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141101_GatewayRouter_640x400.jpgYou know the moment.  You’re watching a great episode of your favorite TV show on your tablet and all of a sudden… It buffers because you moved rooms?

Starting today, we’re offering the new FiOS Quantum Gateway, the fastest, most flexible router Verizon has ever offered.

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, it’s simple. At home and work, we’re all  increasingly relying on Wi-Fi for everything from watching HD video, uploading photos, working from home, video conferencing and more. This latest addition helps you do more.


One Easy Upgrade Will Give You Greater Internet Security With Your Home Router

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Internet security.jpgInternet security is on every one’s mind these days, and that’s a good thing.  More than ever, broadband connections serve communications, commerce and entertainment functions.  Personal privacy and protection is a vital part of any of these functions and many other Internet-based activities.


The Flintstones Coming Of Age Story

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 Cartoon dino.JPG

The following is a guest blog by Bob Elek, a Tampa-based member of Verizon's PR team.


My wife and I are pretty old-fashioned when it comes to technology.  But does that make us prehistoric techies?  Not exactly.


FiOS Broadband-First in Class!

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Today (July 19) the Federal Communications Commission issued the results of its "Measuring Broadband in America July 2012" broadband speed and reliability testing for residential broadband service.  This is the second broadband report issued by the FCC in conjunction with SamKnows, an independent company that tests broadband speed. The study measured the speed and performance of the nation’s largest ISPs (Internet Service Providers).


It’s no surprise that FiOS broadband service is still the cream of the crop, something that more than 5 million of our customers experience every day.


Broadband Speed: Households Served By FiOS Can Enjoy It All

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It’s always great to be favorably recognized.  When a big tip of the cap comes (like it did this week) from the public at large, however, the honor is all the more humbling and meaningful.


It’s not every day that a large base of consumers rates your flagship service - in this case Verizon FiOS - as the nation’s highest rated and widely available TV, Internet and phone bundle provider in a nationally recognized third-party consumer publication.


FiOS Internet, first offered in August 2004, recently surpassed the 5 million customer mark (that’s a 36 percent penetration in areas where service is offered).


The Future.jpg

In tech terms, five years is arguably a lifetime.


Consider this: In October 2006, Verizon had 147,000 FiOS Internet customers and 118,000 FiOS TV customers and FiOS TV was only one year removed from being introduced.


Fast forward to today. Our subscriber counts for FiOS Internet and FiOS TV have swelled to 4.6 million and 4 million, respectively. As impressive as that growth represents, it is the “things” that Verizon and FiOS enables that makes us even more excited.


This week, my colleague Stefanie Scott continues her Verizon Think Forward series

on the future of work by asking people to consider how much their work style has changed in the past five years.


Future of Work.jpg

If you’re a small business owner reading this blog, chances are you’re doing so from a smart phone, a tablet, or a lap top – maybe at work, at home or perhaps some other remote location like a coffee shop, doctor’s office or transportation facility.


That’s understandable.  First and foremost, small businesses have to keep their business interests close and there are plenty of tools out there now to help them do that, offering all manner of connectivity so business can be conducted anywhere, anytime. 


In fact, as my colleague Stefanie Scott points out in her continuing series on the future of work at the Verizon Think Forward blog, you may even be sitting in your pajamas on a conference call while you read this as you decide how to manage the day ahead.



I know a lot of people who regularly work from home.  And based on their stories, I suspect there are times when you’re working from home and find yourself wandering away from your computer for a few minutes to water the plants, do a few exercises, or even play with your pet pooch or cat.


There are certainly a lot of personal advantages to working from home.  And when you factor in the time you save on commuting, plus avoiding time-sapping water cooler conversations, it’s alright to take a quick break here or there just as you would if you were in a traditional office.


If you opt to work consistently from home, you can be sure that your boss may wonder if you’ve got the discipline to keep the proverbial “nose to the grindstone” without getting lost in your fantasy football team or talking to a friend.


Spend the Holidays Playing With Your New Presents, Instead of Tangled Up in Wires.

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The holidays are upon us, and electronic gadgets are topping everyone’s wish list, but how many times have you opened up a gift in excitement, only to end up frustrated from trying to connect it online?


Here at Verizon, we want to help make your holidays a little less stressful by helping you connect your new devices to your Verizon in-home network. The brand new FiOS Get Connected website is dedicated to answering all your questions about setting up your new products and services to the Verizon network in a flash.


Shop Safely Online But Watch for this Season’s ‘Twelve Scams’

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online_shopping_2 (3).JPG

Though the holidays are filled with great food, good company and fantastic sales, Verizon and McAfee want to remind you to be smart and safe online during the holiday season.


