved... but still, shouldn't you have received that sort of effective treatment and consideration when you first called, instead of waiting until you complained in a public forum?


Still, good for the supervisor who called you back, and good for you, getting your problem fixed.

by bill_f
on ‎03-21-2010 07:36 PM

I just had a recent issue with FIOS TV this weekend. I'm signed up for ESPN full court and wanted to watch the Women's NCAA First Round. Since we're in the DC area, the Kentucky game wasn't originally on here. After an hour with customer service and technical service, I still wasn't able to get the game. First Tech services said that we weren't signed up for it while customer services said we were. Apparently, the west coast customer service reps are on duty but they cannot do anything with east coast accounts. Despite what the customer service representative and her manager tried to do, I was told that I would have to wait until Monday to contact customer service on the East Coast. So, we missed the entire first round of the tournament. It makes no sense to me that they could not access all of Verizon's accounts as the coverage shifts from one region of the country to another.


My biggest customer service issue with Verizon is the lack of a local presence. Even when my DVR went out, I had to wait, with no service, while a replacement was sent to me. At least with the local cable company, I was able to just take the box in to them and immediately get a replacement. 

by kyates17
on ‎03-24-2010 07:01 AM

Well I want a phone call from someone asking me about how happy I am! I am sitting here at 6:46 in the morning because my house alarm went off at 5:18! Terrified that I had been broken into I waited for the alarm company to call me. When after 5 mins no one called I had to venture out into my home to check things out myself. I had already been broken into once before so this was the most frightening thing for me to have to do. When I went to call someone I had no phone service. After checking my home and reaching my cell phone I called and was casually told by the Verizon customer service that all this had happened because I had changed my phone service the day before. Like this is MY FAULT and why should I be surprised! All while my heart was still racing and I could hardly breath! Just like that like I shouldn't be at all concerned! In the meantime I am scared to death and still have no phone service. This is unacceptable. I have to have a home security system because I am alone a lot and this is a terrifying situation to be in. Switching phone service and doing it without anyone telling me what the consequences are is not customer service!!!!!! I am still shaking from the whole thing.   

by kwesi
on ‎03-24-2010 04:02 PM

I must say Verizon Internet and phone gives the worst service ever. I am so dissapointed by the type of service I received. I was with cable for little over two years, I decided to switch to verizon all four services, internet, phone, Direct tv and a cell phone. I signed up on 02/01/10, direct tv came and set up the tv 02/10 that was ok. On the other hand, verizon came to the house three times and still my phone service was not working i had to go to the store and buy additional outlet to plug my home phone into in order to make it work. This was done only yesturday. Is this right? To get an appointment it takes 1 1/2 week. The first guy did not do anything, the secound guy messed up, the third guy fix the secound guy's mess but he left the phone without a dial tone. The internet is another story. I was told a modem was in the mail on its way, after waiting forever then came the bill for the internet. I called verizon to find out what i was being billed for it was for the internet which I dont have. To my suprise they said I had to pay for the modem this was not told to me in the begining. After all the headace the modem finally came couple days ago and only yesturday i set up the internet service. Can u imagine!!!! I was out of the internet for more than a month. This is painfull, i cannot live without the internet. Verizon really tortured me. I have never experience such horrible service in my entire life. After experiencing this horrible service i appreciated cable. They say you don't know what you have until you loose it. That saying is true. No dicsount or courtesy credit was given for my trouble. I will eventually go back to them.. I would not recommed Verizon High speed internet or Telephone serviceto anyone....

by kwesi
on ‎03-24-2010 04:17 PM

Also i had two rebates when i purchase my cell phone. I filled it out and send it in i only received one.. When i called them i had to fax the receipt which is gonna take another month or two..I am tired already and thats not good because i just started with them. This experience is really like something from a horror movie

on ‎03-24-2010 07:55 PM



Our team that posts blogs here reads all the comments and we share the input with various groups within the company, so thanks for your input.


We posted a comment Wednesday about the changes you mentioned to our FiOS TV channel lineup,, and I want to ensure you see them in the FiOS TV Programming board.


As you discern what services to use in the future from us, I hope you’ll consider the unrivaled service you get with our 100 percent fiber optic network.  The response to FiOS remains positive, but we’re not resting on our laurels.  If we don’t match our powerful network and robust products with great customer service, we’ll suffer.  That’s why we’re investing so much attention on enhancing our overall customer service experience.


As I explain to customers who call or email me directly, we take customer service very seriously at Verizon.  It’s much harder, and cost more, for us to win back a customer than retaining a customer.  In that spirit, it’s in our own best interest to take care of all our customers in a way that they will want to share positive experiences with us.  That’s our pledge to you, and all our customers.



on ‎03-24-2010 07:57 PM



I appreciate your comments about Verizon customer service.  Comments like yours help our entire base of employees improve.


There is a significant, ongoing effort to give our customers a great experience.  When it comes to service, there is no greater goal.  The overall effort includes a variety of initiatives including easier to follow billing, enhanced call center support, an easier to navigate calling system and streamlined online and digital tools that let a growing base of customers who want to interact with us in that manner do so.


