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by on ‎01-12-2011 10:04 AM


Recently, Mike Ritter, Verizon’s chief marketing officer for consumer wireline and business services, talked with Forbes about FiOS and how customers are driving service improvements.


When it comes to marketing, Mike said Verizon likes to show customers what FiOS can do.  But we are also using customers' own words to explain what they like about their fast and reliable FiOS Internet connection or FiOS TV service.  More and more, these testimonials are becoming two-way conversations, as FiOS customers flock to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk to each other and to us about our products.


If you’ve ever visited our Fans of FiOS Facebook page or our @Verizon Twitter handle, you know we’re listening and responding to these conversations.   This kind of feedback not only is important, it is also key to making our services even better.


Now, we’ve taken this customer engagement a step further by inviting you to submit ideas for new FiOS services or for improving those you’re already using.  We call it the Verizon Idea Exchange, and customers’ suggestions go directly to our product managers, who are incorporating some of them into our newest services.


As Mike says, when customers provide input, we deliver a much better product.


So keep the ideas coming.  We’re listening.

by acobrien
on ‎01-12-2011 07:46 PM

Good Evening,


As a Verizon Fios C ustomer I just want to "Thank you" for providing us with a spectacular product. My son is looking to purchase his first home and will not consider areas that do not have FIOS. I have friends in other communities in Massachusetts that are unable to get Fios. My only wish is that Verizon will soon provide all the communities with this great product. 


Thank you,


Ann O'Brien

by dwalter
on ‎01-13-2011 11:56 AM

What awful customer service Verizon has.  And I say this as a stock-holder and someone who spends over $5000 annually with them.  I want to transfer a domain over to Verizon and they do not support this, even though it is listed on their website at


on ‎01-13-2011 04:12 PM



Thanks for the great feedback about FiOS. We're glad you and your family are enjoying it, and hope your son finds that perfect first house in a FiOS area soon.



on ‎01-13-2011 04:16 PM



Sorry for the difficulties.  We're trying to contact you offline to see how we can help.



on ‎01-14-2011 03:51 PM

Letting customers steer the company is a win win.  Keep it up.  I personally see you are listening and implementing.  Thank you.

by Charlie_Veritas
on ‎01-21-2011 06:41 PM

The customer service and delivery is poor.  To sign up they promise you 3-7 days installation but once you are signed up then they tell you it will take 24 days to come and install.


At a minimum be straight and don't promise/lie.  Secondly get your act together with your delivery and installation services.  If it takes that long you should really look at your customer service and delivery process and remove all non added value internal activities and focus on your customer needs and in exceeding these!

by jingle19713
on ‎01-25-2011 11:09 AM

It's too bad that Verizon has gone down hill for service and quality. Examples of being on HOLD for 69 minutes waiting for customer service to initially pick up the phone, or calling in the next day and being on hold for 14 minutes waiting for customer service to initially pick up the phone. 2 different days, 2 different times, still poor service.

How about being on your FIOS email and checking email (now remember that I've signed in for the 2 week sign in and haven't logged in anywhere else, and it's only been a few hours since log in), then typing a response to an email...and of course having to think about the response since it concerns legal basically taking 30 min to type it, sending it and WHAM POOF BAM it doesn't go through, it goes back to the email main screen, the response is not saved - its not in draft - it hasn't been sent - its' gone! Can't go get it, can't go backwards on the computer, it's gone. An hours work is gone.


Comcast doesn't have this issue. We went to Verizon FROM Comcast because of all the advertising done on the Comcast email...but now Verizon does it too. Our contract's up...hum...I'm tired of re-writing emails and doing more research than necessary because of Verizon's email programs.


Any ideas?

on ‎01-26-2011 08:19 AM

Charlie_Veritas and jingle19713,


Thank you for your comments about your recent service experiences with us. Customer feedback like this is key to understanding how we can do an even better job for you in the future.


