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From the debt ceiling to the drought, this summer is buzzing with an inordinate amount of “must see” news.  FiOS TV subscribers who turn to CNN to stay informed 24/7 can now be in-the-know while on-the-go with the new CNN app for FiOS TV.


The free app is a smart, fun way to bring live, streaming CNN or HLN channels to your iPhone or iPad when you’re away from your home TV.  Stare at Anderson Cooper’s blue eyes while you’re riding in a plane, train or automobile. 


spongebob.JPGSpongeBob SquarePants, the beloved character who lives in Bikini Bottom, now also stars in his own games on FiOS TV.


The first branded kids app is available exclusively for customers who subscribe to both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet and allows you and your family to play SpongeBob-themed games on the TV while watching your favorite Nickelodeon shows. 


The app contains four interactive games including “SpongeBob ShufflePants,” an image-shuffle puzzle; “Under My Rock,” a memory game; “Build-a-Bob,” a mix-and-match game; and “X Marks the Spot,” a Tic-Tac-Toe game, which can be played with one or two players.


FiOS TV Is the First to Make Pandora® Widely Available to Subscribers

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Today’s guest blogger, Rachelle Zoffer, is director of content strategy & acquisition for Verizon FiOS TV.  She negotiates interactive TV deals with traditional content partners as well as with top Internet brands that enhance the programming and personalize the FiOS TV experience. 


By Rachelle Zoffer

What music do you enjoy listening to?  These days, it’s all about Indie (Independent Music) for me.  Many of the artists are not well known, but they all have a great, fresh sound. Indie is pure innovation and that’s what I love. 


I discover a lot of new music through PANDORA® Internet radio.  The free service lets you build your own personalized radio stations with the artists and songs and music you love, and then discover other, similar music.



Verizon has delivered its most advanced FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide operating system to customers in thePittsburgh and TampaBay areas.  The updated guide brings a host of new features, including DVR chaptering, which gives viewers DVD-like capabilities to jump ahead or resume viewing at a particular moment of recorded programming by using on-screen thumbnails in 10-minute increments.



In the past few months we’ve written a lot here about “product co-creation” – how Verizon directly engages with customers in several different ways as we envision, develop and roll out new products and services.


A great example is the continuous evolution of FiOS TV’s advanced operating system – known to many of you as the Interactive Media Guide (IMG).  Launched in 2007, the IMG continues to evolve, and we recently began delivering the ninth significant upgrade to the service.  Many of the new features of the latest version were the direct result of customer ideas, testing, and feedback.



Big Screen or Broadband – Does TV Really Matter Anymore?

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I was intrigued when I recently read that about 8%, or 9 million, of 114 million households across the country use over-the-air antennas as their exclusive TV viewing source, according to recent Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) research.


Of course, the vast majority of homes have a pay TV option – cable, satellite or telco TV services like Verizon FiOS. But others are opting for a third alternative, using a broadband connection for Internet-based video viewing.  A recent Cisco study says that video will account for half of all consumer Internet traffic by 2012.


The proliferation of viewing sites and devices for viewing has only begun to drive exponential growth in broadband demand. Netflix streaming video typifies this trend, and the recent announcement of Nintendo’s Wii U  further demonstrates that consumers expect to use more intuitive, bandwidth-hungry devices in tandem with their TVs.



There has been a lot of talk at the Cable Show this week about long-range plans to develop better programming guides with advanced interactive apps for TV customers.


As the cable companies talk about new features coming sometime next year, Verizon is continuing the rollout of the ninth major upgrade of our Interactive Media Guide. In fact, you should think of the guide as an advanced operating system for FiOS TV, much like your computer’s OS.



Music Choice App Launches on FiOS TV

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damonwilliams2.JPGEditor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Damon Williams, VP Programming for Music Choice.


By Damon Williams


Couldn’t get tickets to see Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne? Not sure what summer concerts you want to attend? Well, now you can access a collection of the hottest videos instantaneously as a result of the music app we launched today for FiOS TV customers. Check out the latest and greatest videos of these two artists and many others all the time with Music Choice.




Imagine being at a restaurant and asking  your waiter for a medium rare filet with a baked potato and  house salad, shocked to learn that the only way you can get what you want is if you also order broccoli and a Jell-O mold.  Otherwise, you have to order a New York strip to get those particular side orders…and it only comes medium well!