Your assertion that we don’t want customers reaching us directly is not correct.  To the contrary, we take care of the vast majority of our customers’ needs through live phone conversations.  The intent of offering more self-service tools speaks to the growing base of customers who have let us know that they prefer to use self-service tools to resolve issues with their phone, Internet or TV service or resolve an issue with their monthly bill. 


We’re continuing to invest in training for customer service to help our customers get the level of satisfaction deserved.  In fact, we long ago introduced the concept of “You touch it. You own it.” as a vehicle for empowering employees to help customers regardless of their role.


I appreciate your endorsement of our FiOS service.  Now, we have to demonstrate to you in concrete terms that our customer service will be comparable to the product you use.




by cdbrown8x
on ‎04-07-2010 07:58 PM


where are all the previous posts about the rate hike letter from Dustin Kroeger?  Did you remove them because they were bad press?  Actually, I'm being generous calling it a "rate hike letter".   It's a rate hike sentence, buried within a seemingly innocuous letter about the Flex Bundle.  


Presumably, even after this cheap stunt, Dustin is still with Verizon-- his LinkedIn profile is still touting his position as Director, Customer Relationship Marketing.  Why isn't Dustin on this Forum, taking responsibility for the letter with his name on it?  What happened to Verizon's "You touch it, you own it" approach?--- I don't see Dustin taking ownership for the backlash on this rate hike.   


I've tried calling Verizon customer service about this letter, but guess what?  No one wants to talk to me-- better to keep me on hold, hoping that I'll just go away and accept an arbitrary 18% rate hike.  How does Verizon justify this hike?  I don't see inflation at 18%, do you?  


So please tell me, and everyone else, why I should accept this 18% increase.  Better yet-- just tell me that you value my patronage, that you don't want to lose me, and that you're not increasing my rate on May 1st, like Dustin says you are.  Remember, I get 51% of the vote here.  




by Moderator Emeritus
on ‎04-07-2010 09:14 PM

Posts about specific topics are often moved to the appropriate board, e.g. My Verizon Account, FiOS Internet, etc.  If you know the name of the individual who posted the comments, you can enter it in the search window, and look unders "users".

on ‎04-08-2010 05:45 PM



I checked with the board moderators, who tell me that only one post was removed at the request of the person who posted it.  So you should be able to find any other posts that were previously there.


We do value your patronage and don't want to lose you or any customer.  Price increases for FiOS reflect the ever-growing value and quality of the service.  In the past year, we've added more HD, more VOD, increased Internet speeds and more interactive features, and a customer service representative can explain the choices of service tiers and bundles now available to you.


I apologize that you weren't able to connect with one of our customer service representatives to discuss the letter you received, and I'd be happy to have someone call you at your convenience.  Because I'll be out of the office for a few days, please e-mail my colleague, Sharon Cohen-Hagar, ( with your name, address, phone number and any other contact information, she will have someone call you.





by Bobbyw
on ‎04-14-2010 11:36 PM

Guys....I have to agree with many of the comments....I travel for a living and I must admit....Verizons service is HORRIBLE.  I use the online backup and file sharing.......only problem is it hasen't worked for about 2 weeks....every time I call I get the answer "we are working on it" should be about another week to fix.  Meanwhile I can't pull up any of my files that I need while traveling.......


I will just update my zip drive next time.....but please.....don't offer a service that doesn't work....and please.....If I gave my customers the answer that  "I would have their product to them  hopefully in a week".....I WOULD BE FIRED. 



by Bobbyw
on ‎04-14-2010 11:38 PM

Oh....I forgot.....why in the world do you have support links and contact us links when they don't work and say the page is unavailable.....have to admit....irks me that I can't even ask when the service will be up cause I don't keep the support phone numbers written down. 

by Bobbyw
on ‎04-15-2010 11:39 AM

Just in case you don't believe me I copied the link I get when I sign on and hit support.....then contact us.....


We're sorry....
We are not able to process your request. To continue, please select
one of the following options:


And we are talking about what service??



on ‎04-16-2010 10:05 AM



Verizon’s Online Backup and Sharing service has been undergoing extended maintenance since March 26, and the updates are nearly completed.  Unfortunately, the maintenance operation took longer than planned, and it affected customers’ ability to access, restore or share their stored folders and files.


We apologize for any inconvenience this necessary upgrade has created for our customers.  We would like to assure you that there was no loss of data or files that are being backed up, or stored, on the service.  We’ve also been able to provide customers who urgently needed access to their stored files with copies of those files on an overnight basis.


Customer access to the service has been restored, and all but a very small percentage of backup data is readily available.  We expect our service to be entirely back to normal within the next few days.  As a result of this experience, we have made significant changes to the service platform, and our upgrade process.


I'm sorry you also had problems with our online customer service links and encourage you to try them again.  If you use Twitter, you can also contact Customer Support for our wireline services by Tweeting a message to




by bobmod4u
on ‎04-22-2010 10:21 AM

Verizons customer service is HORRIBLE. PLease fix your company ... cause it's broken.

Places to start would be,

Not make your customers waste 45+ minutes on your stone age phone system and out sourced Indian service reps!

Beta test your website BEFORE uploading it to the world.  Cause it's broken in so many ways!


I am normaly a calm resonable person ... But I am so fed up with your company right now .........



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