Because it appears that jingle19713 is having some email issues, we'll contact you offline to see how we can help.



on ‎01-26-2011 02:32 PM

Billing dept is horrible - got my bill the other day - amazing on Dec 20 I swapped out a 6416 for a 7216 right at the store my receipt shows it was returned on 12/20 - well guess what my bill came and not only was I being charged for my 5 room HMDVR package I was being billed  both prorated and new billing for a dvr I do not have and also for an additional STB 2500 .   So I make a call - spoke to a Mrs Salmon took a while for her to understand what my setup was but her response was she could give me an immediate credit for the 2500 box but would have to put a claim for a credit in for the hd dvr I was being billed for in addtion to my hmdvr 5 room package.  Now I only have boxes in 5 rooms - my account only shows 5 boxes yet the billing system is billing me for 7 boxes - go figure so I figured I would wait a couple of days to see if the credit showed up - NOPE ! still not showing why is it your billing dept cannot give an immediate credit when they know and can see that I am billed for something I dont have doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure that out  - Please verizon fix your billing system I do not have time to call in every month for a credit   still looking for my $29.65 credit (15.99 and 13.86) billing for hddvr's that I do not have and did not have from Dec 20 on - Am getting really frustrated - you have a great product now fix the billing system

by KKWestwoodMA
on ‎01-27-2011 09:32 AM

First, I am a business man with my own company, and I am keenly attuned to customer service.  I have found Verizon's customer service to be absolutely abysmal.


After having the same problem for months with my FiOS service and suffering through numerous tech visits made worse only by HOURS spent on the phone with customer service, this is my suggestion:


Verizon should assign problems to individuals who will then be responsible for getting the issues fixed.


Sounds simple, right?  It currently does not work this way.  When you have a recurring or long-term problem, instead you have to call the main number, wait on hold (the message ALWAYS indicates that there is heavy call volume and that there will be a wait - if it's always heavy, isn't heavy normal, and shouldn't Verizon address this?), then explain the history of the problem to a new person every time.  In between tech visits and while I was awaiting action from Verizon, I received voicemail messages from Verizon asking if the problem was fixed!!!  I had to call Verizon and repeat the same, **bleep** process to make sure that they knew it wasn't fixed.  (By the way, Verizon, did you fix the problem?????  If not, don't ask me if it's fixed!)  While they do nothing, I have to waste my time repeating the same process.  You can never speak to the same person, and there is no continuity and NO ONE TAKES ANY RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PROBLEM IS FIXED!  As soon as the rep is off the phone with you, it is no longer their issue.


I have spent more time on this problem than the Verizon techs.  That shouldn't be.


I have never had a customer experience this bad.  After 2 1/2 months of the same problem with at least 6 tech visits (on demand pixelating and losing sound), someone finally addressed the problem at the hub, which was recommended over a month earlier.  (I had to argue with reps that this needed to happen, and that the techs who visited told me there was NOTHING left to do on the premises that hadn't already been addressed.  Again, why is this MY responsibility?


So, when the hub went down without warning, all of our service: TV, internet and phone were all disconnected!!  I have a home business, and this was in the middle of the work day.  When we first called (from a cell phone), we were told that we were not listed as customers.  A bit later, we were told that they identified us as customers, but we had been disconnected.  ("Maybe you didn't pay your bill?"  Uh, no, we pay $350 per month to your company, but thanks for suggesting that this is our fault.)


Finally, service returned, but the phones didn't work, in particular my (home) business line!!!!!  A tech is coming today to fix it.  Great.  Also, some of our premium channels have not come back despite the reassurance that they would surely be on within an hour.  When I called, they shuttled me (as usual) between the sales/order department and the techs, who blame it on the other department or tell me that I don't have an "order" for these channels, which of course I had until 9AM that morning.  No, I don't have an order number for these channels, because I already had them!


I asked the third guy I spoke with in the order/sales dept if he could call the techs and tell them that I do, indeed, have these channels, but of course he couldn't.  I have to call them and waste another hour.


