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One Easy Upgrade Will Give You Greater Internet Security With Your Home Router

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Internet security.jpgInternet security is on every one’s mind these days, and that’s a good thing.  More than ever, broadband connections serve communications, commerce and entertainment functions.  Personal privacy and protection is a vital part of any of these functions and many other Internet-based activities.


iStock_000020454114Small.jpgThe following blog is from Bob Elek, a Tampa-based member of our external communications team. He has two grown children, and he and his wife share an iPad at home.


Have you got a tablet in your household? Today, it seems hard to find a household that doesn’t have a Kindle, iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet, just to name a few.  If you don’t own one, chances are, it won’t be long before you join the tablet club.


If you don’t own one, chances are, it won’t be long before you join the tablet club.  In a story in USA Today on May 29, noted research firm IDC says tablets will outstrip PC sales this year and by 2015, will outpace the combined PC market.


Powerful Networks Make Great March Madness Viewing From Anywhere a Reality

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The following is a guest blog by Bob Elek, a Tampa-based member of Verizon’s PR team.


Post-up, box-out, lay-up, drive the lane, dunk, hoist up a trey – we’re about to see the many basketball moves that together help bring the madness to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.  And thanks to Turner Sports and CBS Sports, you’ll have a different screen for every possible play available to you throughout the tournament.


The Flintstones Coming Of Age Story

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 Cartoon dino.JPG

The following is a guest blog by Bob Elek, a Tampa-based member of Verizon's PR team.


My wife and I are pretty old-fashioned when it comes to technology.  But does that make us prehistoric techies?  Not exactly.


FiOS Broadband-First in Class!

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Today (July 19) the Federal Communications Commission issued the results of its "Measuring Broadband in America July 2012" broadband speed and reliability testing for residential broadband service.  This is the second broadband report issued by the FCC in conjunction with SamKnows, an independent company that tests broadband speed. The study measured the speed and performance of the nation’s largest ISPs (Internet Service Providers).


It’s no surprise that FiOS broadband service is still the cream of the crop, something that more than 5 million of our customers experience every day.


Broadband Speed: Households Served By FiOS Can Enjoy It All

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It’s always great to be favorably recognized.  When a big tip of the cap comes (like it did this week) from the public at large, however, the honor is all the more humbling and meaningful.


It’s not every day that a large base of consumers rates your flagship service - in this case Verizon FiOS - as the nation’s highest rated and widely available TV, Internet and phone bundle provider in a nationally recognized third-party consumer publication.


FiOS Internet, first offered in August 2004, recently surpassed the 5 million customer mark (that’s a 36 percent penetration in areas where service is offered).



As a dad of young daughters, it’s fun helping to bridge the generational gap between them and my 86-year-old father.  My kids “get” Skype; love to FaceTime with close friends (with parental supervision); and find apps with ease on the family iPad.


On the flip side, my dad loves seeing photos and videos of grandkids on my Facebook account, but don’t dare text him; write him a thank-you note via email; or ask him to Tweet.


Considering each generation exhibits its own technological fluency, how does a company like mine showcase the benefits of using our flagship FiOS Internet and FiOS TV services to savvy, technologically fluent consumers who prefer living in apartments or condos vs. the ’burbs?


The Future.jpg

In tech terms, five years is arguably a lifetime.


Consider this: In October 2006, Verizon had 147,000 FiOS Internet customers and 118,000 FiOS TV customers and FiOS TV was only one year removed from being introduced.


Fast forward to today. Our subscriber counts for FiOS Internet and FiOS TV have swelled to 4.6 million and 4 million, respectively. As impressive as that growth represents, it is the “things” that Verizon and FiOS enables that makes us even more excited.


This week, my colleague Stefanie Scott continues her Verizon Think Forward series

on the future of work by asking people to consider how much their work style has changed in the past five years.


Future of Work.jpg

If you’re a small business owner reading this blog, chances are you’re doing so from a smart phone, a tablet, or a lap top – maybe at work, at home or perhaps some other remote location like a coffee shop, doctor’s office or transportation facility.


That’s understandable.  First and foremost, small businesses have to keep their business interests close and there are plenty of tools out there now to help them do that, offering all manner of connectivity so business can be conducted anywhere, anytime. 


In fact, as my colleague Stefanie Scott points out in her continuing series on the future of work at the Verizon Think Forward blog, you may even be sitting in your pajamas on a conference call while you read this as you decide how to manage the day ahead.


Work and Home.jpg

My colleague Stefanie Scott continues her ongoing look at the future of work, or perhaps more accurately, the future of the work “place.”


Her most recent interviews with professionals who work at the office, home, on the road – anywhere really – examines employer attitudes about managing employees who work from home.


We’ve examined here at Verizon At Home how technology has helped employers feel more comfortable with mobile employees and how consumers have impacted the tools companies use to get work done.



