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1229i0E20F313627C20CCIf you’re a FiOS triple play customer, you may have noticed something new in the mail from Verizon: the Spotlight Magazine. Earlier this year we started offering this bimonthly publication that offers a look at the hottest content available on FiOS.

Each issue includes a look into Video on Demand, premium content and a two-page content calendar featuring big premieres and other events. In the July-August issue, this includes the pay-per-view UFC Lesnar vs. Carwin event on Saturday, July 3 at 10 p.m. ET; the movie “Bounty Hunter” with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler on Tuesday, July 13; the EPIX free preview on channels 395 (SD) and 895 (HD) July 16-18; and the July 27 premiere of chef Gordon Ramsey’s newest show “Master Chef.” Read more...

Three Ways to Watch Saturday’s UFC Event on FiOS TV

by on ‎06-29-2010 02:18 PM - last edited on ‎06-29-2010 02:56 PM by Employee Emeritus

1221iD28A8845D79F7B8EEveryone is looking forward to July 4th weekend: barbecues, pool parties and, for UFC fans, the highly-anticipated heavyweight championship.

This Saturday, July 3 at 10 p.m. ET, UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will be defending his title against interim title holder Shane Carwin in “UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin.” This mixed martial arts pay-per-view event also includes 10 other UFC fights, featured here. Read more...

Verizon Takes Further Action on MSG and MSG+

by ‎06-28-2010 05:26 PM - edited ‎06-28-2010 08:02 PM

1211i4CFE041B69F6D127I wanted to give you an update on our efforts to offer the high-definition feeds of MSG and MSG+ to FiOS TV customers in New York and New Jersey.

Cablevision, which owns MSG Network, has refused to sell us the high-definition versions of MSG’s regional sports programming. Today in a supplement to a previous filing, we urged the Federal Communications Commission to stop Cablevision's illegal withholding of this regional sports programming.


A Look at TV’s Future Today

by ‎06-25-2010 12:10 PM - edited ‎06-25-2010 12:12 PM

1197i2B966C19DE450326When it comes to the future of TV, Verizon is ahead of the curve and grabbing consumer attention in new ways. The TV industry is evolving quickly, and Verizon customers have a front-row seat. New forms of advertising, interactivity and 3D are emerging and are, or soon will be, available to FiOS TV customers.

So it’s no surprise that members of our FiOS TV team are often recruited to speak at industry conferences about these hot topics. Here are some highlights from three such panels this week:

Jared Iwata, director of ad sales strategy, participated in Monday’s “Two-Way Marketing Engine: Success Stories,” at the Advanced Advertising 2.0 event produced by Multichannel News and Broadcasting & Cable. Jared touched on Verizon’s interactive advertising strategy, which includes moving away from the traditional 30-second ads and moving toward an interactive model that brings consumers directly in touch with the brand when they want to know more about a product. “It’s about knowing your audience, and listening to feedback,” he explained. He also spoke about our new interactive advertising widget from Victory Motorcycles, which offers FiOS TV customers product information through featured videos and images and even lets subscribers request a brochure or locate a dealership, all with the remote control. Read more...

Tips from a Verizon Internet Security Expert for Keeping Kids Safe Online

by Employee ‎06-24-2010 11:30 AM - edited ‎06-24-2010 11:42 AM

1189i9D2E4F86284874C0Today’s guest blogger is Tom Adams, group manager of network and information security for Verizon and one of the company’s top Internet security experts. Tom, who is the father of two boys, offers some practical tips about online safety in the home.

It's summer, finally. While this is great for my kids, I always get a bit more concerned during the summer. You see, I work in network security and, with school-age kids, I tend to feel that the threat level increases during the summer. The bad guys appear to step up their game, and at the same time my kids are now spending significantly more time online. Sometimes the alarmist media make us think -- to use a Homeland Security analogy – that we've gone to the “sunset” level -- that reddish orange color that’s not quite red but beyond orange. I do worry more during the summer but less so than I have in the past. Read more...

