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Broadband Speed: Households Served By FiOS Can Enjoy It All

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It’s always great to be favorably recognized.  When a big tip of the cap comes (like it did this week) from the public at large, however, the honor is all the more humbling and meaningful.


It’s not every day that a large base of consumers rates your flagship service - in this case Verizon FiOS - as the nation’s highest rated and widely available TV, Internet and phone bundle provider in a nationally recognized third-party consumer publication.


FiOS Internet, first offered in August 2004, recently surpassed the 5 million customer mark (that’s a 36 percent penetration in areas where service is offered).


Wirelessdevice.PNGRemember when cell phones were used for just talking?  My how the world has changed.  Today’s mobile devices are steadily turning into texting and video-messaging machines and portable video viewers.


With this change in the way people communicate, we think it’s increasingly important to offer value-rich bundles that provide consumers the flexibility to mix and match wireless and wireline services, plus reward them with financial incentives.


Our latest offer does just that as we combine our highly regarded broadband services -- Verizon FiOS and High Speed Internet service -- with a Verizon Visa® prepaid card worth up to $200 toward the purchase of a new DROID smartphone of the  customer’s choice.


As more consumers use multiple devices for entertainment, we believe we’re enhancing the overall value of Verizon’s bundles by adding another screen to our customers’ viewing options with our DROID smartphone offer.


With our latest bundle offer, FiOS customers can now relish their favorite movies and photos on their TV, laptop, home computer and DROID screen.  In terms of quality, our customers are in good hands because they will be able to watch content that travels over our fiber-to-the-home network and the largest, most reliable wireless 3G network.





The lyrics of singer Bobby McFerrin’s 1989 Grammy award winning song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” ring true this week as we introduce new consumer-friendly changes to the way we offer our FiOS bundles.

Change is difficult, and switching communication providers can cause people to worry. We don’t want prospective consumers wringing their hands when contemplating the switch to Verizon.


New Broadband Bundles Deliver More HD Choices, Higher Two-Way Speeds

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There are so many good reasons to become a Verizon FiOS or High Speed Internet (HSI) subscriber. Today we're adding even more, and we're letting you know at the At Home blog. We've created new FiOS bundles that include more high-def TV choices and even faster two-way Internet connections. We've also placed more value in our new HSI bundles.


For the last six weeks, Verizon's customers in the Northeast and Washington, DC areas have been the first in the nation to try our new "Quad Play" bundle with TV, Internet, phone service and Wireless...and they're loving it. To refresh your memory, the Quad Play allows customers to bundle voice services from Verizon and Verizon Wireless with broadband and TV services from either FiOS or with HSI and DIRECTV services. For customers who only want to use Verizon Wireless for their voice service - well, there's a bundle for that too...and all comes on one bill.

A Change of Pace

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keyboard.JPGAs you folks know, I've been sole blogger on the AtHome space since it launched this past summer. But, hey, there are a lot of smart people around here, and it's time to share the fun, their expertise and their two-cents worth. So now, three of my colleagues will join me blogging here. They are all on the Verizon Media Relations team: Bobbi Henson, Jim Smith and Bill Kula. Here's a brief rundown of what they will be discussing here. Read more...

Verizon Offers Hot Holiday Deals

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movieonlaptop thumb.JPGEach year about this time, consumers get primed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Well, just in time, Verizon has some value-packed FiOS and High Speed Internet deals to make your holiday season merrier. Anyone signing up for a triple-play bundle gets a $150 Visa prepaid card and $10 off every month for a year on a two-year plan. Plus, we're also offering anyone signing up for FiOS TV our Home Media DVR at no charge for three months. Live in one of our Northeast or Mid-Atlantic states? If you add Verizon Wireless to your FiOS bundle, you'll get $15 a month off for the first year. Read more...

Introducing New Service Bundles with Wireless

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compandphone.JPGVerizon today is rolling out the newest service bundles for consumers, which include TV, Internet, home phone and, now, Verizon wireless plans. It's the combination of two powerful networks - landline and wireless -- and four separate services into a bundle on one bill, at one price, that also saves money for customers. That's what residents of several Verizon states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions have to look forward to regardless of whether they're served by the FiOS network or our traditional copper network. You won't get these plans from the cable company. We call it a quad (short for quadruple, of course) bundle and there's several different service combinations for people to choose from, depending on what Internet speed, TV package or wireless usage best fits you. Read more...

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