Over the years, some customers have said that ordering a bundle of FiOS services has been too limiting.  If you wanted, say, faster Internet speed or more TV channels, you still needed to move up to the next bundle tier – and up again to get even more broadband speed.


Innovation Isn’t ‘Either/Or’ in Today’s Digital World

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comp.JPGAt a financial analyst conference in New York this week, Time Warner Cable’s CEO said that broadband is replacing TV as his company’s anchor product. 


Dow Jones reported that Time Warner’s new focus on broadband reflects its continued loss of TV customers to Verizon FiOS, at&t Uverse and satellite offerings, and that “the rise of web video has also led to concerns that consumers will drop traditional pay-TV subscriptions in favor of online alternatives.”   


This got me to thinking about how U.S.cable and telecom companies have changed, and continue to change.


Starving for Social Context

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Editor’s Note: Guest blogger Kris Frazier has led partnership initiatives on FiOS TV, including establishing the User Experience framework for FiOS TV Widgets (NFL RedZone, Facebook, Twitter, HSN and others), channel portals for HBO, Starz, Showtime and launched the 2010 FiOS Football app for iPad as a companion experience to the NFL RedZone Channel.


By Kris Frazier


There are times I wonder, how connected is "too" connected?  While I'm sure the answer could point to a set of statistics, it may prove more worthy to identify "why" this is important.


Mobile TV for a Fiercely Mobile Family

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Editor’s Note: Today’s guest blogger, Alison Allen, has been the User Messaging Lead for many of Verizon’s interactive services including FiOS TV, Media Manager, FiOS TV Online and Flex View. She is the strategist behind the descriptions, labels and instructions that help customers use the services more easily. Alison has also helped develop mobile apps for FiOS customers such as DVR Manager, FiOS Mobile and FiOS Football. Her Twitter profile @alikay7 pretty much says it all: Wordsmith, wife, yogi, dog mom.


By Alison Allen


When you think of watching TV and movies on devices other than a TV, there are certain scenarios that come to mind: commuting home on public transportation, entertaining the kids in the car, at the airport waiting for a flight, or combinations of these three. You’re mobile and you want to tune in.


Five Spanish-Language Channels Launch on FiOS TV

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We’ve added five new channels to our Spanish-language and LaConexion packages, bringing the total of Spanish-language channels on FiOS TV to 39.  The five new channels – CentroAmerica TV, Latele Novela Network, Pasiones, Teleamazones Internacional, and Vme Kids – are intended for a cross-section of Latin households, where news from a specific region, daytime dramas and children’s programming have wide appeal.


The channels are available today (May 23) to FiOS TV subscribers in Florida,California and Texas, and will be in all FiOS TV markets by the middle of June.


Here's a quick look at the new programming:


Spectrum of Connected Devices, Booming Video Growth Highlight TIA Talk

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New tia.JPGDeep in the heart of Texas, tech and telecom firms, joined by a who’s who of policy leaders, have converged to chart what they hope is a successful path to the future where consumers will be crowned the winner.


And that’s a mighty good thing for people like you and me who crave reliable, high quality, easy-to-use and competitively priced wired and wireless services.


During this week’s Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) summit, industry leaders are grappling with hot topics ranging from wireless spectrum allocation to sustainability, while offering glimpses of the future in areas like 4G networks, Internet over-the-top services, home entertainment and applications that need super-fast broadband connections.


June 2 ‘Meet the Expert’ Session to Feature Self-Service Trends, Innovation

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Treating customer service like a product can help ensure an entire company gets behind improving the overall customer experience, and that’s precisely what’s been happening at Verizon.


Our platform of self-service tools, introduced about 1 ½ years ago, are being used more all the time because they are fast, easy and convenient.  Today, almost one in every three customer interactions involving wireline services like FiOS and DSL-based Internet flow through our self service channels: support, Interactive Media Guide, In-Home Agent, interactive voice response unit and mobile  phone tools, and that number is expected to grow significantly.


More Ways to Watch TV from FiOS TV

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In case you missed it this week, there was more news that TV is no longer a passive experience, even for the most dedicated couch potatoes.


