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FDV on TV.jpgYou’re watching the game when the phone rings. No brainer: You let it go to voicemail. You decide to check the message during a commercial, but now with FiOS you never even have to reach for the phone. Simply click your TV remote to open your FiOS Digital Voice (FDV) menu and access voicemail playback right on your TV.


FiOS TV customers who also have FDV can now access and manage their home phone service right from their TVs. FiOS firsts keep coming.


We’ve leap-frogged the cable companies, who like to trumpet their Caller ID on TV feature of its home phone service.  Verizon’s FiOS service also has offered Caller ID on TV for sometime, but now we’re taking phone and TV integration to a whole new level. 


The Future.jpg

In tech terms, five years is arguably a lifetime.


Consider this: In October 2006, Verizon had 147,000 FiOS Internet customers and 118,000 FiOS TV customers and FiOS TV was only one year removed from being introduced.


Fast forward to today. Our subscriber counts for FiOS Internet and FiOS TV have swelled to 4.6 million and 4 million, respectively. As impressive as that growth represents, it is the “things” that Verizon and FiOS enables that makes us even more excited.


This week, my colleague Stefanie Scott continues her Verizon Think Forward series

on the future of work by asking people to consider how much their work style has changed in the past five years.


Special Teams, a Special Man

by Employee on ‎10-28-2011 11:11 AM

Football image.jpgWe are in the throws of football and as it goes with every season, we have seen a few upsets in college and professional games, listened to sportscasters playing Monday morning quarterback and have had our fair share of controversy.  So when people ask me if there is a particular story I’m following this season, I say yes.   It’s not the merry-go-around of the college conference realignment or whether the Eagles can salvage their season, it’s about the resolve and character of one special young man, Eric LeGrand.  After reading’s latest story about Eric, you’ll understand why I’m writing about him this week.


On Oct. 16, 2010, Eric, a junior on Rutgers’ specials teams and a defensive tackle, playing against Army, ran downfield after a kickoff and collided with the returner.  With five minutes left to go in the 4th quarter, the game tied at 17, the collision left Eric paralyzed from the neck down and a team and community challenged to bELieve.  Eric fractured his C-3 and C-4 vertebrae and was told he would never walk again and never breathe again without the help of a ventilator.  Five weeks after his accident, he came off the ventilator.  Today, with some assistance he can consistently stand for forty minutes at a time and next week will start working and exercising his lower body on a locomotive treadmill.



Next Monday is Halloween, but it’s also the official close of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Over the last few weeks, public agencies and private companies like Verizon have strived to bring the importance of staying safe online to the forefront as part a national discussion for the digital age.


Join us on Twitter this Friday at 11 a.m. ET with the #cybersafe hashtag and RSVP at  We will lead the discussion and Q&A’s along with representatives of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the Verizon Parental Control Center.  The Tweet Chat will be hosted by VzNana – self described as a social media enthusiast and Nana to sweet, messy and amazing grandkids -- who tweets for and responds to questions about Verizon and its products and services.


Verizon Smart Home Earns Innovation Award!

by Employee ‎10-26-2011 10:36 PM - edited ‎10-28-2011 08:48 AM

Less than two weeks after it became available, Verizon’s smart home service has already earned its first award--the Service Provider Innovation Award from TelcoTV.


“Verizon Home Monitoring and Control was chosen because it combines a lot of the services that broadband ISPs (Internet service providers) have been talking about offering – home security,  video monitoring, energy management – in one low-cost service package that’s easy to install and use,” said Carol Wilson, chief editor of events for Light Reading magazine which hosts the conference.  “Verizon has pulled together a lot of different technology –remotely controlled thermostats and door locks, sensors, cameras – to make this work, and priced it at a point – 9.99 a month – that is very attractive.”



E! HD Joins The FiOS TV Lineup

by on ‎10-24-2011 10:17 AM


I’m always excited to announce new content for FiOS TV customers, whether it’s new video-on-demand programming, new movies and TV shows available through Flex View, or new video on our FiOS TV Online site.  Today I’m especially excited to tell you that we have added a new HD channel to the lineup with the launch of E! HD.


E! HD, found on channel 696 (the SD version is on 196) offers viewers all of E! Entertainment’s popular programming, including a few of my own personal favorites.  Looking for your fill of gossip and celebrity news?  Now you can get it all in HD when “E! News” airs daily.  More of a reality TV junky?  Catch the Kardashians in one of the growing number of shows that features the family – in high-def.  And if you’re more in the mood to laugh, you can watch “Chelsea Lately” come to life in HD each evening.


Footballfield.jpgLast week I gave you a little taste of the different topics I’ll discuss this season.  Thank you to everyone who responded and shared their viewpoints.


This week I’m focusing on the biggest difference I see between college and professional football.  In my opinion it comes down to “Every Week Matters vs. Survival of the Fittest.”


