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The Tricky Business of Delivery

by on ‎01-11-2012 07:22 PM

This blog post was written by our newest blogger, John Czwartacki. Stay tuned for more blog posts from CZ.


The airplane that brought me to CES does a lot of amazing things. It connected me with where I wanted to go, it navigated around bad weather, dealt with the legal and jurisdictional requirements along my route, with its secure cockpit doors and pre-board screening, kept the bad guys at bay, and delivered me and all of my things safely where it promised. The miracle of human flight, as Mr. Louis CK calls it.


In many ways, Verizon does the same. We connect you with your destination, and help you meet your goals. Whether it’s to consume a piece of content or delivering some valuable 1s and 0s to a client across the globe, we’re in the virtual delivery game.





Verizon has built a global mesh of connections that makes sending or receiving digital goods possible. We ensure the security of that delivery, take pains to protect and navigate the copyright and legal protections that accompany those goods, and have the developed the technology to bring that content to the screen of your choosing.


This is the innovation of network delivery. And when delivery network innovates, the edge can take us to places only their imaginations can envision.


Yes, often it’s sexier at the edge – the cool app, the location and preference aware check-in, the Swiss army device that brings it together – but they would be still-born if the network didn’t evolve to support the edge’s ideas.


In a nutshell, if Verizon drives the network to be bigger, better, and more capable, innovators at the edge will thrive.


Next, we’ll take on where these network innovations are taking us.

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Just a way to push more content and charge for wireless bandwidth? Perhaps you will start marketing wireless bandwidth sales and people will not worry about quality on their home TV, because they can take it with them? I am not all to impressed with these wireless gadgets. Maybey this market is for the kids and I am just to old at 51, but I bet this 51 year old makes, and spends much more than that 25 year old!


I will keep my fiber until Verizon says FiOS is obsolete and we wasted our money. Then perhaps I will be forced to something else.

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