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KenLain_1.pngBIG DATA. That tiny phrase alone could send your head into a whirlwind. With millions of customer data signals being sent and received each day, there’s certainly a large task at hand to make sense of it all. This begs the question, at what point do experts stop admiring the data and start stitching insights from the myriad data points


Progress Being Made to Restore Service Post-Hurricane Irene

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vz.jpgWe’re continuing to make progress in restoring service to our customers impacted by Hurricane Irene.


As we said earlier this week, the restoration of service for our customers remains a top priority as thousands of Verizon employees work safely and diligently from Virginia Beach to Cape Cod to help make this happen.


As power companies continue to restore service to homes and businesses, more of our customers are regaining their phone, Internet and TV services.  The loss of commercial power has caused the majority of Verizon service outages in Irene’s wake.


Restoration of Services Our Top Focus Post Hurricane Irene

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Widespread power outages and flooding across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic serve as a reminder of the fury of Hurricane Irene.


While many of our customers escaped the full wrath of the Eastern Seaboard monster, many are facing a challenging period as they work to regain access to flooded residences or are surrounded by water that could take days to recede and making access to their residence unsafe.


We’re working safely and diligently to ensure all of our customers, including public safety entities (police, fire, hospitals, 9-1-1 call centers), government offices, large enterprises and consumers are able to enjoy their communication services as quickly as possible.


Hurricane Irene Could Pack a Wallop: Bracing for a Monster Storm

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tree_hurrincane.JPGBy all accounts, it could be a very dark and stormy couple of nights for the East Coast as Hurricane Irene roars northward in the Atlantic Ocean.


While still a Category 3 storm packing winds near 120 miles per hour, Irene could easily turn into a Category 4 monster with winds topping 131 miles per hour later today, according to meteorologists.  Even if Irene maxes out as a Cat 3, and loosens her bite in the cooler waters off the Northeast coast, the potential for devastation in many major metro areas remains huge.


Federal officials warn of potential major flooding and possible power outages.  Needless to say, Irene has our undivided attention and we’re working hard in advance to help make sure you can stay in touch with your loved ones and associates regardless the impact.


‘Customers First’ – We’re Committed to Taking Care of You

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VerizonLogo1.jpgTaking care of you – our customer – is what we strive to do at Verizon every moment of every day.  Without you, our valued customer, we wouldn’t exist.


And so despite the challenges presented this week due to a strike in nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers against Verizon, we have thousands of management employees who have received training in the event of a work stoppage, working hard to serve you and respond to your communication needs.


Waging War Against Cramming to Protect Consumers

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Imagine checking out of a hotel after a lovely summer vacation.  You’ve had a great time and don’t review your bill until you’re back into work mode.  Upon scrutiny, you notice the bill contained various charges for things you don’t recall buying.  You’re angry and ready to chew out the hotel to request that the bill be adjusted, or else.


While such situations shouldn’t happen, they do occur in various sectors of business.


In our industry, we call the practice of having unauthorized third-party communications related services placed on a phone bill cramming.  It’s one of many types of scams and frauds that Verizon, other communication providers and government agencies like the FCC and FTC want to see stopped.



In the past few months we’ve written a lot here about “product co-creation” – how Verizon directly engages with customers in several different ways as we envision, develop and roll out new products and services.


A great example is the continuous evolution of FiOS TV’s advanced operating system – known to many of you as the Interactive Media Guide (IMG).  Launched in 2007, the IMG continues to evolve, and we recently began delivering the ninth significant upgrade to the service.  Many of the new features of the latest version were the direct result of customer ideas, testing, and feedback.



June 2 ‘Meet the Expert’ Session to Feature Self-Service Trends, Innovation

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Treating customer service like a product can help ensure an entire company gets behind improving the overall customer experience, and that’s precisely what’s been happening at Verizon.


Our platform of self-service tools, introduced about 1 ½ years ago, are being used more all the time because they are fast, easy and convenient.  Today, almost one in every three customer interactions involving wireline services like FiOS and DSL-based Internet flow through our self service channels: support, Interactive Media Guide, In-Home Agent, interactive voice response unit and mobile  phone tools, and that number is expected to grow significantly.


cell phone.JPG

It’s a mobile world, isn’t it?  If the steady stream of people walking down the street while talking on their cell phone won’t convince you, then the steady flow of text messages we receive daily might.


And it’s not just talking and texting.  Web surfing, streaming Pandora, YouTube videos, app after app after app – it seems like you can do most anything on a mobile device today, including viewing and paying your Verizon Telecom services bill, checking updates on recent payments and more.  Consider these comments we received recently regarding the My Verizon Home Account mobile app:


Get Discounts and More with Verizon Perks

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kroeger.JPGEditor’s note: Have you heard about Verizon Perks?  Verizon Marketing Director Dustin Kroeger explains how Verizon residential customers can get discounts on merchandise and services.  His letter is reprinted from the May-June issue of Verizon Spotlight magazine.


By Dustin Kroeger


Do you like saving money? Sure you do. After all, given the choice, who wants to pay full price for anything when you can get it at a discount?



