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An Epic Free Weekend from EPIX

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Epix Big Free Preview.jpgFrom June 21-23, Verizon FiOS is teaming with EPIX to bring you a free preview so big, it requires a whole weekend.



Ed.’s note: Today marks the 137th anniversary of the awarding of the first telephone patent to Alexander Graham Bell. Our company owes much to Bell’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The Verizon Pioneers are one group of former employees who work tirelessly to keep Bell’s legacy alive through community service.


Would you be surprised if I told you that Alexander Graham Bell was disappointed with his invention of the telephone?


Although the telephone is considered one of the most valuable patents in history, Bell had envisioned his invention as a hearing device, as his true dream was working with people who had hearing and speech impediments. The telephone, however, ended up being something else entirely and Bell put his dream on hold.


Coming Home to Verizon FiOS Connectivity

by Employee on ‎03-06-2013 04:01 PM

connect.jpgThe following is a guest blog by Monica Vila, Verizon FiOS Ambassador. Find her on Twitter @theonlinemom!


As we have become more reliant on apps and web-based services for both work and entertainment, we are learning to be more discerning about the networks that deliver those services. This is particularly true when we are on-the-move, with access to networks outside of our trusted home and office environments.


fios ipad.jpgEd.'s note: The following is courtesy of Verizon FiOS Ambassador Monica Villa. Tweet her @TheOnlineMom.


I have always thought that the ultimate luxury in mobile entertainment would be lying in bed watching live TV on my iPad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to curling up on the couch either, but there is something particularly appealing about getting under the covers to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or to catch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last thing at night.


"Thrones" Fan? Enter the House of FiOS

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hbo_got_fios_403x403_v02.jpgLiving in the Northeast you'd think I'd be sick of the cold and snow by now, but nothing warms this geek's heart more than knowing that "Winter is Coming" (again!) on March 31 with the Season 3 premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones. Even more exciting? Verizon FiOS is offering fans of the show a chance to win a grand-prize trip for two to the Los Angeles red carpet premiere on March 18. Hey, it's not a shot at the Iron Throne, but it's definitely the next best thing. There's only one week left, though, to enter for your chance to win the whole pot of golden dragons!


Roman numerals are for Ls, as in losers (and prediction time!)

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philosoraptor.jpgHey, what's the deal with these Roman numerals for the Big Game? Time to go.





It’s a rare sight to find a Bell System telephone truck from the 1960s cruising down the road today. But if you’re in the New York area, you just might.This 1967 Ford Econoline van, originally used by New York Telephone to run service calls, was completely restored and restocked by Verizon technician John Stallone. To find the truck, Stallone, a local manager for installation and maintenance in New York, took to the one place where you can find just about anything these days: eBay.


Ifootball 012013.jpgf you love football as much as I do, you’re well versed in some of the best (worst?) football clichés around – those tried and true phrases to which broadcasters ‘round the league turn to color their commentary. From the wide receiver that’s “deceptively quick” (instead of “obviously quick” considering how he blew by the entire secondary) to somehow giving more than 100% effort, we all have our favorites. This year, we decided to turn the world of football clichés on its head and assign new meaning to some of them. That way, as you’re enjoying the Big Game Sunday and get one cliché after another thrown your way, you can recall just why football is better with FiOS.  And for the non-football fans, enjoy the commercials since this is the one time a year we don’t fast forward through them since they can be more entertaining than the actual game!



Last week, we took a look back at the invention of the telephone and its evolution through the decades since. For today’s Throwback Thursday, I’ll look at other telecommunication machines that were an integral part of Verizon’s legacy of innovation.


Verizon’s Legacy of Innovation

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On Dec. 17, Verizon hosted a special event at its corporate headquarters in Basking Ridge called “Legacy of Innovation: A Celebration of Our History,” where Verizon employees and retirees gathered to celebrate the long history of Verizon telecommunications. Verizon veterans and historians brought historic industry artifacts including iconic wireline and wireless phones, an operator switchboard, a teletype machine, a digital base station, and even copper cable samples taken from the New York City vault that were destroyed after Hurricane Sandy.Throughout this month, I will be writing about the evolution of telecommunications and different telephony artifacts and the stories behind them that make up the rich history of Verizon, dating all the way back to 1876 with Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone.


75 Live FiOS TV Channels Now Available on Xbox 360

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iStock_000016173194Mediumv2.jpgJust in time for the holidays (and for CES 2013 attendees to demo at the Verizon booth)! Our FiOS TV App on Xbox 360 just got better.


