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Verizon Supports California Firefighters, Evacuees

by Employee ‎08-31-2009 04:02 PM - edited ‎09-30-2009 10:28 AM

Helping Others The wildfires that are engulfing parts of California’s Los Angeles County are causing untold damage and an awful lot of misery. Homes have been lost and thousands more are threatened by the flames. The Los Angeles Times reported that two firefighters lost their lives when they drove off the side of a treacherous road. As the fires continue to spread, Verizon is supporting California firefighters, relief workers and evacuees with free communications services to keep them connected. We are providing wired phones, wireless broadband modems and mobile phones to help firefighters coordinate. Read more...

Speed Tests

by Employee ‎08-28-2009 11:44 AM - edited ‎09-23-2009 10:19 AM

200362081-001.jpgI’ve been watching this Tampa Bay area community forum over at for the past couple of days. The comments about broadband speeds speak for themselves. FiOS Internet is blazing by the competition - literally. Take a look. Read more...

From the TV to the Web and Back

by Employee ‎08-27-2009 04:50 PM - edited ‎09-30-2009 10:33 AM

tvandlaptop.JPGI see an interesting by Jason O’Grady over at ZDNet examining “The Internet's Migration to the TV.” Jason notes there are lots of developments from equipment makers trying to get a Web experience on the big screen including a bunch of TV sets with Internet capability built in. A couple of thoughts. For one thing, unlike cable, FiOS TV brings IP all the way to the set top box today. That allows the opportunity to essentially connect the STB to the Internet. The result is that already there is a lot on FiOS TV that incorporates Internet content and puts it on the TV screen. Read more...

Verizon to Trial Online TV Services

by Employee ‎08-27-2009 04:59 AM - edited ‎09-30-2009 10:38 AM

movieonlaptop.JPGOver the past couple of years, Verizon customers have made it increasingly clear that they want entertainment on their own terms, at any time and on any device. We’ve listened, and we’ve delivered content on three screens – TV, computer and mobile devices – well ahead of the rest of the industry. Beginning in 2005 with ESPN360, Verizon FiOS Internet and High Speed Internet broadband customers have had access to online services like Disney Connection, StarzPlay, YES Network and NFL Game Extra. This fall, we’ll also launch online content from EPIX, a new cross-platform premium service. In addition, every FiOS TV DVR subscriber also can search and watch online videos from, Dailymotion and Veoh on their home-entertainment systems. Read more...

The Early Buzz on Verizon’s In-Home Agent

by Employee ‎08-26-2009 05:31 PM - edited ‎09-30-2009 10:46 AM

vzhomeIt looks a lot of interest in a new Verizon FiOS service that let’s you help yourself. We announced yesterday two new tools that allow FiOS customers to set up new service or equipment, and, when needed even repair their home networks and TV service. The tools are Verizon’s In-Home Agent and quick codes. By providing these innovative customer service tools to our customers first, Verizon and FiOS stay ahead of the pack. Read more...

Verizon Wi-Fi Update

by Employee ‎08-26-2009 12:33 PM - edited ‎09-30-2009 10:48 AM

It’s been about a month since Verizon started offering free Wi-Fi to consumers. Thousands of Verizon FiOS and High Speed Internet (HSI) customers have signed on to take advantage of this exciting new service. Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot locations include hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, convention centers and public locations across the United States, and more than 13,000 are listed on our hotspots Web directory. Consumers can turn to Verizon for fast, free Wi-Fi to use in their local communities or for wireless computing when traveling across the country.

FiOS Saves

by Employee ‎08-26-2009 10:42 AM - edited ‎09-30-2009 10:52 AM

fiosheavens.JPGI guess it’s a good day when you have God on your side....or at least a church in Feasterville, PA. What do you think? Is FiOS on the side of the angels? Read more...

A Breakthrough in Service Delivery

by Employee ‎08-25-2009 07:28 AM - edited ‎10-02-2009 06:30 PM

Now, customers have the power to manage Verizon FiOS services themselves with two new tools that tap the capabilities of the FiOS Network -- the Verizon In-Home Agent and on-screen “quick codes.” Quite frankly, this is a breakthrough in service delivery that our competitors can’t match.