Worse customer service ever.  Please take my suggestion and set up a group of people whose responsibility it is to solve problems and own the issue until it is resolved. 

by KKWestwoodMA
on ‎01-27-2011 09:44 AM

After posting my last comment and sending a similar message to support, I received an email thanking me for contacting them, and letting me know that I should be receiving feedback within one business day.  This message was followed by an exciting opportunity to refer friends to Verizon for $100 reward.


When responding to a customer that contacts you with a problem, is it perhaps a bit tone deaf to ask for referrals in the response?  Since it is so difficult to speak with anyone who is capable of action and change at Verizon, my inclination is to write an editorial in the Boston Globe about my experience instead of collecting a bounty for referring friends.

by Employee
on ‎01-27-2011 02:41 PM

KKWestwood – I apologize for all the trouble you’ve had recently with your services.  I’ll be contacting you shortly offline to see what I can do to help out.  Thanks -- Karl

by FriedU
on ‎01-27-2011 04:59 PM

I have spent 2 days trying to setup my iMac on my Fios. The mac recognized the network but could not connect. My dell works fine in the same room. I spent almost half an hour waiting on voice help and got frustrated and thought I could get the answer on chat. I find out on chat that they are not able to answer any questions on MAC'S and there is a special dept. that handles only Mac's. Do you think you could simply put that on the website or on the voice system and save people some time?  The person on the other end told me they are available 24/7.  Well I went back to voice help and the person told me i had to go to the Verizon website and download something to my iMac or use and ether net. This really sucomvents the whole idea of wireless. Well wouldn't that be wonderful if I had access to the web which i have been trying to do for 2 days. So I moved my 27 inch Mac to the router and the mac says it doesn't recognize the network it recognized in the other room but couldn't connect to it.  I'm connected to the **bleep** thing.


Yes, I know most of the world is MS based, but more and more people are moving to a mac OS system. It would be really nice to your customers if you followed the trend. Or, oh my goodness, got ahead of the trend.  So I sit here, angry and frustrated, trying to get to the internet when i should be looking for job which I lost last week. 


But no, I have two companies blaming each other for my inability to connect to the internet after spending a lot of money to do just that.  I am almost ready to throw verizon and my mac out the window, go on U Tube and see if I can start a new political party of - I'm mad as hell and i can't take it any more. 


Us little guys get the shaft while all the big guys get their rewards for making money by just getting rid of us little guys and making inferior products hoping the little guys just won't bring them back.


Enough. I want to connect to the internet with my Mac and I don't want to read about pinging. 

by Employee
on ‎01-27-2011 06:38 PM

Hi FriedU,  We do support getting Mac's connected wirelessly.  I have sent you a personal message so I can contact you and help you get it set up.

Thanks, Frank_VZ

by birdwatcher
on ‎01-28-2011 07:07 AM

PLEASE Verizon, I am talking with you, are you listening? Please, give us High Speed Internet, in Southern Washington County, NY. We have been waiting for 3 years. There has been many letters sent with our request, but nothing happens. Can someone please do something to get the ball rolling soon ? Thank you. I would love to see a reply with GOOD news. Please help us. 

on ‎01-28-2011 04:32 PM
We hear your question about High Speed Internet in southern Washington County, NY.  Verizon is continuing to invest in our network throughout New York, including upstate New York.  Last year, we expanded our High Speed Internet service in Jackson in Washington County, and we're evalulating the feasibility of a network upgrade in neighboring Cambridge, but there's currently no timeline when, or if, we'll be expanding HSI service in Cambridge. We are in touch with the officials in the Town of Cambridge, and will update them when any information is available.
by awhittle
on ‎02-11-2011 12:12 PM