The boundaries between TV and gaming continue to fade as Xbox adds another 49 live FiOS TV channels to the lineup for a total of 75. The new lineup includes a variety of popular channels including: AMC HD, NFL Network, Disney HD, History Channel HD, EPIX HD, PBS Kids Sprout and more.


A Direct Line to Santa

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Do you want to speak directly to Santa? Try this.



Shop at the Speed of FiOS: A Closer Look at Cyber Monday

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cybermonday_IG_112012_thumb.jpgBack in 2010, Cyber Monday became the largest online shopping day of the year in the U.S. Of course, that amazing feat was bested in 2011, and all projections for 2012 have sales for the day going through the roof. People are ready to celebrate the holiday season in a big way, as conservative estimates are predicting at least $1.5 billion in sales!


Since Verizon FiOS customers enjoy the fastest and most consistent Internet speeds available -- unlike cable company broadband that actually slows down when more of its customers are using it -- FiOS Internet users can take full and fast advantage of amazing Cyber Monday deals at their leisure. For popular items that sell out quickly, this can make the difference between a successful Cyber Monday and having to resort to the dreaded “Plan B.”


What to Watch – November 9-15

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wtw_new_tv.jpgTelevision this next week will no doubt continue to focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the recent nor'easter, as well as continued overage of President Obama's relection. FiOS TV also will be featuring a few free previews, which I’ve highlighted in the “One More Note” section below, along with a look at the holiday favorite “The Nutcracker” on demand. Here’s your look at a selection of sporting events and other programs airing on TV during the coming week:


Faster than a…

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Everything is getting faster. Be it cars, trains, or flying humans (to just name a few), it seems like every time we look up, there’s some speed record being set. Of course, all of this is not just limited to physical objects and people. Life itself keeps speeding up. Every day, we are expected to do more, to watch more, to read more, to LIVE more in less time!


Fortunately, FiOS is there to make keeping up as easy as pie (which I’m sure is somehow getting faster, too). FiOS is the only major cable provider in the U.S. to provide a fiber to the home (FTTH) connection, a big reason why FiOS recently ranked #1 in internet speeds in testing done by readers of PCMag. With blistering fast download and streaming speeds, let FiOS be your guide in an increasingly accelerated world.


To give you an idea of how fast internet speeds have gotten since the early days of the internet, take a closer look at how much faster download and upload speeds have gotten since 2000:

Get your laughs on with FiOS & the new FOX Tuesday comedy lineup

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Verizon FiOS Presents the New FOX Tuesday.jpgThe fall television season is right around the corner and Verizon is thrilled to partner with FOX to give FiOS TV customers a front row seat to the network’s new Tuesday night comedy block. We’re welcoming back favorites “New Girl” and “Raising Hope” and newcomers “Ben and Kate” and “The Mindy Project” with some exciting content, including behind-the-scenes elements, promos for upcoming episodes and interviews with the casts and crews of the shows. To top of the fun, Verizon and Fox are hosting a sweepstakes that will give one lucky winner a chance to visit the Los Angeles set of a FOX comedy series!


What makes a Smart Home? Chat tonight at 9ET w/ The Online Mom & VZ's Ann Shaub

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JOINTOMsidelogo.gifQuick programing note for the evening of Sept. 4: Verizon Home Monitoring and Control (#smarthome) lead advocate The Online Mom will spearhead a TweetChat tonight with special guest Ann Shaub, our Director of Product Management -- Connected Home and Customer Premise Equipment. With the new school year upon us and more reason than ever to evolve the efficiencies and securities of our homes, you won't want to miss this insightful TweetChat. Click here to RSVP (and for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet!) or simply join the TweetChat here tonight at 9ET. Happy tweeting!


Click here to learn more about Verizon Home Monitoring and Control.


Blog courtesy of Verizon #SmartHome Ambassador Jean Parks (@geekbabe)


Have you ever wished for a ‘Smart Home?’ I don't know about you but I've longed to be able to control my home heating/cooling, lighting and security all from one central place that I can access from anywhere I might be. Yes, there are various individual systems out there but few of them do it all, and having to deal with multiple accounts, passwords and bills frankly annoys me.


Here’s what’s on my smart home wish list (besides a robot to fold my laundry!):


Great news today for FiOS TV customers who have certain Samsung smart TVs or Blue Ray players: You can now watch 26 live TV channels and thousands of FlexView movies and TV shows on these devices.




