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1129i316E449A0643046DWith FiOS TV, you already have hundreds of channel offerings to view at your leisure, but it’s always fun to find something new. Whether you’re a movie buff or a diehard sports fans, our fully loaded schedule of free previews this summer will give customers the chance to sample a host of channel offerings.

To begin, you don’t want to miss this year’s action-packed French Open, the premier clay court event. The Tennis Channel’s free preview will be running through June 4, so whether you want to check out men’s singles or women’s doubles, this channel is the “Home of the Slams” and available to you on channels 303 in SD, 592 in HD. The Tennis Channel is available year-round to FiOS customers who subscribe to the Ultimate HD package.

If baseball is more your thing, and you’re not yet a subscriber to MLB Extra Innings, make sure to check out the package’s free preview on FiOS TV channels 1475–1488 and in HD on channels 1473 and 1474. We’ll be showcasing all the games from July 15 to July 21. Read more...

1125i376025556D32FA36Getting to the movies these days can be tough for many consumers, between work, getting the kids to school and activities, and all of the other day-to-day chores that come up. When there is some downtime, however, FiOS TV Video on Demand is a great alternative for catching the movies you missed at the theater. Not only that, with FiOS TV VOD, you have a growing number of movies available on the same day that the films’ DVDs are released.

Since this time last year, we’ve more than doubled the number of day-and-date releases on demand, and the plan is to grow that even more. Today, for example, lovers of romance films and fans of author Nicholas Sparks can check out his latest book-to-film with “Dear John.” Within the next month, there are about a dozen more day-and-date releases coming to FiOS TV VOD, including “Shutter Island” on June 8, “The Book of Eli” on June 15 and “Remember Me” on June 22. Read more...

Cool Sites to Check Out with FiOS

by on ‎05-24-2010 03:32 PM

1120i3095CEA726223A92These days, you can do pretty much anything online – shop for cars, order pizza, balance your checkbook, watch TV. The list could go on for volumes, with the only limit seeming to be how much bandwidth is required.

FiOS subscribers are already ahead of the game in that department. Here at the Verizon at Home Blog, we’ve talked a lot about all kinds of online activities you can do better with FiOS, like telecommuting, video production, distance learning, home security monitoring and telemedicine.

But sometimes, it’s just fun to visit cool sites. Here’s a sample: Read more...

Get Interactive Features on TV Screen for this Weekend’s Big Fight

by ‎05-21-2010 12:43 PM - edited ‎05-21-2010 02:41 PM

1109i47A117ACF64E24DCIf you missed the first two Showtime Sports Interactive events, make sure you tune in this Saturday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT for “SHO Championship Boxing: Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez.” While watching the much-anticipated fight, FiOS TV customers – and only FiOS TV customers – can access fighter stats, vote in polls and play trivia games on the TV screen with Showtime Sports Interactive.

We spoke with Rachelle Zoffer, director of content strategy and acquisition for Verizon, about the Showtime experience and why it’s so popular. Read more...

Verizon’s Suite of Mobile Apps Keeps Growing

by ‎05-19-2010 10:58 AM - edited ‎05-19-2010 10:58 AM

1104iCCEF1047BB572EFFWe’re always looking for ways to enhance the FiOS TV experience for our customers, and today, we have some great news about our growing suite of mobile applications. These apps, which currently include FiOS Mobile Remote and Remote DVR Manager, are available on even more mobile devices.

Our customers love Mobile Remote and Remote DVR Manager, and don’t just take our word for it. Users have rated them an average of four stars or higher (through May 2010) in every app store where the suite is available (Verizon Wireless Media Store, the Android Market, Apple’s App Store and BlackBerry App World). And, after just one year in the market, both Remote DVR Manager and Mobile Remote have been downloaded more than 250,000 times.

Mobile Remote lets FiOS TV high-definition customers use selected smartphones as a television remote control with virtually the same functionality as the standard FiOS TV remote. We launched it in February with the DROID by Motorola and HTC Imagio, and we’re now expanding it to the DROID ERIS by HTC, DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC, the HTC Touch Pro2 from Verizon Wireless and the HTC Google Nexus One. Read more...

ACSI Results: Working Hard Every Day For Our Customers

by ‎05-18-2010 12:31 PM - edited ‎05-18-2010 01:56 PM

1101iD94C9085CE4E21E2We’re deeply committed to providing our customers the best overall experience as they use our landline, wireless, Internet and television services.

That’s why we’re so pleased at the results of the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index based on a national survey released today. The ACSI is produced by the Stephen M. Ross Business School at the University of Michigan, in partnership with the American Society for Quality.

Verizon scores well in all three communications categories – TV, wireless and traditional telephone service. In fact, consumer satisfaction with FiOS TV was highest among cable and satellite services, and Verizon Wireless tied for the lead in wireless telephone service. Our traditional local and long distance service also scored well, coming in third in that category, just behind the two leaders. Read more...

FiOS Helps Soothe Consumer Electronics Anxiety

by Employee ‎05-17-2010 01:47 PM - edited ‎05-17-2010 01:54 PM

1099i80A088DA78B5F778It can be fun and exciting to make home-technology purchases. Whether you’re buying a new flat screen TV, a microwave oven or a home cordless phone system, it should always be gratifying to make a leap in performance over the appliance you’re replacing.

Except if you run into the “what ifs” of technology. Then it causes anxiety.

Case in point: An acquaintance who’s now in the market for a new TV. The HD technology has moved forward since his last purchase, but now we’re on the cusp of 3D TV. Does he become an early adopter and get the premium 3D set now or wait until his next TV upgrade, probably more than 5 years from now? What if 3D really takes off? What if it doesn’t?