College teams strive to make it to post-season and play in either a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game, (a ranking system that creates five post-season bowl games involving the top 10 ranked teams) or win six or more games and become bowl eligible.  If a team has six or more wins, they may be invited to a post-season game based on their conference placement and the tie-ins that their conference has to the various bowl games.  Either way, every team has the same goal: “go bowling or go home.”  A huge benefit to making it to post-season play is that it enables teams to have several additional weeks of practice which can go a long way to getting ready for the following season (not just the bowl game!).


Zacharia 1.jpgEditor’s Note: Our guest blogger on cyber safety is Karen Zacharia, Verizon’s chief privacy officer. At Verizon, the privacy of your information is a significant responsibility and we value the trust you place in us. It’s Karen’s job to make sure we’re living up to our strong commitments.


The wonders of the Internet keep growing, but so too does the amount of fishy looking email scams that can inflict great harm and known as phishing.


In the spirit of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we want to help educate the public about phishing scams that most often involve official-looking email alerts sent to consumers that claim to be from a bank or other company with which they’ve done business.



Making the Smart Home Simple

by Employee ‎10-19-2011 11:01 PM - edited ‎10-19-2011 11:04 PM

Moto.Pic.VerizonHomeMonitoringControl.jpgBy now, you've heard about Verizon Home Monitoring and Control—the new way to turn your house into a smart home.


We Motorolans have been working with Verizon to make sure that your camera feeds are secure, that you can reliably control your lights from your smartphone, and that signing up for the service is quick and easy. In other words, together with Verizon, we've made sure that it all works.


But a lot of time goes into things you don't see, because part of making the smart home truly smart is making it simple as well. This means concealing a lot of the innate complexity that you get when you take several devices in each home and multiply that across millions of homes and multiple services. That's a lot of different combinations. Our goal is to customize your experience for your devices and your situation, and have our software do the work—not you.




Are you an app junky?  My colleague, John Columbus, certainly is.  So is my husband, who finds new cool apps for our iPad all the time.


With the amazing number of apps now in existence, do you ever feel like me and at times get lost among the apps?  


Today, Verizon has great news.  We’ve launched the MY FiOS app, an all-in-one, easy-to-use application that gives our customers access to everything from movies, TV shows and personal content; to remote DVR access and control; to home and energy monitoring.  In addition, the app offers access to digital voice management, as well as billing, account management and customer service tools.


Future of Work.jpg

If you’re a small business owner reading this blog, chances are you’re doing so from a smart phone, a tablet, or a lap top – maybe at work, at home or perhaps some other remote location like a coffee shop, doctor’s office or transportation facility.


That’s understandable.  First and foremost, small businesses have to keep their business interests close and there are plenty of tools out there now to help them do that, offering all manner of connectivity so business can be conducted anywhere, anytime. 


In fact, as my colleague Stefanie Scott points out in her continuing series on the future of work at the Verizon Think Forward blog, you may even be sitting in your pajamas on a conference call while you read this as you decide how to manage the day ahead.


Partner View: Ingersoll Rand on the Connected Home

by Employee ‎10-17-2011 04:34 PM - edited ‎10-17-2011 04:59 PM

I recently dashed the hopes of a young man. His eyes got very large when I explained to him how Verizon's new 'smart home' service would send his Mom a text message when he entered his personal user code at the front door. Needless to say, I think he quickly realized any thoughts he had about potentially sneaking in the house later in life were quickly dashed.


Verizon and Ingersoll Rand teams have partnered to focus on expanding the home automation ecosystem together to the benefit of our customers.  I spent several days at the home of Ann Shaub, Verizon’s director for product development who lead their smart home project, working with her team to test the solution, our devices, and how those devices interact with the Verizon user interface. As we went device to device, the team, and Ann’s family, started to realize how the Verizon service was truly going to “connect” their home.


The No Huddle Offense

by Employee ‎10-14-2011 02:57 PM - edited ‎10-14-2011 04:29 PM

AtHomeblog.jpgGuest post from Deidre Hart, PR Manager for FiOS TV.  Deidre will be blogging each week about various football topics, so check back for her posts. (Bio coming soon).


Welcome to the No Huddle Offense Blog, a weekly take on football from a woman’s perspective.


In a sea of male fans, I’m one of those women who absolutely love football.  In fact, football is one of my biggest passions.  It started at the early age of five, when I first learned the game.  My dad had a long career in the sports industry and a lot of our family time was spent at sporting events, particularly football games.  It continued when I married a former Division 1 Quarterback.  I’ve learned everything from recognizing a Cover 2 defense to understanding the difference between the spread and west-coast offense, all from watching games and game film with him.  My weekends today are spent watching, discussing or reading about football (when I’m not catching up on the Bravo shows on my DVR).



FiOS Football app.JPGAs FiOS customers, you know that we offer an exceptional football experience with everything from NFL Network, NFL RedZone and ESPN Goal Line, to our widgets and more.  We recently told you about all that FiOS has to offer, when we announced the launch of the FiOS1 High School Sports Widget and the Longhorn Network. 