I would like to add to the thread about poor customer service and a lack of product ability. We ordered Fios for our new house (we currently have DSL and home phone with verizon at our old house). We set the install date for 10 days later (Feb 18, 2011). On our order date, first our DSL went out and then our home phone. Our accounts are "suspended." In the last 3 days, we have spent over EIGHT hours on the phone with verizon reps in every department. Most tell us that our account is fine, some tell us they see the problem and will fix it within 1-4 hours. Hasn't happened. How hard is it to turn an account back on--only took a few hours to turn it off? Verizon has serious customer service and employee training issues.

on ‎02-11-2011 03:11 PM



Thank you for choosing FiOS at your new home, and I apologize for the DSL and phone issues at your current residence.  Clearly, we need to see what's going on, and someone will be in touch.



by birdwatcher
on ‎02-12-2011 09:14 AM

Once again Verizon has failed me. First they clearly say that there is no timeline for expanding HSI in my area. We have been waiting 3 years for this. Thank you Verizon.

Two days ago, while on-line with Dial-up, and in the process of paying a bill, the message comes from my computer, the message that one hears when the phone is off the hook: "If you're trying to make a call, please hang up" Then poof, I am off line.  Thank you Verizon. Disconnect the computer, plug in the phone. No dial tone. Thank you Verizon. 2 1/2 hours later, as I was checking again for a dial, poof, dial tone again.

The next day, same time, same station, same message, poof, off-line again. Called Verizon from a cell phone. Verizon agent, verified that there was a problem with the phone line. Earliest to repair, 3 days from now. Thank you Verizon. Agent, asked if I would like a message to callers, that my phone is being repaired. Yes, please do this. Waited, 15 minutes, called my home, no message, busy signal. Called every 15 minutes, no message. Thanks for following through with that Verizon. Three hours later, dial tone is back. Received 2 messages from Verizon repair, circuit needed replacing. Hey Verizon, will I get credit on my next bill, for being without service for 5 1/2 hours last week?

This past week, while speaking at a Michigan College, President Obama, stated that he wants 98% of the United States to have access to High Speed Internet, by 2015. Yipee!! Even he is on MY side. Heck, we have been waiting for 3 years, what's another 4. Thought that I should be jumping for joy. Then the thought arises, I probably will be the last one to receive the HSI, but then again, I just might be part of the 2% that doesn't get it. Mr. President, I hope you get your wish, so that there is the possibility that I might get MY wish.

Verizon: Thank you, once again for YOUR time,  

by birdwatcher
on ‎02-14-2011 02:18 PM

In closing the above comment, I should have concluded with "to be continued".  The phone was in service Friday, as stated by Verizon repair, after a circuit was installed. The next day, Saturday, once again, while on the computer, at almost the same time, I went through the same ordeal. Again, no dial tone. I tried to make a call for almost 1 1/2 hours, and was finally able to do so. So again, I was without service for over an hour. The next day, Sunday, again in the morning, same thing happened again. This time, no dial tone for about 2 hours. Service was back, at about noon. At 2 pm. I tried to make a call and had no dial tone. I called Verizon repair, from a cell phone (NOT VERIZON). I was told that there seems to be a problem on the line and it could be repaired Monday. I asked if the message that the phone was being repaired, could be placed. I explained that I requested it, on Friday, but the message never got there. I was told that it would take 30 minutes for the message to appear. The call with Verizon repair ended at approximately 2:40. I waited over an hour, and called my home number, and got a busy signal. I tried numerous times to check for the message. The last time I checked, was 11:30 pm, and the message still was NOT there. Each time I called, the line would be busy. Monday, at 5am, the message was in place. At 10 am, I received a call from Verizon repair, said he was down the road, and there was a faulty wire for MY line. I was unable to make or receive calls for 28 1/2 hours, over a 4 day period. Can I get a credit on my next bill? I sure hope that the sage has ended...Thanks again,

on ‎02-14-2011 05:50 PM



A  member of our customer service team will be in touch to discuss this with you.  Thank you for letting me know about it.