While some industry executives debated whether or not viewers are cutting the cord, Verizon FiOS gave subscribers more ways to enjoy content on their own schedules and devices.


Earlier in the week, ESPN made its WatchESPN mobile service available on Android devices.  The app gives subscribers live access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and on Android phone and mobile devices.


So Much On-Demand Content, But How Do You Find Something to Watch?

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Have you rented a video-on-demand title or watched a TV show on Netflix within the past week?  Could your experience have been better?  These questions kicked off yesterday’s panel discussion: “Winning the Click: Using Technology to Mix a Better On-Demand Cocktail,” at the On Demand Summit 3.0, presented by B&C/Multichannel News in New York City.


Most of the audience answered yes to the questions, prompting a lively discussion among executives from Rovi, Cox Communications, Viamedia iN Demand and Verizon’s Tricia Lynch, senior programming executive for FiOS video-on-demand.



In today’s Wall Street Journal, personal tech columnist Walt Mossberg talks about the growing popularity of watching television programs on devices other than a TV set.  Although he mentions computers and smartphones, he says the Apple iPad is especially good for this purpose.  


As TV viewers transition to this multi-screen world, it’s good to remember that FiOS TV offers a range of options for enjoying video whenever you want, wherever you want and on your favorite devices including the iPad.  We built our fiber-optic and 4G networks to enable this new world, and customers are enjoying more viewing benefits from these powerful networks every day.


Customer Feedback Makes the FiOS Guide Even Better

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brian.JPGEditor’s Note: Today’s guest blogger, Brian Roberts, has been the Creative Lead for the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide from its inception. The Interactive Media Guide is the navigation system (that includes search, browse and menu options) for all content available on FiOS TV. Brian has had the time of his life working intimately with partners in marketing, development and usability to bring each release of the Interactive Media Guide to life and into customers’ homes.  Above all else, Brian is a consumer and technophile and is told that he is addicted to “things that plug in.”


By Brian Roberts


Designing for the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide is literally about making millions of people happy.  We know that FiOS TV customers will have to use it to navigate an ocean of entertainment every day, so we strive to provide an unobtrusive and delightful experience that will appeal to the majority.  We want customers to feel excitement and pride about their technology choice while others are green with envy.  We would never get the experience right in a million years without putting the customer first and understanding their expectations, needs and wants of the entertainment service that they put their trust in.


Three New Shows on FiOS1 Celebrate Life on Long Island

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fios1.JPGDo you live on Long Island, N.Y.?  Then you probably already know about Verizon FiOS1 Long Island, a news and community channel only for Verizon FiOS customers on Long Island.  But have you seen the three new shows that debuted on FiOS1 this year?  And are you ready to watch the New York Giants draft show on FiOS1?


If you’re a Long Island foodie looking for new restaurants to sample, then check out “Restaurant Hunter.”  Airing every Thursday at 8 p.m., each half-hour show hosted by Rob Petrone focuses on the Long Island restaurant and food scene.  As an added bonus, many of the restaurants become part of the expanded Verizon Perks program, offering Verizon residential customers discounts, information and other unexpected promotions from national and Long Island brands and stores.  



FiOS TV continues to set the pace for TV viewing innovation with added capabilities and content including the recently launched IMG 1.9 upgrade that will keep rolling out to more FiOS TV markets in the weeks and months ahead.  This rapidly evolving viewing landscape has benefitted from our FiOS TV team’s foresight enhanced by valuable customer feedback.


Today’s news is that Verizon FiOS has further upped the ante and now delivers more than 24,000 monthly Video on Demand (VOD) titles.  That’s a choice of 24,000 different TV shows and movies available in every FiOS TV market, every month – and 15,000 of those titles are free.  Plus, FiOS TV VOD includes 3,800 high-def VOD titles per month.



At first glance, many Verizon buildings look like rather traditional brick and mortar facilities.  But wander inside one of our concept centers, customer experience labs or a research and design hub, and you’ll find that it’s home to many of the industry’s brightest minds and sharpest thinkers.


Their workday is all about delivering you the types of services that simplify life; make life fun; and help you stay connected with the people and places most important to you.