American families are using more and more broadband-enabled devices, including game consoles, IP-based TVs, smartphones, PCs, notebooks and tablets to make life’s daily juggle easier.


In fact, families not only have more devices in their homes, they’re also using them simultaneously, creating greater demands on the home’s broadband network.  Broadband, and specifically Fiber to the Home broadband like that of Verizon’s FiOS, is shifting how families connect and consume entertainment and information.


On Wednesday, Sept. 28, you’re invited to join our next ‘Meet the Expert’ real-time chat with Ann Shaub, one of our passionate directors of product management.


Broadband’s Next Frontier Is in the Home

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Do you have too many gadgets and too many remote controls that operate many items in your home? Most likely you’ll answer, “Yes.”  Now imagine a unified control panel that will control your home essentials like lights, thermostat, alarm and video using three screens: your TV, your computer and your smartphone.


Verizon not only is imagining a “connected home,” we’ll unveil a new connected home service soon, and Verizon’s Ann Shaub is previewing it today at the 2010 Digital Home Summit for broadband providers.




1459iE8AB76374A16FBDFThe Internet has been a tremendous boost for students researching school projects and classroom compositions.  As the kids return to school, it’s a good time to remember that the Internet also holds pitfalls and malicious programs designed to hijack your children’s computers and threaten their online security. 


Verizon offers two tools that can help your kids online: our award-winning Internet security suite (VISS) and online backup and sharing service (VOBS)



cash.JPGWe're seeing a lot of exciting activity with Share the Network, Verizon's customer referral program. It makes sense because everyone wins. The person who refers gets a reward card, and the referred person who signs up for any of Verizon's qualifying services also gets a reward card. How cool is that? Read more...

Fueling the Digital Generation With Broadband

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www2.JPGAs the dad of two young daughters, I'm well aware of how important technology and digital gadgets have become for youth in our hyper-connected society.

While I didn't touch my first computer until I was in college, my girls mastered their first mouse before they reached second grade. On certain occasions, including drive time, my wife allows them to text some of her friends on her Verizon smart phone. Read more...

A Reliable Broadband Connection Can Ease the Work/Home Life Blur

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dv713015(3).JPGWhile the Saints marched into the end zone to win Super Bowl XLIV Sunday, I wished for another pair of arms. Sitting on my couch among family and friends, I lived out what millions face these days as the line between work and home life blurred.

Toggling between home and work life reinforced to me that this blurry line requires consumers to have a reliable broadband connection. In today's era, reliable broadband powers the multi-tasking that millions of us do as work and home life often share the same bunk. If the broadband service you have, or plan to order, isn't reliable -- regardless of how inexpensive it may be -- it'll eventually cost you more in time and money. Read more...

McAfee’s Top 2010 Online Threats and Tips to Stay Protected

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mcaffee.JPGOur guest blogger today is Todd Gebhart, who is McAfee's Executive Vice President and General Manager for consumer, mobile and small business products.

Welcome to the McAfee family, VISS users! Verizon is offering an upgraded Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) to its FiOS Internet and High Speed Internet customers, as well as other U.S. consumer and small-business broadband users. From everyone at McAfee, we'd like to say how excited we are about our partnership and providing users with top-notch security. Read more...

‘Can You Really Get Those Speeds?'

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Multichannel News shoots off skyrockets and throws confetti around its survey showing cable's rapid build outs of DOCSIS 3.0. And at Broadband Reports, there's much discussion of cable-provided Internet speeds of up to 105 megabits per second (Mbps), along with some commentary that the market is not ready for speeds that fast. And there is discussion of cable resetting its speed tiers in parity with Verizon's downstream speeds (NOT upstream, though; Verizon can do 35 Mbps upstream and cable can't touch that). Read more...

tv.JPGGiving great value and staying ahead of the competition is always good for consumers. That's why Verizon is so proud of the continuing innovation and service enhancements we're bringing to both our FiOS and our traditional High Speed Internet services and bundles.

During the 4th quarter of last year, FiOS TV subscriptions passed the 2.86 million mark, and FiOS Internet made it into 3.43 million homes. The fiber network now passes 15.4 million homes and businesses or almost half the total premises in Verizon territory. Read more...

InHomeAgent.PNGIf you're like me, you purchase your airline tickets on-line and reserve a hotel and rental car via the Internet. Chances are good that you also obtain real-time online flight updates on the day of your travel using a personal digital assistant, cell phone or your computer.

Consumers increasingly are managing their service needs themselves, at a time and place of their choosing, instead of working with a so-called middle man.

At Verizon, we believe that makes a lot of sense.


FiOS Internet Allows For Higher Quality Streaming To Broadband Enabled Devices

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dan_rayburn.JPGFrom time to time, we'd like to offer observations of experts in various fields that we think readers here would like to see. So we're planning to add guest blogs. The first is below from Dan Rayburn, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan and EVP at, who is an expert in the area of online video. Let us know what you think and make sure to check out the video below of Dan discussing FiOS Internet and streaming content.