Free FiOS TV Previews Coming Your Way

by Employee ‎08-24-2009 10:24 AM - edited ‎09-30-2009 03:35 PM

tennisnormal.JPGIt’s the end of August, and TV shows are still in reruns. A great time to check out something new on Verizon FiOS TV. Over the next several weeks, we’re offering free previews of some terrific new and current programming. As we confirmed here on the Verizon at Home blog, we will carry EPIX, a new movie channel that’s launching in the fall. But even before EPIX launches on FiOS TV, you can watch free EPIX video-on demand movies on FiOS TV’s video-on-demand service. Read more...

Verizon Previews FiOS Enhancements

by Employee on ‎08-20-2009 04:08 PM

Media Manager Main Menu FiOS TV.JPGWord is getting out that the Verizon FiOS is a whole lot different from old fashioned cable TV. We’ve previously shared that point of view in a CNET article from a few weeks ago, and yesterday at a press demonstration in New York City, we showed even more FIOS developments . Read more...

Verizon HSI Powers Couple's Clothing Business

by Employee ‎08-19-2009 02:53 PM - edited ‎08-20-2009 12:00 PM

trikefront.JPGLiving in a small, rural town and running a business from home can be a great lifestyle. And thanks to today’s modern broadband networks, it’s a lifestyle that is more and more common. For four years now, Ron and Amy McConnell of Solvang, CA (about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara), using Verizon High Speed Internet to run a home-based children's clothing business called Lollybean Kid Couture. Read more...

Setting the Record Straight

by Employee ‎08-18-2009 07:03 PM - edited ‎10-15-2009 10:18 AM

FiOS Guy.JPGYou’ve probably seen those over-the-top cable company ads attacking Verizon FiOS? Like the one with the line of actors turning in empty boxes? Or the back-hoes and the fork lift ad? It’s pretty clear that cable is a little worried about FiOS TV, and they’re not going to let the facts get in the way of their ad campaign. And who knows what they’ll try next. The fact is that thousands of big cable’s customers are leaving them every week and coming over to Verizon FiOS TV and Internet. Take a look to see what happens when the Verizon FiOS guy discovers cable's foul play. Read more...

Follow Your Friends' Tweets on FiOS TV

by Employee ‎08-18-2009 09:35 AM - edited ‎08-18-2009 09:44 AM

FriendsTweets.JPGYou can now follow your friends’ Tweets on the big screen. Using the onscreen keyboard, customers type in their friends’ Twitter username or email address and pull up their Tweets. Read more...

Kids at Citi Field 025 Compressed.JPGSaturday in August – pretty all-American. Around here, Verizon was front and center at the New York Mets-San Francisco Giants game at Citi Field in the NYC borough of Queens, and hosted a block party for the New York winners of our summer-long “My FiOS Home: Ultimate Upgrade” contest. Read more...

Big Cable, Bad Picture

by Employee ‎08-16-2009 07:28 PM - edited ‎08-20-2009 12:54 PM

fibersmall.JPGIt looked like it was raining at Hazeltine National this afternoon. But the weather wasn't the problem. Read more...

On the Road in California

by Employee ‎08-14-2009 11:34 AM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:20 PM

LATHUMB.JPGI’ve been on the road a bit this week and am posting this from California. Most people who think about Verizon probably don’t think first about our business in here on the West Coast. But right now, I’m in one of the biggest Verizon states – the Golden State. Read more...

Verizon High Speed Internet Offers Value

by Employee ‎08-13-2009 03:38 PM - edited ‎10-02-2009 11:11 AM

On the economic front, the Federal Reserve now says the nation's economy seems to be on the road to recovery. That may be the case, but Americans are still looking to save money and still want products that offer quality and value. That's what makes Verizo's High Speed Internet (HSI) service a great tool for millions of consumers. When you couple it with Verizon's Freedom voice service and DIRECTV, it offers a great solution that beats similar deals from the local cable company.