Tweetin’ Tips on Twitter to Tweak your FiOS TV Experience

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follow me.jpg 

 Ok, so my title is a poor attempt at a tongue twister, but I can promise you that this post is short, sweet and valuable. We will be tweeting tips every Tuesday so we can help you navigate and understand some of the cool features of FiOS TV from our @Verizon handle.  (If you don’t have Twitter yet, I seriously recommend it—follow us and see what we’re up to when it comes to the latest and greatest in the tech world)


Have you ever deleted (or had your spouse delete) a show on the DVR that you didn’t see, yet?  This happens in my house all the time.  But here’s the great thing for FiOS  customers you can restore that show in a few quick steps!


FiOS Broadband-First in Class!

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Today (July 19) the Federal Communications Commission issued the results of its "Measuring Broadband in America July 2012" broadband speed and reliability testing for residential broadband service.  This is the second broadband report issued by the FCC in conjunction with SamKnows, an independent company that tests broadband speed. The study measured the speed and performance of the nation’s largest ISPs (Internet Service Providers).


It’s no surprise that FiOS broadband service is still the cream of the crop, something that more than 5 million of our customers experience every day.


Speed Guy flying.JPGIf you've seen the FiOS Speed guy in action, I'll bet you were blown away. Well, you might be just as amazed at how the 4-minute video was made. Amazed, or at least mildly interested. Either way, here's a behind-the-scenes look at a very cool video.


damon lindelof chat.jpgHey, "Prometheus" fans-- tomorrow we will launch another exclusive clip for the movie.


And, If you missed last Wednesday’s Twitter chat with Damon Lindelof, you missed a rare treat, or in this case, a Tweet. Lindelof is one of the writers of the highly anticipated upcoming Ridley Scott movie “Prometheus,” which opens worldwide on June 8. But don’t freak out if you feel June 8 is too far away because we have some highlights here from our exclusive Tweet up.



Damon Lindelof, one of the screenwriters of the much anticipated Ridley Scott movie "Prometheus" will hold a Twitter chat today with Verizon At Home followers. Log on at 2 p.m. ET and chat away!Damon-Lindelof-196x300.png


Get a Cup of Joe on Us!

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Share The Network mobile landing page.JPGWe're giving away $5 coffee cards to our customers who refer 3 potential customers to us for some Verizon services. It's our way of saying thanks for sharing and caring.




We're All a - Twitter!

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Verizon Digital Advocates.jpg


Do you Tweet? More and more of us are.


In fact, as Twitter turned 6 last month (I hope you didn’t forget to send a birthday tweet) sources said that people send some 250 million tweets a day. Yowza!


By some estimates, Twitter is even outpacing Facebook in the U.S.


Whether you send the second tweet ever, or you’re just discovering that adorable little, blue bird -- here are a few of my colleagues you may want to follow.


What If?

by Employee on ‎02-28-2012 09:26 AM

There's a lot going on at Verizon. In this short video, we share examples of just a handful of cool projects we've been working on and demonstrating around the country and the world. 


It always begins with one simple question: "What if?"


Tiger Tide: Defensive Showdown

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Footballimage11.4.11.jpgWe are half way through the season and the gridiron action is heating up both on the college and professional front.  Whether it’s Saturday’s defensive battle of #1 LSU vs.. #2 Alabama or Sunday’s offensive match up of Giants vs.. Patriots, there isn’t a shortage of great games this weekend.


LSU vs. Alabama is being viewed as the game of the decade.  Every sports radio and TV station is talking about it and the ticket cost alone for this match-up is incredible. As of Thursday, the asking price for one ticket was $5,000 and the game is on track to become the highest-selling college football game of the season. This is also the first time in SEC history the #1 and #2 teams are facing off in the regular season. 


The Future.jpg

In tech terms, five years is arguably a lifetime.


Consider this: In October 2006, Verizon had 147,000 FiOS Internet customers and 118,000 FiOS TV customers and FiOS TV was only one year removed from being introduced.


Fast forward to today. Our subscriber counts for FiOS Internet and FiOS TV have swelled to 4.6 million and 4 million, respectively. As impressive as that growth represents, it is the “things” that Verizon and FiOS enables that makes us even more excited.


This week, my colleague Stefanie Scott continues her Verizon Think Forward series

on the future of work by asking people to consider how much their work style has changed in the past five years.



I know a lot of people who regularly work from home.  And based on their stories, I suspect there are times when you’re working from home and find yourself wandering away from your computer for a few minutes to water the plants, do a few exercises, or even play with your pet pooch or cat.


There are certainly a lot of personal advantages to working from home.  And when you factor in the time you save on commuting, plus avoiding time-sapping water cooler conversations, it’s alright to take a quick break here or there just as you would if you were in a traditional office.


If you opt to work consistently from home, you can be sure that your boss may wonder if you’ve got the discipline to keep the proverbial “nose to the grindstone” without getting lost in your fantasy football team or talking to a friend.


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