Today we’re introducing the latest addition to our football lineup: the FiOS Football app for the iPad.


siclianohead square.jpgCyber scams happen to the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your credit is, or whether or not you have a credit card. Cybercriminals target everyone, regardless of how much or how little you rely on a computer.


The lowest of the lowlifes, however, tend to prey upon the weak and uninformed. And all too often, that means children or elderly.


Senior citizens are in a unique position because they often have money in the bank, plus access to additional lines of credit. They are less likely to be frequent Internet users, relative to younger generations, and are therefore less likely to be aware of the many scams that may be targeting them.


Be a Hero! Help Stop Domestic Violence

by Employee ‎10-12-2011 06:06 PM - edited ‎10-13-2011 11:53 AM

Think of the many women and children you walked by, perhaps even spoke to today. Try to remember their faces. Some of them might be victims of a silent epidemic.


October is known for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It’s also Cyber Security Awareness Month (and we are offering security tips all this month so follow @Verizon on Twitter.  But did you know it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month


The issue of domestic violence is not widely discussed that’s why it’s called the silent epidemic. 


To bring into the light domestic violence in the home where there are children and its devastating affects on them, the Verizon Foundation funded a short video called “Monsters in the Closet.”  This video is supported by National Domestic Violence Hotline.  This short animation urges the viewer – YOU --  to do something… perhaps make a call to help someone that may need help: 1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233) or Verizon Wireless customers can quickly reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline by dialing #HOPE. 



Your Wait's Over. Now Taking Smart Home Orders!

by Employee ‎10-11-2011 04:51 PM - edited ‎10-12-2011 09:21 AM

A heads-up for our friends at the Forum and the At Home Blog: 

Like a championship for the Mets, the connected home has been elusive. No longer. Tomorrow morning, we’ll formally announce that our Home Monitoring and Control service is available. 


For info on the different packages, the various devices available, and details about the new service, visit:  


A Tech Guy’s Personal “Smart Home” Experience

by Employee ‎10-10-2011 08:28 PM - edited ‎10-11-2011 10:29 AM

My Confession: It has been 3 days since downloading my last awesome application.


Are you like me?  I find myself constantly downloading new applications and showing them off to my uninterested fiancé (and anyone around the office).  How many applications have you showed off to an uninterested crowd? 


I feel your pain.  And offer this blog for some help…


The coolest application I own: A remote control for my house? Really!


New Widget At Your Service

by Employee ‎10-10-2011 01:02 PM - edited ‎10-10-2011 08:22 PM

concierge slide 2.jpgHere at Verizon, we’re into making great things even better.  In this case, we’re making a popular service better in more ways than one.


For more than a year, Verizon has provided eligible residents in multi-dwelling units – apartments, townhouses and the like – served by our FiOS network, with a service known as Concierge.  They’ve been able to go online to schedule maintenance work, view community activities, reserve building facilities, such as a community center, order food delivery, schedule pet care or check on a package delivery.


They can now do all that from their comfy couch or favorite family-room armchair with their FiOS TV remote.  In addition, Verizon is bringing a customized version of Concierge to many of its FiOS customers in single-family homes. 


Keep the Internet Safe!

by Employee ‎10-06-2011 03:36 PM - edited ‎10-06-2011 03:41 PM

Stop.Think.Connect.jpgFor those who think the only surefire way to prevent cyber attacks is to totally unplug from the grid, you may want to hold off on ordering that rain barrel and building your adobe hut. We`repartnering with businesses and advocacy groups in support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.


Throughout the month, we’ll bring you tips on lowering your risk (here in this blog but also via our Twitter handle like @Verizon and on our Facebook page). Whether you’re an online gamer, social media maven or straightforward web surfer, there are ways to help you stay safe online



I know a lot of people who regularly work from home.  And based on their stories, I suspect there are times when you’re working from home and find yourself wandering away from your computer for a few minutes to water the plants, do a few exercises, or even play with your pet pooch or cat.


There are certainly a lot of personal advantages to working from home.  And when you factor in the time you save on commuting, plus avoiding time-sapping water cooler conversations, it’s alright to take a quick break here or there just as you would if you were in a traditional office.


If you opt to work consistently from home, you can be sure that your boss may wonder if you’ve got the discipline to keep the proverbial “nose to the grindstone” without getting lost in your fantasy football team or talking to a friend.


xbox360.jpgWe recently said here that Verizon is in the business of breaking down old technology boundaries to create a borderless world where work, play and home become one virtual reality.  We have a strong vision of the future and bringing the benefits of a “borderless lifestyle” to consumers by delivering entertainment and information to them anytime, anywhere, on all their favorite devices.


Today we’re breaking another boundary – this time between live TV and gaming consoles -- to further the borderless lifestyle.  We’ve announced that we are now collaborating with Microsoft to soon deliver a great selection of live, FiOS TV channels over the Xbox Entertainment System.  What really makes this exciting is that this innovative, new service will integrate live, multi-channel streaming HD TV and Kinect voice and gesture commands via the Xbox.


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