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Shifting Seamlessly Between Work, Home and Life

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We’ve all heard the saying – “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  More and more, we see work following us around – in the office, at home, at the baseball game, you name it.  There’s no question the world of work is changing – but that’s a good thing for consumers.


Everyone together now – “huh?”


Over at the Verizon Business Think Forward blog, our colleague Stefanie Scott wonders - what's your work style?  


Restoration of Services Our Top Focus Post Hurricane Irene

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Widespread power outages and flooding across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic serve as a reminder of the fury of Hurricane Irene.


While many of our customers escaped the full wrath of the Eastern Seaboard monster, many are facing a challenging period as they work to regain access to flooded residences or are surrounded by water that could take days to recede and making access to their residence unsafe.


We’re working safely and diligently to ensure all of our customers, including public safety entities (police, fire, hospitals, 9-1-1 call centers), government offices, large enterprises and consumers are able to enjoy their communication services as quickly as possible.


weekly_RoundUp_AtHome.jpgThis week brought the news that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO of Apple, most likely because of worsening health issues.  A flood of news coverage ensued, and sometimes seemed sadly like a eulogy.  But it’s altogether appropriate that the media is lauding Jobs for his countless achievements, and as a man who made an indelible mark not just on technology, but on culture as well.  From the first MAC computer and MacBook, to all the i-Devices (iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad), a steady stream of technology that’s changed the world was delivered by Apple under Jobs’ leadership.


I highly recommend this CNN story that concisely and poignantly outlines Jobs’ career and, more important, some of his philosophy on life and work.  CNET News also carries a nice compendium of videos that illustrate Jobs’ charisma and natural salesmanship. There’s also a good look at Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, here.


Hurricane Irene Could Pack a Wallop: Bracing for a Monster Storm

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tree_hurrincane.JPGBy all accounts, it could be a very dark and stormy couple of nights for the East Coast as Hurricane Irene roars northward in the Atlantic Ocean.


While still a Category 3 storm packing winds near 120 miles per hour, Irene could easily turn into a Category 4 monster with winds topping 131 miles per hour later today, according to meteorologists.  Even if Irene maxes out as a Cat 3, and loosens her bite in the cooler waters off the Northeast coast, the potential for devastation in many major metro areas remains huge.


Federal officials warn of potential major flooding and possible power outages.  Needless to say, Irene has our undivided attention and we’re working hard in advance to help make sure you can stay in touch with your loved ones and associates regardless the impact.


Watch the Little League World Series in 3D on FiOS TV

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If you’re a baseball fan, there’s nothing like the Little League World Series.  It’s fun to watch skilled 11- and 12-year-olds play ball for the honor of their town, region or country.


Now, there’s another dimension to the Little League experience – a third dimension, to be exact. ESPN 3D is telecasting several Little League World Series games in 3D this week, and FiOS TV 3D customers have a front-row seat.


ESPN 3D is included in the FiOS TV Ultimate HD package.  If you have a 3DTV, the cool compatible glasses and HD-capable set to box with an HDMI connection, you’re in business.  Just check out the broadcast schedule and tune to channel 1002 to watch the first pitch.


A Better World Through Technology

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weekly_RoundUp_AtHome.jpgI marvel every day at how technology makes my life easier and better.  As a boomer who grew up in the 60’s, things like cell phones, the Internet and even HD TV still seem miraculous at times.


What’s really cool is when the power of technology gets aimed at a societal issue and ends up making the world a better place.  I ran across three news stories this week that illustrated the amazing good technology can generate.


A startling military statistic has generated a massive shift toward energy conservation and clean energy gadgets on the battlefield.  One out of eight U.S. Army casualties in Iraqwas the result of protecting fuel convoys.  So, to reduce fuel convoys to protect lives … and to relieve fighting forces of heavy batteries and tanker trucks that slow them down … the military is becoming a major purchaser of clean energy gadgets and investor in projects like experimental solar-powered desert bases.



