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Viva Las Vegas and Verizon: CES 2011

by ‎12-30-2010 10:14 AM - edited ‎12-30-2010 10:27 AM


What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas for visitors of the Verizon At Home blog and our Consumer Electronics Show (CES) website.


We’re fine-tuning a dazzling display for attendees of the 2011 CES that will let them experience a wide-range of consumer benefits of using Verizon broadband and entertainment services.  So even if you’re not headed for Vegas next week, you can come here for a taste of the excitement.


From the mammoth-sized Verizon show floor booth inside the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Verizon -sponsored press room and blogger lounge loaded with cool demonstrations, we will be front and center at CES.


During the four day show, we’ll give you the sights, sounds, news and innovative apps of our powerful networks that deliver time-saving, value-rich, productivity enhancing services to you.


On Thursday, Jan. 6, Verizon Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg will set the stage by delivering the opening keynote at the Las Vegas Hilton beginning at 8:30 a.m. Vegas time.  Sorry, no spoiler alerts here.  If you’d like to view the live feed of the speech on your desktop, you can register for it by clicking the ‘register’ button under his picture at the Verizon CES 2011 website.


A few hours later Verizon Wireless will conduct a press conference at the Venetian to discuss LTE and next generation wireless broadband.  Once again, no spoiler alerts.


Throughout the entire show, Verizon will demonstrate new services that are transforming the way people live their lives and do their jobs.


We’ll showcase our industry-leading FiOS and wireless network; play some of the growing base of 3D content pouring onto our FiOS TV screens; demonstrate the beauty of multi-screen video and show how our FiOS content is not bound to just your home.  We’ll also introduce “Connected Home” services to be offered in 2011 that allow consumers to easily and safely manage remotely a range of devices at your home including indoor cameras, door locks, appliances, light controls, home energy controls and door monitoring among other applications all using your FiOS-enabled smartphone, PC and TV.


If you’re in Vegas for CES, we look forward to visiting with you to talk about how we’re putting consumers at the center of an increasingly connected universe.


We’ve “future proofed” our networks; we’ve aligned with industry-leading innovators; we’re assembling the most compelling product portfolio in our sector; and we’re continuously innovating to create the future of broadband and entertainment.


If you won’t be at CES, consider this site your personal pass to learning about how Verizon will keep you and othe consumers motoring along in 2011.


CES will be here before you know it, so plan to make regular visits to our site for breaking news and thoughts on what’s happening at the show.

by garycasagrande
on ‎12-30-2010 11:05 AM - last edited on ‎12-30-2010 11:27 AM by Moderator

 I would very much like to be part of the NJ trial for the home management service. I am a full-on fios customer, internet, tv and phone. My home phone number is {edited for privacy}. Can you help me to get this accomplished?

by DTM222
on ‎12-30-2010 01:45 PM

I too would like to participate in the NJ trial for the home management service. How do we sign up or will someone contact us?

by hiwaar
on ‎12-30-2010 03:53 PM

I would love to participate


on ‎12-30-2010 04:29 PM

Thanks to everyone for letting us know about your interest in the New Jersey pilot program for our Connected Home services, but we're not looking for additional participants right now.  If anything changes, we will let you know here at the Verizon at Home blog.



by mcc32
on ‎12-31-2010 12:57 PM

Thanks Bill, if you're looking for more participants please contact me via my email attached to my profile here. Thanks.

on ‎12-31-2010 05:02 PM


I worked in the Commercial Building Automation and Control System field for more than 15 years and would love to get my hands on this stuff. It is a shame all your testing is in NJ. For us in MD/DC anyway.


Have a safe and Happy New Year.

by rpdcqd
on ‎01-01-2011 02:41 PM



  But what about broadcast 3D content?   Not on-demand....  Why is there no date for ESPN 3D - your main competitors have it...

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