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Watch Sunday Football in a Whole New Way with NFL RedZone

by Employee ‎08-17-2011 03:17 PM - edited ‎09-06-2011 02:06 PM

20yardline.jpgLast Sunday I was out on a mission to replace a nearly 7-year-old big screen DLP TV with a new big screen LED set.  Like many consumers these days, I wanted HD, Internet capability and, possibly, 3D.  I found a set I liked in my price range and took it home.


After I plugged in the new set, I turned it on and was delighted to catch a live action sporting event.  The TV was on the HP Byron Nelson Classic Golf Tournament.  Keegan Bradley and Jason Duffner had just begun their three-hole playoff for the tournament championship! 


So, when it comes to big sporting events, if you’re like me, you’lI want to watch the best of the action.  In fact, nothing beats the excitement of seeing the most dramatic plays – and with the NFL pre-season underway, we’re less than a month away from the beginning of the season and the NFL RedZone.



Here's the Week One Schedule for this Sunday, Sept. 11:


11:30 a.m. ET                          NFL Fantasy LIVE


12:55 p.m. ET                         Two Minute Countdown Clock Begins


12:57 p.m. ET                         NFL RedZone Starts


  7:15 p.m. ET    (approx)      RedZone Concludes


In case you’ve never seen it, NFL RedZone whips around every NFL game on Sunday afternoons, bringing viewers touchdowns and other important plays.  When a team gets inside its opponent’s 20 yard line, NFL RedZone shows fans the plays as they happen. The channel switches from game to game with these live look-ins throughout the afternoon. It’s a new way to watch football, and I love it!


FiOS TV customers who subscribe to the FiOS TV Ultimate HD plan receive NFL RedZone at no additional cost.  If the Ultimate plan isn’t for you, but you’re a FiOS TV subscriber and a big football fan, you can order the NFL RedZone channel for $49.99 per year. Just go to the NFL RedZone channel 335 in standard definition or channel 835 in HD, and place your order with your remote. The NFL kicks off its regular-season Sunday afternoon games on Sept. 11, and NFL RedZone will be there.


And that’s not all.  Get easy access to NFL stats and NFL RedZone with our Pro Football Widget, which includes rosters, player details and headline news from around the NFL – at no additional cost. Subscribers to the NFL RedZone channel can use the widget to set on-screen alerts for whenever a team is inside the 20-yard line, then press OK and switch to the RedZone channel game action. You won’t miss a play with your favorite team.


Or, just tune to the NFL RedZone channel on Sunday afternoons to watch all the plays inside the 20 yard line for every team playing. It’s your choice.  And if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, check out NFL Mobile and NFL Red Zone on the Go.


Let us know how new choices like NFL RedZone have changed the way you watch pro football.

by TechMike
on ‎08-22-2011 12:58 AM

Last year I had the Red Zone on my iPad.  I searched to add it to my new iPad 2 and it is missing from the App Store?  Will it return - great way to watch football while working.

by PCJ
on ‎09-11-2011 03:32 PM



I wish what you said is true, but it's not.  Sadly, I can't order Redzone for $50 a season.  I must first upgrade my TV plan for $15 extra a month and a two year contract (I'm currently on Prime HD).  On top of that, I still have to pay the $50 per season.  So the true cost for me to watch Redzone is $460 for two seasons.  That is too bad, I would have ordered it.  One of your reps told me that I should be recommending Fios to my friends.  After this experience, I can't do that in good concience.  Three hours of rigamorole just to find out that I can't get there from here.  U-verse should be in my area soon.  I've had way better service from them.




by PCJ
on ‎08-21-2012 10:46 PM

Resolved (on my own).


Whew, I am glad I didn't sign that two year contract and essentially pay $230 a single season for Redzone!  Direct TV sent me a mailer last week and offered me a better price for TV along with Sunday Ticket and (of course) Redzone both for free this season.  Had I signed the contract, I would have had to pay penalties to get out of it.


Quick business lesson for Verizon (if they care... no response from anyone regarding this post in the last year).  Don't try to act like you are doing your customer a favor by selling him something.  That is not how it works in America (yet).  The customer is doing you a favor by buying your goods or services.  Customer loyalty may not be sexy in board rooms and may not cause profits to go through the roof overnight, but it is how good companies become great companies.  It's how your brand becomes a household name.  Also, if a customer wants to give you full price for a service you offer and you are technically able to give it to them for that price, why don't you?  Do you think we won't notice that you've made us pay an extra $180 a year for the privilege of you selling us a product you offer?  I basically told you I was leaving your company over this issue in my original post and you didn't even make an effort to keep that from happening.  I'm sure I'm not the first to leave over this issue and I won't be the last.  Maybe you've already accounted for people like me in your mode, but I doubt it.


My service terminates on next Wednesday.  See ya and good luck with whatever it is you all are trying to do.


A potential loyal customer that you lost,


by km121587
on ‎08-22-2013 10:54 AM


Verizon's deceptive marketing schemes are very troubling. This year you're advertising NFL Redzone for $59.99/season, however you make no mention that you have to upgrade to a more expensive package just for the ability to buy this channel. This seems like a typical bait and switch scheme. I would have purchased the channel, and maybe even upgraded to do it, if you had marketed in good faith. It's not even a monetary issue, at this point I won't subscribe because I don't like your borderline illegal advertising tactics.

by 2desire1
on ‎09-21-2013 09:05 PM

It s a shame that Verizon Fios can't just give there customers the option of just paying $49.99 for NFL Redzone while the season is here. Why pay for a whole new package for a year if some people just want to watch nfl football while the season is here.

by jconsort
‎09-02-2014 11:47 AM - edited ‎09-02-2014 11:55 AM

I couldn't agree more, I was pretty surprised at seeing redzone was $69.99 for the season (considering it's only really useful for 17 days for those of us just buying it to watch all the games), but I figured why not I love football and would like to have redzone for the season.  I was completely shocked when I was told I'd have to upgrade to the Extreme HD plan as well as pay a one time fee ($70) for redzone.  All in all it would come to a total cost of about $145 for 1 season of redzone (again this is really only about 17 days worth of redzone).   This is completely unreasonable and Verizon should be ashamed of themselves, I will certainly be looking for another provider who can supply redzone for a more sensible price.  If it were just a one time price as it was in the past sans the upgrade, sure I could see that as a "reasonable" price and most likely would pay as I've always like Verizon and would pay just so I wouldn't have to switch providers but this is just outlandish to ask and I'm sure I will find something more accommodating.

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