Then there’s me. I’m looking for small speaker dock for handheld media players. They’ve come a long way since the first ones several years back, and even these are coming out with wOOx bass-boosters or spatial expanders and in sizes and styles that boggle the mind. Read more...

Working From Home with FiOS

by ‎05-13-2010 01:47 PM - edited ‎05-13-2010 01:50 PM

1096iB1123ACE8884FCB1As our lives grow busier and more complex, an increasing number of us are working from home. In fact, Gartner Dataquest estimated that 27.5 percent of workers telecommuted in 2009 (compared with 25 percent in 2008).

There are many reasons to telecommute – perhaps it’s a matter of balancing your work life with your personal life. Maybe you have a new baby or are caring for an elderly family member. Or you could be trying to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. One telecommuter recently wrote in the New York Times that she likes the peace and quiet at home and the ability to work uninterrupted. Read more...

1089i9455E8F98D3D3F4BReaders of the Verizon at Home blog know that Verizon is a leader in giving our FiOS subscribers the ability to access content wherever and whenever they want it. That includes bringing more and more video programming online, with services like StarzPlay, Disney Connection and ESPN3.

Each year we’ve enhanced our online offers, most recently with EPIX last fall and HBO GO earlier this year, and today at The Cable Show we joined Time Warner Inc. to announce the latest additions: TNT and TBS.


1088i0545B340AEBAF7ABWe recently told you about our plans for bringing 3D programming to FiOS TV customers, and today we’re announcing the first step in that plan with the first-ever Major League Baseball 3D telecasts.

The YES Network – the regional cable channel of the New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets – will offer FiOS customers in the New York City area two 3D baseball games featuring the Yankees vs. the Seattle Mariners on July 10 and 11.

These games will only air in the YES Network footprint (for FiOS that means NYC, Long Island, parts of New Jersey, and Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties). You’ll need an HD set-top box, a 3D TV set and those 3D glasses that came with the set when you bought it. Read more...

>1087iA07CA8484318C21EWhen was the last time you looked up someone’s home number in the residential White Pages directory?

I thought so.

If you’re like many of us, you look up residential phone numbers on the Internet, or call directory assistance instead of turning to the printed White Pages. According to Verizon’s directories publisher SuperMedia, Gallup studies show that only11 percent of households used the residential White Pages in 2008, down from 25 percent in 2005. Read more...

1079i96EFF460A07E9950For all of our at Home readers who are Fans of FiOS and active Facebook users, we have some exciting news.

In case you missed it last week, we launched a Facebook page – – and it’s choc-full of great stuff for FiOS fans. If you have a Facebook account or are looking to create one, make sure to visit us and click the “like” button to add Fans of FiOS to your favorite pages. Read more...

1075i00585C5F067FCB00Here at the At Home blog, it’s no secret we like to discuss the popular trends and topics around TV, so when I read that the MIT Technology Review had selected Social TV as one of the 10 emerging technologies for 2010, it got me thinking.

“Social TV” refers to the growing popularity among consumers of texting, Tweeting and posting updates on Facebook while watching their favorite shows. We were ahead of this trend with the launch of the first of our FiOS TV social widgets -- Facebook and Twitter -- last July, and they continue to be very popular. In fact, over 15 million photos have been viewed using the Facebook widget, and in the first two weeks of launch, 2.5 million Tweets were viewed using the Twitter widget.

FiOS TV customers are also using our Mobile Remote application, which turns some mobile phones into a TV remote control, to post Facebook updates and Tweet while watching their favorite TV shows. Read more...

InHOmeAgent.PNGIf a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Ten million?

I mean, I always wanted to figure out how to put up crown molding. Those compound miter cuts at the corners? A math wizard’s nightmare.

But there are Howcast videos on FiOS TV video-on-demand and on my Verizon Wireless Droid where you can see how to do just about anything. Not read about it; not look a captions and stills. See it in full-motion video. Including miter cuts. Read more...

1073i81214D8D66B9777EAttention all footie fans who are FiOS TV subscribers: Verizon is once again giving sports fanatics the chance to host a viewing party. As soccer diehards from around the world prepare for the July 11th “Ultimate Battle,” Verizon will sponsor up to 1,000 simultaneous game-day viewing parties, taking the match to a whole new level.

Like the Verizon FiOS Game Day Viewing Parties held in February for the biggest football game of the year, we’re throwing another party our FiOS TV customers and their guests won’t forget. Starting today, FiOS TV customers can apply online at to host a Verizon “Ultimate Battle” Game Day Viewing Party during soccer’s final match of 2010.

Verizon will supply each selected home with a party pack that comes equipped with a Flip Ultra™ Camcorder, so selected households can document their enjoyment watching the game with friends and family. Hosts of FiOS Game Day Watching Parties are encouraged to upload all party footage and photos to the website. Read more...

FiOS1_logo.pngThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the TV business, awards are pretty good, too.

Verizon's FiOS1 news and community channel for Long Island was flattered last week when the Fair Media Council gave two of its Folio Awards to the staff of FiOS1 for stories they’ve covered over the past year.

One of the stories – actually, a FiOS1 News special report: "Smashed: The Impact of Drunk Driving,” -- focuses on the complex issues and emotions surrounding drunk driving. The multiple-part series included powerful interviews with DWI victims, family members who lost ones loved ones in accidents, as well as with first responders (EMS and Firefighters) and emergency room doctors who have to deal with the aftermath. Read more...

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