Broadband: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

by Employee ‎06-23-2010 10:44 AM - edited ‎06-23-2010 10:45 AM

1186iD8F73F66ACD46E9BToday’s news about our 10G speed test gives us a chance to reiterate why we decided to build a fiber-to-the-home network and to take a look at broadband speeds generally. If you missed it, Verizon ran a new set of tests that quadruple the speed of the FiOS network to 10 gigabits per second downstream and 2.5 gigabits per second up stream.

No, an individual customer won’t get those speeds any time soon; the idea is to add capacity to the delivery system. The engineers DID, however, link two PCs to symmetrical 1Gbps links and delivered service close to 1Gbps in each direction to those machines. [See, Google? We get the picture.]

No consumer really needs 1Gbps right now. But the possibility begs reflection and a look ahead.

Remember 56 kilobit-per-second dial-up? We thought that was swell, until we got the 1.5 megabit broadband signal. That’s the “yesterday” side of the story.

Pause for a second. Right before you made the leap from 56K to broadband, remember how frustratingly slow things were, from screen fills with complex graphics to MP3 file sharing? Read more...

Verizon Reportero for Univision Blogs from South Africa

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1194i43409AA2AB99FAD9Guest blog post from Gabriel Sotelo, Verizon Reportero for Univision, guest reporter on Univision’s sports news team covering the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer matches in Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa.

Hola otra vez, todo el mundo!

I am in South Africa and totally loving every minute. As a huge soccer fanatic, I’m having the best experience thanks to Verizon and Univision. No words can fully capture my excitement, my joy – the overall thrill of being here and watching the World Cup soccer matches LIVE! It’s a dream I had as a kid watching soccer matches with my friends and now it’s a reality: I’m at the World Cup and covering the soccer matches! Read more...

zona1.JPGIs Spanish your preferred language? Today, we’re launching Zona Latina, our first in-language application that lets customers access all of FiOS TV’s Spanish-language programming—and more – in one place. It’s our latest interactive destination that lets Spanish-speaking customers enjoy FiOS TV the way they want and expect.

Whether you’re interested in news, music, entertainment or programming, you can find it at Zona Latina– and that’s just the beginning. Using your remote control, go to the FiOS TV widget home screen and click on the Zona Latina icon to get started. There you’ll find programming including an interactive guide, premium movies and video-on-demand (VOD) titles –all in Spanish. Want to listen to some music? Click on any of the links available through the widget and listen to a choice of popular Latin music channels. For those looking to keep up with the latest on the soccer matches from South Africa, Univision is offering match replays and the latest news from this year’s tournament through Zona Latina. And, news buffs can read the latest news from South America, but stay tuned because we’re going to add more news from additional countries-all in Spanish. Read more...


The lyrics of singer Bobby McFerrin’s 1989 Grammy award winning song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” ring true this week as we introduce new consumer-friendly changes to the way we offer our FiOS bundles.

Change is difficult, and switching communication providers can cause people to worry. We don’t want prospective consumers wringing their hands when contemplating the switch to Verizon.


Want ESPN3? No Problem If You’re a Verizon Broadband Customer

by ‎06-18-2010 03:19 PM - edited ‎06-18-2010 03:20 PM


As you may have read this week, ESPN will team up with Microsoft later this year to bring Xbox 360 game console users a neat new feature – access to thousands of sporting events, both live and on demand. That is, as long as their Internet service provider offers's online sports network.

The good news for Verizon's millions of broadband customers, whether you have FiOS Internet or Verizon High Speed Internet, is that you’ve had access to the online sports channel since 2006 – at no extra charge.


Welcome to Labtown

by Employee on ‎06-16-2010 04:28 PM

1166iD975907DA20109BALike most consumers, I like to make sure I get what I pay for, and at Verizon, we expect to provide the best when it comes to TV. So before we introduce any new feature, we want to ensure it’s ready for prime time.

That’s where Labtown comes into the TV picture. Labtown is our FiOS testing center in Waltham, MA, where our engineers rigorously test new applications and features to make sure our products are ready for market. Our technologists have simulated a FiOS “town” consisting of over 1,000 set-top boxes in more than 180 “homes” on 33 “streets” so we can analyze any product or application in a real-world-like setting. It’s just like a real community – but with virtual inhabitants. Read more...