At first glance, many Verizon buildings look like rather traditional brick and mortar facilities.  But wander inside one of our concept centers, customer experience labs or a research and design hub, and you’ll find that it’s home to many of the industry’s brightest minds and sharpest thinkers.


Their workday is all about delivering you the types of services that simplify life; make life fun; and help you stay connected with the people and places most important to you.


But here’s the kicker.  All of our visions of sleek applications, widgets and tools to make your broadband and entertainment experience second to none would not happen without your input.  That’s right – you, the Verizon customer – are members of our innovation nation, and we’re grateful.


We’re Bringing Our Strategic Thinkers and Innovation Rock Stars to You

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75676089 (1).JPG

To deliver the best possible service, we ask our customers a lot of questions.  Without customer input, we’d merely be shooting in the dark in terms of knowing what’s most important to you.


Above all else, you tell us you want to have fun and enjoy life.  You want to be treated with respect, and you let us know how important it is to stay connected to family, friends and others.


Apart from operating robust, powerful networks and rolling out cutting-edge products, we’re working hard every day to free people to connect with everything and everyone our customers care about, everywhere.





I can’t promise you a sprig of four leaf clovers or a pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day, but I can offer you a technological double rainbow.  And the good news is that it’s free and awaits you with a quick and simple download.


Since Verizon’s In-Home Agent, an easy to use, automated tool was introduced in the summer of 2009, it’s been downloaded by customers or our technicians to more than half of every Verizon FiOS Internet or DSL powered computer.

With the simple download, you’ll in effect place a Verizon expert in your home office or family room — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If the In-Home Agent has already been downloaded, we’re already there, but not in an irksome "What about Bob?" kind of way.


Online Interactive Brochure Connects You to Verizon Services

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man_comp (4).JPGIf you are reading this, you not only understand how technology is helpful to you, you’re not afraid to use it.  Our regular readers of this blog – which is a simple application of a broadband advancement by the way – enjoy using our new technologies like Flex View.


New technologies also give us new ways to get things done.  Take customer service, for example.  The ingrained habit is if I need service from Verizon, I’ll pick up the phone and call 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).  And that certainly works.  But in a broadband world where we’ve given 8.4 million of you access to powerful, intelligent networks, at home or on your smartphone, why be limited by yesterday’s tools?



You’ll Feel Mighty Perky with the New Verizon Perks Program

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To paraphrase Sally Field as she won an Oscar in 1984, “We like you!  We really like you!”


While Field can be forgiven—somewhat—for gushing over her prize for “Places in the Heart,” we simply can’t say enough about how much we appreciate our Verizon customers.  In fact, we’ve decided to show you how we feel by amping up our Verizon Perks customer appreciation program and, in the process, adding tremendous value to your relationship with Verizon. 



Give Us Your Ideas at the Verizon Idea Exchange

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Got an idea for us?  Have you told us about it at the Verizon Idea Exchange?


The Idea Exchange here in the Verizon Community is the place where you can share your ideas and suggestions with other customers and with us. Community members vote for their favorites, and Verizon product managers review the top ideas for potential development.


Based on the results to date, more and more of you are joining the discussion every day and recommending new products or suggestions for making our current products even better.



Talk with Us, We’re Listening

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Recently, Mike Ritter, Verizon’s chief marketing officer for consumer wireline and business services, talked with Forbes about FiOS and how customers are driving service improvements.


When it comes to marketing, Mike said Verizon likes to show customers what FiOS can do.  But we are also using customers' own words to explain what they like about their fast and reliable FiOS Internet connection or FiOS TV service.  More and more, these testimonials are becoming two-way conversations, as FiOS customers flock to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk to each other and to us about our products.


Viva Las Vegas and Verizon: CES 2011

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News_Center_Promo.JPGWhat happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas for visitors of the Verizon At Home blog and our Consumer Electronics Show (CES) website.


We’re fine-tuning a dazzling display for attendees of the 2011 CES that will let them experience a wide-range of consumer benefits of using Verizon broadband and entertainment services.  So even if you’re not headed for Vegas next week, you can come here for a taste of the excitement.


From the mammoth-sized Verizon show floor booth inside the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Verizon -sponsored press room and blogger lounge loaded with cool demonstrations, we will be front and center at CES.


During the four day show, we’ll give you the sights, sounds, news and innovative apps of our powerful networks that deliver time-saving, value-rich, productivity enhancing services to you.


Spend the Holidays Playing With Your New Presents, Instead of Tangled Up in Wires.

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The holidays are upon us, and electronic gadgets are topping everyone’s wish list, but how many times have you opened up a gift in excitement, only to end up frustrated from trying to connect it online?


Here at Verizon, we want to help make your holidays a little less stressful by helping you connect your new devices to your Verizon in-home network. The brand new FiOS Get Connected website is dedicated to answering all your questions about setting up your new products and services to the Verizon network in a flash.


‘What’s Next’ Actively Involves Customers with New Broadband Orders

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myverizon.JPGOkay…you’ve decided to ditch that ancient cable technology and jump on board the fast-moving FiOS train for your Internet, TV and voice services.  You’ve placed the order and the installation is a few days away – now what do you do?  What’s next?