More FiOS TV Sports with the Yankees and Big Ten Sports

by Employee ‎08-13-2009 08:57 AM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:23 PM

Yankees on YES.JPGAs both a Penn State grad and a Yankees fan, I’m thrilled with a couple of new sports upgrades on FiOS. Verizon broadband and FiOS TV customers will soon have more ways to watch the New York Yankees or Big Ten college athletics. Read more...

Computer Safety Tips for College Students

by Employee ‎08-12-2009 10:06 AM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:24 PM

OffToSchool Small.JPGThat new, gleaming desktop or laptop your son or daughter is taking to college is only as good as the data it stores. Protecting irreplaceable computer files and systems against identity theft, havoc-wreaking viruses and spyware is often forgotten and only remembered after the data is lost. Read more...

Media Manager for More FiOS TV Customers

by Employee ‎08-10-2009 01:55 PM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:26 PM

FiOS TV Media Manager Main Menu.JPGUntil now, Media Manager has only been available to certain subscribers, but now we’re opening up the service to any TV and Internet customer who also has a DVR. There’s no extra charge. We’ll announce this later this week, but I wanted to let readers of the Verizon at Home blog know about it first. Read more...

FiOS TV Adds to on Demand List – My Favorite Show Included

by Employee ‎08-10-2009 11:08 AM - edited ‎09-29-2009 06:02 PM

Use This Verizon Remote.JPGIf you like your TV schedule on your schedule, you’ll be happy to hear that new programs are coming to FiOS TV video-on-demand service. Besides its convenience, VOD is a great choice for anyone looking to save money on entertainment. FiOS TV customers can now watch new VOD from AMC, HSN, Disney Family Movies, Fox Studios, Univision among others. FiOS TV now includes more than 15,000 VOD titles we offer every month. Read more...

Facts Don’t Support NYT Broadband Article

by Employee ‎08-07-2009 01:57 PM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:31 PM

medfrd1248.JPGAccording to a recent article in the New York Times, the European Commission says that Europe leads the United States in broadband use. We think this is simply wrong, and we post about it over at the Verizon PolicyBlog. Read more...

Take a Bite Out of Shark Week…on FiOS TV

by Employee ‎08-06-2009 11:58 AM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:35 PM

episode-shark-bite-summer.jpgA lot of people have spent too much of this week watching Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2009 on FiOS TV. Watching some of the planet’s deadliest predators in HD on FiOS is definitely making it all the more terrifying, but a ton of folks seem to love it. Read more...

Listen to Live Interview about FiOS TV

by Employee ‎08-06-2009 09:20 AM - edited ‎08-20-2009 01:37 PM

tomorrow will be televised.jpgA couple of Verizon folks, Jeff Harris and Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, are scheduled to talk about FiOS TV on “Tomorrow Will Be Televised” this Monday, Aug. 10, at 3 p.m. ET. Simon Applebaum’s weekly online radio show/podcast covers the TV scene, and is now in its third season. Read more...

Verizon to Open Development of Widgets

by Employee ‎08-04-2009 01:55 PM - edited ‎08-20-2009 02:18 PM

The next technology addiction is about to blast across some 8 million TV screens in some 2.5 million FiOS TV households:  Verizon FiOS TV’s free social TV Widgets are getting hotter.

Verizon FiOS and HSI Fact Sheets

by Employee ‎08-03-2009 02:18 PM - edited ‎08-19-2009 07:09 PM

VerizonLogo.jpgNow we’re posting quick facts about both FiOS TV and Internet and our High Speed Internet service on the Verizon At Home blog. Read more...


by Employee on ‎08-03-2009 01:57 PM - last edited on ‎06-10-2010 02:59 PM by

twitter_logo.jpgLike most pretty avid Twitter users I struggle every day with the 140 character limit. But, hey, in his Sunday (8-2-09) NY Times column, Ben Schott remembers that Twitter isn’t the first new technology to limit the number of characters in a message; it was the telegraph companies. Read more...

Go Green with Verizon

by Employee ‎08-03-2009 08:59 AM - edited ‎08-19-2009 07:04 PM

Prius.JPGSimple changes can have a big impact. That’s really clear when you think about some of the ways Verizon has reduced the environmental impact of our operations. Read more...

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