Verizon Helps Launch 'The Ultimate Merger'

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1165i242DB9F8CDCA2814Last night, Verizon joined TV One network to host a reception at Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York City to celebrate The Ultimate Merger, a new reality-show where Donald Trump helps former The Apprentice contestant Omarosa find her perfect match.

It was fun to be around all the excitement – standing among the paparazzi, watching the bachelors from the show followed by Omarosa, Donald Trump and even some of our very own Verizon executives walk down the red carpet.

The Ultimate Merger will premiere this Thursday on TV One (channel 271), a television network offering a broad range of real-life and entertainment-oriented original programming, classic series, movies, fashion and music that focus on African-American themes, issues culture and politics. Verizon has offered TV One since 2005 as part of our commitment to provide relevant programming choices for our culturally diverse customers. Read more...

Celebrate Dad with FiOS on Father’s Day

by ‎06-14-2010 02:33 PM - edited ‎06-14-2010 02:34 PM


Father's Day is Sunday, June 20. For dads across the nation, that means it will soon be their day to get gifts from the family, relax and maybe sit back with a cold beverage. Or put in 18 holes of golf. Or plow through some client deliverables to get caught up at work. Or spend the afternoon avoiding heat stroke while attempting to grill burgers.

Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out what the perfect gift will be. But for dads with FiOS: take heart: there’s something for every type of patriarch. Let’s go through the list.... Read more...

Verizon Delivers Global Soccer Matches

by ‎06-11-2010 04:50 PM - edited ‎06-17-2010 03:16 PM

soccer.JPGThis morning in Johannesburg, the biggest soccer tournament in the world kicked off the first of 64 matches with South Africa playing Mexico. After a scoreless first half, we watched South Africa score the first goal of the competition on their home soil and keep Mexico at bay with a 1-1 tie. Tomorrow, our very own USA team will face off against England.

As players and fans gear up, Verizon is delivering this global soccer tournament on your TV, computer and wireless phone.

On FiOS TV, you can catch the games on ESPN and Univision, and comment on the action while viewing the matches with the FiOS TV Facebook and Twitter Widgets. FiOS TV is also the only place you’ll be able to experience our International Soccer Widget, which gives customers instant access to real-time scores, headlines news, player reports and more throughout the season. Find it on the FiOS TV Widgets home screen. Read more...

fiber.JPGThe recently departed TV personality Art Linkletter was known for his famous phrase, “Kids say the darndest things.”

The sad truth is that it’s not just kids who say the darndest things; companies do too.

In fact, some companies resort to making false, misleading statements about competitors. The result? Confused consumers searching for truth amid a sea of puffery. Fortunately, there are entities that help to set the record straight as this story notes. Read more...

1159iA5AC4EF8E5144983Directory assistance on the TV screen? It’s quick and easy to find a business in the neighborhood or across the country with Verizon's FiOS TV Visual 411 directory assistance widget.

First introduced to FiOS TV customers in the Dallas area, the FiOS TV Visual 411 widget is now available in the District of Columbia, California, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.

With the Visual 411 widget, FiOS TV customers use the remote control and on-screen menus to search by business name, type of business, or by using keywords such as “automotive” or “florist.” Prefer to use an onscreen keyboard to enter a business name or keyword? No problem. You can also change locations to search businesses in a different city or look up recent searches. Read more...

1157i18F145199153A211Summer’s here, and for us couch potatoes that means one thing: chaos. Think about it: “Lost” is done (although we’re still lost). Jack Bauer survived 24 more hours of mayhem. “Grey’s Anatomy” closed with yet another character in critical condition. And that’s not the half of it: There’s “Glee,” “House,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Castle,” “FlashForward” – all of which are over, or soon will be, leaving a serious void to fill.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there, particularly for FiOS TV subscribers. First thing to do is gear up for shows returning this summer. "True Blood" (HBO) is about to start up again. It was one of the most-talked-about shows last year for good reason, and we’re all curious to find out what happened to Bill and whether Sookie will end up with him or Eric. "Mad Men" (AMC) is also back. Will it continue to be one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV? Tune in and find out. And for those more interested in reality TV, there’s always “The Bachelorette” and “Wipeout” (ABC), “America’s Got Talent” (NBC), and all the New Jersey madness you can handle with “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” “Jersey Couture” and “Jersey Shore.” Read more...