by awhittle
on ‎02-15-2011 02:18 PM

Thanks for your reply Mr. Kula. However, it has been 4 more days and no one has contacted me and the issue is still unresolved. I am certainly questioning my decision to get Fios at my new house if this is what I will have to go through every time I have an issue. Plus, they sent a confirmation of service and the pricing is not correct ($129.99 instead of $84.99) did mention a $30 discount, but that would still make it a $15 overquote. The thought of calling customer service and having to talk to anyone makes me ill.

by Employee
on ‎02-16-2011 01:22 PM

Good Afternoon,

We sent a PM to your account on 2/11 to get account information so that we could verify your account and contact you.  Here is the link that we sent you:  Please go to that link and submit the verification form.  Please let us know when it has been submitted and we will investigate this issue and get it resolved for you.  Thanks Tonyad

by awhittle
on ‎02-16-2011 02:44 PM

Thank you Tonyad. As I mentioned in my post, my phone, DSL and accounts were not working, so it is unlikely I could have been reached on 2-11 (I provided an alternate email which I guess wasn't used). Anyway, I submitted the form. Thanks for your help, Amber

by Employee
on ‎02-17-2011 09:12 AM

Good Morning Amber , We have not received your information. We looked again this morning and it is still not there . Are you able to submit it again ? I will be waiting for your response.  Thanks- Tonya

by awhittle
on ‎02-17-2011 10:39 AM



I have now submitted it again. Please contact my email on file with any further correspondence.

by Employee
on ‎02-17-2011 02:39 PM

Amber ,  We have received your information and We are investigating this issue to get a resolution for you.  Updates will be provided for you shortly.  Thanks - Tonya C.

by awhittle
on ‎02-17-2011 03:48 PM

Forumers--here is the final update. I finally received a call from Frank/Tonya at Verizon and they graciously agreed to not charge me for the time I had no service. However, they did not think that my now 12-plus hours of dealing with faulty customer service/tech support was worth any compensation ("you already have the $15/month promition" [that was part of the deal to sign up since they couldnt give us the $79.99 offer in the mail and has NOTHING to do with the current situation] so "we can't just give your service to you for free,"). So, I called up brighthouse and now will no longer be a Verizon customer, as promised.


On a good note, I do have to commend the forum as it was the only vehicle that got me even close to a resolution.

by birdwatcher
on ‎02-22-2011 10:02 AM

Well Verizon, I submitted my form, and notified you that it was completed and sent to you. What happens now? And, by the way, thanks for repairing my phone line. My dial-up connection is even slooooooooooower than it was before the breakdown and repair. I can imagine what the repair looks like......just like the tv ad, my line was probably repaired with band-aids.

by Sebas
on ‎02-27-2011 04:40 PM

Hi. While we're on the subject of listening to customers, I was wondering when you'll have International Soccer (Spanish League, Champions League, EPL, Serie A) in HD? It's 2011 and nearly everyone has an HD tv that can display sports in HD. Currently Verizon does not carry GOLTVHD or ESPN soccer channels in HD. I watch soccer every week and cannot fathom how in this day and age I can't see soccer in hd. I am certainly not the first person to voice this issue.  I pay good money for your product (which I enjoy very much [don't get me wrong]), but let's get something going with this matter. Thank you for your time. Verizon, lend me your ears and your HD Soccer Channels. : ) 

on ‎02-28-2011 10:55 AM



Thanks for letting us know that you're looking for more soccer in HD.  The best place to give us your suggestions for new channels and services is in the Verizon Idea Exchange (  It lets us know what you're thinking and gives other customers the chance to vote on your ideas.



on ‎03-06-2011 03:11 PM

Ok so here I am complaining again - is  the ghostly billing ever gonna stop ?  got my bill this month and there was a $16 charge for Starzpak/games which I never ordered - I have parental codes set on my stb and no purchases of any kind can be done without it aside from the fact that I live alone and I don't think my cat ordered it - I have been trying to get a credit and via 3 different email reps have been told that it will take up to 2 billing periods for the credit to show - so I deducted it from my payment - I refuse to pay for something I do not want - did not order and have no need for  - it seems that every month something new crops up with the billing - just got another billing problem straightened out and now this happens - I luv your product but your billing dept is the bottom of the barrel

by Employee
on ‎03-07-2011 11:39 AM



Sent you a PM for more information so that we may assist.