Precisely!  FiOS customers in waiting – and digital subscriber line-based High Speed Internet (HSI) customers too - can go to, enter their master order number and use the What’s Next feature to keep tabs on the progress of their order and learn more about FiOS or HSI services and current promotions, among many other features, during the days leading up to installation.



Big Bear Bucket.JPGFor firefighters, knowing how to tell the difference between power cables and telephone cables can be a matter of life and death.

In Big Bear City, Calif., the need for training on cable identification became apparent Oct. 5 when firefighters responded to an accident in which a trash truck snagged overhead cables and pulled them down onto the street, according to local Verizon technician John Bien. Two of the newer members of the fire crew that handled the incident were unable to determine if the cables carried high voltage or not, said Bien, who was at the scene.

As a result of that incident, a group of Verizon technicians volunteered to help improve the Big Bear City Fire Department's training center in Southern California's San Bernardino Mountains.


woman_laptop.jpgOn the heels of outperforming our East Coast competitors for the third year in a row for video services as cited by J.D. Power and Associates, our broadband Internet services have scooped up additional recognition from J.D. Power.


Verizon’s consumer broadband services – FiOS Internet and High Speed Internet (HSI) –outperformed all our competitors when it comes to overall customer satisfaction in the South region, according to the J.D. Power and Associates’ “2010 Internet Service Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySM” released Thursday.


Verizon landline operations in Florida and Texas are considered part of the J.D. Power South region, and our broadband services outscored 12 other providers -- including our chief Florida competitor Bright House-- in overall satisfaction and two critical factors: performance and reliability, and offerings and promotions.




New Image.PNGAs she enjoys coffee at the local Starbucks, a Verizon customer remembers she needs to pay her Verizon bill today. Her cell phone is all she needs to access her account. 


Twenty blocks away, another Verizon customer realizes he forgot to program his FiOS DVR for tonight’s “Glee” – so he schedules the recording with his trusty DROID Smartphone.


In the next state, yet another customer is at work anxiously awaiting an important email from her daughter on her account. Once again, she works through her cell phone’s browser to stay on top of things.


Verizon to Restore Service for California Customers Affected by Wildfire

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As soon as firefighters said it was safe, Verizon technicians were hiking mountainous terrain charred by a fast-moving wildfire in California's Southern Sierras this week, making plans to restore telephone service to 53 homes in the area.


Construction engineer Lewis Edrozo was one of the first Verizon employees to enter the area burned by the blaze, which firefighters expect to have fully contained by Sunday.



Latest In-Home Agent Tool: Auto Correction for Set-Top Boxes

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It happens: Your computer or your smartphone just stops working exactly as you expect. Often, the solution is simply to shut it down and start it back up again. When that works, great! However, what do you do when simply powering down doesn’t fix your problem?

If we’re talking about a FiOS TV set-top box, there’s an answer: Give it a “jump start” from the In Home Agent. Problems with FiOS TV set-top boxes are infrequent. However, like computers and smartphones, they may occasionally have an unusual symptom. That’s where In-Home agent comes in. Read more...


Customer relationship management expert Jim Kane hit the bull’s eye on the importance of customer service in our industry, and among our competitors, with comments in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article about satisfaction.

“The problem for cable, satellite and phone companies is that they expect to get credit for things they're expected to be doing," Mr. Kane said in the article bearing the headline ‘Satisfaction in Cable Lags.’ "If you want me to be a loyal customer, you have to go beyond the things you're supposed to do.” Read more...

More Customers Prefer Self-Help

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InHOmeAgent.PNGYou're welcome!

That's Verizon responding to the thousands and thousands of customers whom research suggests prefer our self-help tools available online, on the TV screen and even on the voice response system. They're using these tools to get things done quickly and effortlessly, without the need for a phone call. Read more...

McAfee’s Top 2010 Online Threats and Tips to Stay Protected

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mcaffee.JPGOur guest blogger today is Todd Gebhart, who is McAfee's Executive Vice President and General Manager for consumer, mobile and small business products.

Welcome to the McAfee family, VISS users! Verizon is offering an upgraded Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) to its FiOS Internet and High Speed Internet customers, as well as other U.S. consumer and small-business broadband users. From everyone at McAfee, we'd like to say how excited we are about our partnership and providing users with top-notch security. Read more...

InHomeAgent.PNGIf you're like me, you purchase your airline tickets on-line and reserve a hotel and rental car via the Internet. Chances are good that you also obtain real-time online flight updates on the day of your travel using a personal digital assistant, cell phone or your computer.

Consumers increasingly are managing their service needs themselves, at a time and place of their choosing, instead of working with a so-called middle man.

At Verizon, we believe that makes a lot of sense.


Protect Yourself from the ‘876’ Fraud

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876.PNGIn our business, we see a wide range of Internet and phone scams that can impact our customers. One of the best defenses we've found is to arm people with information and tips for protecting themselves. You can always find helpful information on our Web site. And from time to time, we'll also talk about specific scams here at the Verizon At Home blog. The lottery/unclaimed funds fraud is a good example. Read more...

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