Gabriel Sotelo Named Verizon Reportero for Univision

by ‎06-06-2010 10:25 AM - edited ‎06-06-2010 10:34 AM

1155iF5223D87729A7AE2Guest blog post from Gabriel Sotelo the Verizon Reportero for Univision. Gabriel will be a guest reporter on Univision’s sports news team covering the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer matches in Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa.

Hola, todo el mundo! I am excited to have been named the Verizon Reportero for Univision. I’m heading to South Africa to watch and cover some of the soccer matches live! As a huge soccer fan this is the ultimate rush -- getting to experience and be at the World Cup is something I never imagined would happen to me. Read more...

youtubelogo.JPGRecently, we’ve talked about how FiOS TV customers can watch the best of YouTube directly on the TV screen, but did you also know Verizon has its own YouTube channel? You’ll find the channel is easy to navigate and chock full of interesting videos, from tutorials on setting up your favorite channel list and parental controls to videos featuring customers of a certain Florida cable service provider discussing ongoing TV outages during inclement weather (not a problem with FiOS). Read more...

Soccer is Social on FiOS TV; Verizon Scores with New Soccer Widget

by ‎06-03-2010 12:02 PM - edited ‎06-03-2010 03:20 PM

1143i64CDC30CD97848E3Next Next week kicks off the biggest international soccer tournament in the world. It only comes around once every four years, so you’ll want to soak up all the coverage and game action you possibly can. With Verizon FiOS TV, it’s easy to view the matches that will have the whole world talking while also being a part of the conversation.

FiOS TV’s Twitter and Facebook widgets let soccer fans interact and engage – right on the TV screen -- while viewing games. Follow the Twitter streams about the games, tweet about the big goal you just saw, or update your Facebook status to let your friends know you’re tuning into Johannesburg.

FiOS TV is also the only place where you can experience our new International Soccer Widget, similar to our NBA League Pass, Baseball and Pro Football widgets, which gives customers instant access to real-time scores, headline news, player reports, and more for your favorite international soccer team throughout the season. You can find it on the FiOS TV Widgets home screen. Read more...

1142iC516AFA74A3CFB6FWe call it the “Best Voice” for the “Best Choice” in broadband and TV. It’s FiOS Digital Voice, and it’s now available in Verizon’s FiOS markets in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania and California.

The VoIP service is unlike anything cable offers because it was designed specifically for Verizon’s unmatched FiOS network, the only one that brings fiber all the way to the home for a mass market. It sets the standard for voice service in the same way that FiOS TV and FiOS Internet have set the standard for TV and broadband services. Read more...

Preparing for Summer Break with the Kids at Home

by ‎06-02-2010 01:49 PM - edited ‎06-02-2010 01:57 PM

1139iB62138B78097FB5CThe school year is just about over in many parts of the country. If you’ve got school-age children, that means your house is about to become busier for the next few months, and the challenge is to find ways to keep kids occupied during the summer. There’s always the temptation of letting technology fill the void, but as we’ve learned, technology isn’t the best babysitter.

A good resource for online safety is the Verizon Parental Controls Center, with information for parents, educators and kids. And to help you prepare for summer, here are the top 10 ways to turn the situation into a win-win for everyone. Read more...

Fiber to the Home Services Popular with Home Buyers

by ‎06-01-2010 11:46 AM - edited ‎06-01-2010 11:50 AM

1138i3E0B1CFA2C2FFF5AIt’s true, the housing market shows signs of picking up. For example, existing home sales were up in April, no doubt driven by the tax credit that expired at the end of the month. However, the fact remains that the market is saturated with great homes that once upon a time would have sold quickly.

These days, the key to selling a home is differentiating it, giving the home an edge. Increasingly, that edge is fiber to the home services like Verizon FiOS. Last year, research showed that 70 percent of people who use broadband Internet viewed fiber to the home as a leading real estate development amenity. Read more...

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