Watch Sunday Football in a Whole New Way with NFL RedZone

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20yardline.jpgLast Sunday I was out on a mission to replace a nearly 7-year-old big screen DLP TV with a new big screen LED set.  Like many consumers these days, I wanted HD, Internet capability and, possibly, 3D.  I found a set I liked in my price range and took it home.


After I plugged in the new set, I turned it on and was delighted to catch a live action sporting event.  The TV was on the HP Byron Nelson Classic Golf Tournament. Keegan Bradley and Jason Duffner had just begun their three-hole playoff for the tournament championship! 


So, when it comes to big sporting events, if you’re like me, you’lI want to watch the best of the action.  In fact, nothing beats the excitement of seeing the most dramatic plays – and with the NFL pre-season underway, we’re less than a month away from the beginning of the season andthe NFL RedZone.


Amazing Apps and an Iconic Birthday

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verizon logo2.jpg

I love applications that inspire creativity and help create joy.  The Toontastic app is one.  It lets young children create animated cartoons that they can narrate themselves, using their own artwork, stock art or a combination of both.  This summer, kids all over the world used the app to create stories about their summer vacations, which were then entered into a contest sponsored by Launchpad Toys, designer of the app.  You can view and vote on your favorite of the top 10 stories here.  The winner gets a Lego Space Shuttle set.  How cool is that? 


Ever-helpful New York Times tech guru David Pogue offers up a collection of apps this week for the summer air traveler.


‘Customers First’ – We’re Committed to Taking Care of You

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VerizonLogo1.jpgTaking care of you – our customer – is what we strive to do at Verizon every moment of every day.  Without you, our valued customer, we wouldn’t exist.


And so despite the challenges presented this week due to a strike in nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers against Verizon, we have thousands of management employees who have received training in the event of a work stoppage, working hard to serve you and respond to your communication needs.


Retro Tech

by Employee on ‎08-05-2011 01:30 PM


For some reason I’ve felt a bit nostalgic lately, so this week’s blog is not so much about how technology is moving us forward, but rather how it can also reacquaint us with things from the past.


Take Snail Mail My Email, for instance.  Email, instant messaging, Facebook and the like have all contributed to the demise of the hand-written letter.  While it’s great to communicate quickly and easily, something is lost along the way.  The thought, effort and craftsmanship of a handwritten note deliver a different emotional experience than our often soulless e-communications.  San Francisco-based designer Ivan Cash founded Snail Mail My Email to bring some old-fashioned hand-written letter joy back into our lives.  


Get Your Game On for Summer Learning

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Al Browne's Headshot.JPG
Guest post from Al Browne, the national director and vice president of education and technology for the Verizon Foundation. Al is responsible for the foundation’s Education and Technology initiatives and focuses on how technology and effective partnerships can advance education in America. 


By Al Browne


It’s almost the end of summer vacation and, if you’re like me, you may wonder: “How much of my kids’ educational experience also is taking a vacation?”  All young people experience learning loss when they don’t engage in educational activities during the summer, according to the National Summer Learning Association.


Celebrating the Enjoyment and Power of Wireline Broadband

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My family and I just returned from an island vacation where we stayed in the middle of the woods.  Everything was wonderful, but it took less than an hour to realize something was missing – a wired or wireless broadband connection in our rental.


Had it not been our vacation and a time to unwind, the situation would have been unimaginable to a family used to a super-fast, reliable FiOS Internet connection at our home that we use for online gaming on multiple devices, downloading data, uploading photos and streaming high-def video.





From the debt ceiling to the drought, this summer is buzzing with an inordinate amount of “must see” news.  FiOS TV subscribers who turn to CNN to stay informed 24/7 can now be in-the-know while on-the-go with the new CNN app for FiOS TV.


The free app is a smart, fun way to bring live, streaming CNN or HLN channels to your iPhone or iPad when you’re away from your home TV.  Stare at Anderson Cooper’s blue eyes while you’re riding in a plane, train or automobile. 


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