But here’s the kicker.  All of our visions of sleek applications, widgets and tools to make your broadband and entertainment experience second to none would not happen without your input.  That’s right – you, the Verizon customer – are members of our innovation nation, and we’re grateful.


FiOS TV: Interactive Media Guide 1.9 Release Notes

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JoeA.JPGEditor's Note: Joe Ambeault will answer your FiOS TV questions on Wednesday, April 20 at noon and 8 p.m. EDT when he is featured on "Meet the Expert" in the Verizon Community Forums. To learn how you can participate, please visit:

In keeping with our commitment to provide FiOS TV viewers with information about modifications and enhancements to their service, we are providing release notes for version 1.9 of the Interactive Media Guide (IMG) software for your FiOS TV DVR and set-top boxes.  IMG 1.9 is beginning its deployment activities in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Harrisburg. It will be delivered to the rest of the FiOS TV markets over the next couple months.



Earth Day is quickly approaching on April 22, and many of us will be doing our part to contribute.  If you’re looking for a little education along with some entertainment, check out the “Earth Day” folder on FiOS TV Video on Demand.


You can find it by clicking on Menu > Video on Demand > Browse All > What’s Hot > Earth Day.



Fox Soccer HD Launches on FiOS TV

by on ‎04-11-2011 09:42 AM


As recently promised, Fox Soccer HD is officially launching on FiOS TV!


As many of you already know, Fox Soccer broadcasts more than 400 live events every year, including the UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League and Italy’s Serie A, as well as nightly soccer news.  Fox Soccer HD can be found on FiOS TV Channel 584 (the SD channel is on 84).  It’s available to all FiOS TV customers who subscribe to the Extreme HD or Ultimate HD packages.


espn (1).JPGThese days, it seems that more people are watching TV programming on everything but their TVs.  Do you know about all that you get as a Verizon FiOS customer?


First we made TV programming available online in 2005.  Then we expanded by offering certain programming on mobile devices with Verizon Wireless V CAST service and, more recently, FiOS TV’s Flex View.  And, in the last year we’ve expanded FiOS TV Online to include everything from HBO, EPIX, TNT and TBS to live streaming of CNN.


MASN2 HD Availability Expands on FiOS TV

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Since last year when we first introduced MASN2 HD to FiOS TV customers in parts of Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. metro area, we’ve heard from many of you about expanding the channel to everyone in the region.  We have good news: the time has finally come!


Starting this Monday, April 4, MASN2 HD will become available to all of our FiOS TV customers in the region, including Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. metro area.  We’ve also been able to expand the channel to our customers in Harrisburg, PA.  Unfortunately it’s not in Delaware at this time, but we’re looking into that.


What’s Hot?

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Top Cities. Best Restaurants. Best Sellers. The dreaded shopping list. Who doesn’t love a good list?


And for your viewing convenience, we’ve pulled together a few lists to help you find what’s hot on FiOS TV.


Whether you’re curious about what others or watching or you just want to get the buzz around the virtual TV water cooler, you can get regular updates of Hot On TV, Hot On Demand, Top Recordings and Top Searches (on FiOS). They’re all found online at FiOS TV Central or in the FiOS TV menu by clicking Search and then What’s Hot on FiOS.



Ultimate devices need an ultimate network, and Verizon’s all-fiber-optic network now delivers more exciting 3D content for customers to enjoy on their 3D TVs.


First, we expect to launch ESPN 3D on Tuesday, April 5, on channel 1002, just in time for the Masters Golf tournament.  With 3D, it’ll be the next best thing to walking over the pine needles with patrons at the Augusta National Golf Club.


ESPN 3D can be viewed by customers who have a 3D TV set, 3D glasses and a high-definition set-top box.  The new channel is included for any FiOS TV customer who subscribes to our Ultimate HD package, and is available to everyone else on its own for $9.99 per month.



In the last few weeks we’ve given FiOS TV customers a lot of new programming options, first with the launch of ESPN live online streaming and next with MTV programming online, including “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom 2.”  Not to mention the latest in 3D, featuring the recent UFC live event.  Today we have more to tell, with the addition of truTV HD to the FiOS TV lineup.


As you may know, truTV offers original programming and is one of only four channels that will broadcast the 2011 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.  What does this mean for you?  It means that FiOS TV customers can watch every tournament game in high definition.


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