So, as you head online to book travel and do your shopping, McAfee has compiled “The Twelve Scams of Christmas,” the most dangerous online scams to be aware of this holiday season:



Listen to Everyday Internet Safety Tips from ICSA Labs

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ipod_cropped.jpgWith October and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) coming to an end, we hope you’ve seen some of the online safety tips we’ve provided on Twitter as well as here at the Verizon at Home blog, NCSAM is a national public awareness campaign promoted by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) that encourages all digital citizens to be safer online.


But being responsible online doesn’t end on Oct. 31.


Room To Learn – Digital Lifestyle Learning

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computer_notes.jpgHave you ever asked a friend or neighbor to help you set up a TV, home entertainment system or wireless network?  Do you wish you knew of an easy way to organize photos from multiple SD cards?  


Well, there’s a great new resource available – the Verizon Community's online shared experience and tutorial site, Room To Learn.  It’s an easy way to get started and to learn to manage your digital content.  In addition to self-paced tutorials on home networking and entertainment, there are weekly features like “Synchronize Your Family” by long-time PC World contributor Alfred Poor.


How to Stay Safe on the Web

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onlinemom.JPGToday's guest blogger is Monica Vila, founder and Chief Technology Mom at Monica is passionate about empowering families to make good decisions about the use of technology and is an advocate of parents embracing technology by understanding both its benefits and risks. Monica’s website,, provides parents with a wealth of information on how they can harness the power of technology while keeping their families safe in the digital age.  Disclosure: Monica Vila and The Online Mom are paid partners of Verizon Communications.


The Internet is a great resource for family entertainment and education. But barely a week goes by without hearing about a brand new virus that is attacking computers and networks all around the world, or the latest phishing scam that has defrauded thousands of unsuspecting individuals.



Study: ‘The Secret Online Lives of Teens’

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Most parents of teens or tweens will tell you it’s no secret their children spend a lot – A LOT – of time online, and many may be spending too much time online. It’s a generation that’s growing up online. It has become an important social networking tool for young people, as well as an educational resource.

But, as is also the case with adults, there are pitfalls for all this time spent on the Internet. To help parents understand their teens’ relationship with the Web, Verizon’s online security software partner McAfee commissioned and posted a study based on the Internet activity of youths in the U.S. Some of the findings may surprise you, while others may reinforce many of the things you already suspected. Read more...


Customer relationship management expert Jim Kane hit the bull’s eye on the importance of customer service in our industry, and among our competitors, with comments in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article about satisfaction.

“The problem for cable, satellite and phone companies is that they expect to get credit for things they're expected to be doing," Mr. Kane said in the article bearing the headline ‘Satisfaction in Cable Lags.’ "If you want me to be a loyal customer, you have to go beyond the things you're supposed to do.” Read more...


Verizon Business just released its 2010 Data Breach Investigations Report that looks at more than 900 data breaches of the IT systems of banks, retail and hospitality business, among others.

The report (.pdf), which is based on a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the U.S. Secret Service, concludes that organized crime is behind many of these data thefts. It’s a strong reminder not only to businesses but also to consumers that protecting financial and personal information is a never-ending exercise. Read more...

Firewalls Help Repel the Attackers

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Firewall: The term conjures up images of medieval battlements hardened to withstand assault from hordes of pyrotechnic-wielding raiders.

In today’s online world, a firewall serves much the same purpose for personal computers, with pyrotechnics taking the form of viruses, spyware, and worms (the cyber kind) that are the tools of identity thieves and other online raiders. Like ancient castle fortifications, computer firewalls are the first line of defense and, if you don’t have one, you are leaving yourself open to attack and devastating consequences. Read more...

1304i205EF7F5A2D51436As Internet scams go, phishing has become perhaps the most pervasive form and, in many cases, one of the most elaborate.

Phishing is an attempt through email or pop-ups to learn individual personal or financial data for fraudulent purposes. Customers of banks and financial institutions are most often the targets of the scam, with the thieves sending them links to authentic-looking sites at which they are asked to input personal financial information, such as account numbers, user IDs, personal identification numbers (PINs) or Social Security numbers. The phishers then use this information to empty bank accounts or to create phony bank or credit card accounts. Read more...

1248iDA7BD0925E64B55BIt’s your mother’s maiden name, or the name of your hometown or a combination of your pets’ names.

Some people can get imaginative with the words or names they use to make up their passwords for online accounts, whether it’s your bank, email or wireless router. Others, like in this bit from the Marx Brothers, may make it too easy for the passwords to be stolen. But, even if your passwords are so complicated you have to write them down to remember them, they’re not failsafe. As illustrated by Groucho and Chico. Read more...

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