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Thanksgiving Football – A Traditional Feast

by Employee ‎11-24-2011 11:00 AM - edited ‎11-25-2011 07:31 PM

ThanksgivingFootball.jpgThanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it involves food, family and football.  This weekend kicks off the holiday season, Black Friday sales and five full days of gridiron action. On Thursday there are three NFL games, starting at 12:30 p.m. with the NFC showdown between the Detroit Lions and undefeated Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers followed by the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Miami Dolphins.  


The night ends with an NFL first when San Francisco takes on Baltimore. 

For the first time in NFL history, two brothers will face each other as head coaches.  John Harbaugh, the Ravens head coach will face his younger brother Jim who is in his first-year with the 49ers.

When it comes to college football, this weekend symbolizes the rich tradition and intense rivalry that represents all that is college football.  We have Texas-Texas A&M, Alabama-Auburn, Ohio State-Michigan, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Clemson-South Carolina, Pittsburgh-West Virginia and many other key conference match-ups.


This weekend, sit back, relax and enjoy food, family, and friends and give thanks for all the football that comes with this holiday.


This Week’s Predictions:


College: Friday Afternoon #1 LSU hosts #3 Arkansas.  If LSU wins, they will play in the SEC championship game against Georgia. If Arkansas pulls an upset, there will be a three-way tie forcing the decision to be made by the BCS on Sunday. LSU wins and is headed for the SEC championship game.


Professional: The undefeated Green Bay Packers visit the Detroit Lions. It is the 20th Thanksgiving meeting between the Packers and Lions, the most games between any two opponents on the holiday.  Aaron Rogers is on track to have his greatest season yet – Green Bay comes away with the win and continues with their undefeated season


Fantasy: In most leagues, the trade deadline is this week so if you are in playoff contention, this is the time to make some key trades to give your team the best opportunity to win.  You can even try to encourage your friends who are out of the playoffs to make some trades in your favor. You never know unless you put the offer on the table.  Many of you have key players playing on Thanksgiving Day so make sure you take a few minutes to make those last minute roster adjustments.

by jsinsel
on ‎11-25-2011 06:00 PM

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm sure not.  My Mom who is on Lifealert phone service went down on Wednesday.  I have been trying to get a repair person out here since then.  She has to have phone service due to medical issues.  She pays extra a month for Guardian though Verizon to ensure that if her phone line doesn't work someone comes out to fix it. we are on day three...and no one has come out.  I have been told everything from "someone's on the way", "it's the life alert machine", ""someone will be there tomorrow morning", etc.  Verizon's service is beyond horrible.  I have been lied to repeatly by Verizon employees.  All I want is someone to come out and fix her phone line due tp the fact she HAS TO HAVE IT DUE TO SERIOUS MEDICAL ISSUES.  It's is pitiful the way Verizon treats the disabled.


I know someone will take this post down...go ahead...because I will be "taking down" my FIOS and my cell phone service.  Note I have had Verizon since they were Primco...I've been a good customer, so has my disabled elderly Mother.  It is shameful we can't get a honest answer on when her phone will be fixed.  I also will be letting every person I come in to contact with know the way Verizon treats the elderly. 


Hopefully my Mother will not have any medical issues requiring Lifealert...because if she does and can't get help due to Verizon's poor service I will be holding Verizon responsible.

by Moderator Emeritus
on ‎11-25-2011 06:16 PM

Hello jsinsel

We will have a Verizon agent reach out to you via PM, or the email associated with your forum account.

by jsinsel
on ‎11-25-2011 08:07 PM

I just reponded to the email that Verizon sent. told me it did not go through...I would have to try again.  I guess your web service is like your repair service/call center. 

by Moderator Emeritus
‎11-25-2011 08:14 PM - edited ‎11-25-2011 08:16 PM

We'll get you some help with that jsinsel. Was it an email or a private message here on the forum? If it was a private message, please try again. If it does not work the second time, close your browser, open it again, and try once more. Then message me if you are still having problems.

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