As a Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan and EVP at, my job is to consume as much online video as possible via broadband connected devices and then write about what I am seeing in the market on my blog at


Verizon’s Commitment to DSL, Network and Customer Service

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typing hands.JPGOne of the most extensively deployed broadband services in the U.S. is Verizon's High Speed Internet (HSI) service. The fact is that, if you live in a place where Verizon offers phone service, chances are you can get our DSL-based High Speed Internet (HSI) service. We offer it to roughly 4 out of every 5 households we serve, and it's our most widely available form of broadband Internet service. Customers like it because it provides reliable speeds and great value - a definite plus in today's economy. This year alone, we've added HSI - with speeds of up to 1 megabits per second (Mbps) or 3 Mbps - to 161,000 more local phone lines. Read more...

A Glimpse at the Future of Home Networks

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Tushar.JPGJust back from our Webcast on home networking technologies, and the takeaway has to be unbridled excitement for what's ahead. Tushar Saxena, who's a home network expert, talked about a future in which we watch DVR recordings on any TV, handset and PC and access home media remotely from mobile phones. At the heart of it all, is a versatile home network that lets your home media communicate easily and seamlessly. Technology is amazing, but its seeds need fertile soil to grow in. Look at your wireless handsets; when the hardware and software become more powerful, you get things like the Droid riding a new operating system that makes great things possible. Read more...

Logan.PNGThe other day, Jim Smith, who covers technology issues on the Verizon PR team, was trying to show friends a picture of baby Logan that he'd just taken with his cell phone. Trouble was, Jim wanted to show it on his plasma TV screen. I could have done that a couple of ways on my FiOS home network. But Jim's neighborhood doesn't have FiOS yet, and his TV provider only offers what most do - TV service and Internet service but with no real connection between the two. Read more...

For the last six weeks, Verizon's customers in the Northeast and Washington, DC areas have been the first in the nation to try our new "Quad Play" bundle with TV, Internet, phone service and Wireless...and they're loving it. To refresh your memory, the Quad Play allows customers to bundle voice services from Verizon and Verizon Wireless with broadband and TV services from either FiOS or with HSI and DIRECTV services. For customers who only want to use Verizon Wireless for their voice service - well, there's a bundle for that too...and all comes on one bill.

radiosmaller.PNGPeople expect good customer service, but when a company goes the extra mile it can mean keeping a customer for life, especially when the service is critical to the customer. For a small organization on Cape Cod in Massachusetts that serves the visually impaired, reliable service from Verizon is essential. Audible Local Ledger - an affiliate of the Massachusetts Reading Service - operates over closed-circuit radio stations and uses Verizon High Speed Internet service to connect with the towers of local radio stations. The Ledger is a small non profit organization that relies completely on Verizon to assure that daily news and items of interest from local publications are carried to listeners. Read more...

This Cyber Monday, Shop Safely

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ecommerce.JPGI've always been a procrastinator about holiday shopping. My kick-off to the gift-buying season has traditionally been Dec. 22. Luckily, shopping online has changed everything. Amazon,, Ebay, you name it, online shopping sites have eliminated the need to witness the holiday horrors of the crowded shopping mall. If, like many Americans, you're starting your holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, have a great time but remember, just as there are pickpockets at the mall, there are some evil folks waiting for you on line too. So here are a few tips from my friends at Verizon Online for a safe online shopping experience. Read more...

Thanksgiving Computing to Go

by Employee on ‎11-25-2009 01:59 PM

smallturkey.JPGThanksgiving is here, and all of us at the AtHome blog hope you are spending it with family, friends and loved ones. Have a wonderful celebration of the most American holiday! Of course, besides meaning food, family and friends, Thanksgiving also means travel for millions of us. Bobbi talked about how FiOS Widgets can help make your trip go smoother in our Widget Wednesday post earlier. But if you're a Verizon broadband customer waiting for a train or a plane or maybe taking a travel break in a coffee shop, don't forget that you can stay in touch by using more than 14,000 free Verizon Wi-Fi hot spot locations. Read more...

She's Got....Verizon Games

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ShesGotGame.PNGHi. I'm Bobbi and I'm an online gaming junkie. I play canasta, mahjong, board games, bingo, gin rummy, dominoes, and countless other casual games online. I even play a game where you own a virtual bakery and make cupcakes and cookies for unusual customers like wizards and elves. In our home, it's my teenaged son who has to get me off the computer - not the other way around. Read more...

A Change of Pace

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keyboard.JPGAs you folks know, I've been sole blogger on the AtHome space since it launched this past summer. But, hey, there are a lot of smart people around here, and it's time to share the fun, their expertise and their two-cents worth. So now, three of my colleagues will join me blogging here. They are all on the Verizon Media Relations team: Bobbi Henson, Jim Smith and Bill Kula. Here's a brief rundown of what they will be discussing here. Read more...

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