by pizzedoff
on ‎03-10-2011 11:31 AM
I cannot believe my high speed Internet has been down for FOUR days!!! The customer service rep said there's an "outage" in my area due to a piece of broken equipment...(when I could understand him, wish they would stop outsourcing and hire people in the USA!!). Wonder what my chances are of getting a discount on my bill? Yeah, right, like that would ever happen!! I'm telling EVERYONE I know NOT to pick Verizon if they have a choice! Unfortunately, I don't!!! But the moment I do, I'm switching!!!!!
by birdwatcher
on ‎03-10-2011 09:30 PM

Here we go the previous comment, I say, lotsa luck getting a discount on your bill. You will get a reply, telling you to fill out a form, making you believe that you will be getting something for you "outage".  I posted, my complaint, was informed to fill a form, and notify them when the form was completed. Nothing happened! No credit on my bill, matter of fact, I never even received my next bill. Oh joy! I thought, maybe I am getting a free month. Glad that I went to the online bill pay center, to find and pay my bill.

I am also commenting on the reply to my post, in January, asking for the high speed internet to be extended to my area. Verizon gives themselves a pat on the back for supplying their network to the Town of Jackson, and Upstate New York. Just how does Verizon make the decision as to where to extend their network? I can't wait to hear this reply. In 2009, Jackson had a population of 1707. The village of Cambridge, who has the Verizon service, has a population of 1816. Keene, New York has a population of 1063. The town of Cambridge has a population of 2158. Based on this information, it is definitely not the number of residents, in a certain area, that determine where the network will be extended. All I keep getting for replies is that there are no immediate plans for the service in my area, but on the other note, Verizon praises themselves for the areas that they have added their service to. I never get the WHY! we are not being considered in the NEAR future.

To those who purchased a VERIZON bought the WRONG one silly head!!!!

by birdwatcher
on ‎03-14-2011 05:47 PM

Yeah AT&T......awesome.....FREE texting and calls to Japan, for families searching for their relatives.....way to go.......if you don't have AT& bought the wrong one silly head......

on ‎03-14-2011 05:58 PM



Many companies and organizations are reaching out to help in the wake of the earthquake in Japan.  Here's what Verizon is doing:



by birdwatcher
on ‎03-15-2011 08:48 PM

Once again Verizon gives themselves a pat on the back, with their reply stating "here's what Verizon is doing"....thanks for posting the link...but you seem to be forgetting that High Speed Internet is NOT available in my area....thus it will take too long for me to wait.

by birdwatcher
on ‎03-27-2011 09:18 AM

Verizon expands FIOS in densely populated area, but do not make any in the NEAR future plans for HSI in a rural area where residents have been waiting for almost 4 years. It's all about the money. More money in Verizon's pocket's. Thanks again Verizon. Give yourself another pat on the back.

Please let me know if any Verizon high officials are searching for a home in the country. I will gladly help in the search. Then maybe we will get our HSI, for their new home.

by birdwatcher
on ‎11-16-2011 09:34 AM

It was announced at the most recent Board meeting for the Town Cambridge, Washington County, New York, that Verizon has finally agreed to install High Speed Internet.  Yipee, I am doing cart wheels. However, I am curious to know what area will be covered? Why do I have the feeling that this service will only be for the Town Hall Building.  Can someone please reply? Thank you.

on ‎11-19-2011 10:41 AM


I placed a link to your post where it may be noticed. I hope you get a reply. Look for a reply here, or perhaps in your private message envelope on the top right of your page.

by Employee
on ‎11-19-2011 08:50 PM



We are un able to determine specific locations for the expansion into your township. Please wait for installation to proceed. You can check periodically for availability at and sign up for email notification when service will be available.

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