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Payphones Still Serve the Public Well

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VZPAYPHONESMALL.JPGPayphones used to be commonplace. You'd find them in restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, gas stations and hospitals. They'd put you in touch with family in good times and bad.

Today, they've become rarer - a victim of the huge success of mobile phones and the popularity of sending emails from handheld devices. Verizon, which managed more than 2 million payphones several years ago, now operates about 150,000 across the country. Factoring other large payphone operators, there are almost 900,000 payphones still in use in the U.S. with each call costing either 25 or 50 cents, depending upon its location.



Tomorrow, I'll celebrate my 15th anniversary as a Verizon employee. Back in 1995, I left the transportation industry to join a sector I felt was on the verge of dramatic change and excitement.

My bet paid off 100 fold. Not once have I regretted the career move.

The time has flown by faster than the photos I upload of my family and friends to Facebook using my blazing fast Verizon FiOS Internet connection at home.


Residential Long Distance Call Charges to Haiti Waived

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haiti.JPGThe images and stories from Haiti since the 7.0 earthquake shook the island nation to its core are gut wrenching. Thousands of people were killed or injured, entire villages wiped out and countless buildings flattened, leaving millions of people in need of life's basic necessities. Starting today, Verizon will waive charges for all residential landline calls from the U.S. to Haiti going back to Jan. 12 through Jan. 31. Verizon Wireless also will waive fees for all long distance calls placed to Haiti from the U.S. during this period. Read more...

FiOS TV On-Screen Caller ID

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watchingTVatHome.JPGTo get up, or not to get up? Your TV show's getting to the good part. The phone rings. Do you answer? It's no dilemma with FiOS TV. With the new FiOS TV On-Screen Caller ID feature, you see who's calling with an alert right on the TV screen. The on-screen alert tells you when you are getting a call and gives you information about the caller so you can decide whether to take the call or simply let it go to voicemail. Details about this new service for FiOS TV and voice customers are here. Read more...

International calling help families, friends stay connected across the miles

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globesmall.JPGHundreds of years after the Mayflower landed in New England, people are still immigrating to America. The world has gotten smaller, and it's certainly easier to get around today than it was in Pilgrim times. It's also easy for us to continue to keep in touch with family and friends in other countries with a simple phone call. This Thanksgiving Verizon has launched a promotion that lets those with relatives back home make that call more at a discount. Customers can add the International Single Rate (ISR) calling plan to any Verizon Freedom Essentials bundled so calls overseas cost about 2 cents per minute. Verizon's International Single Rate calling plan allows customers in the U.S. to make calls up to 118 countries. Read more...

Family-Owned Business Relies on Verizon

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Seafood.JPGOne of the strengths of Verizon's network is its 99.9% reliability. In an age where the buzz is all about TV and Internet, phone service sometimes gets lost, but for many small businesses, it's the nervous system that connects them with customers, and they're counting on reliable never-drop-a-call service. Take Stuart's Seafood Market in East Hampton on Long Island, New York. This family-owned business runs a bustling wholesale and retail operation. In fact, they have a refrigerator that can hold 10,000 pounds of lobster when the catch comes in. According to owner Charlotte Sasso, "Our business is completely dependent on phones. Not only do we have a walk-up counter and market here for locals..." Read more...

Introducing New Service Bundles with Wireless

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compandphone.JPGVerizon today is rolling out the newest service bundles for consumers, which include TV, Internet, home phone and, now, Verizon wireless plans. It's the combination of two powerful networks - landline and wireless -- and four separate services into a bundle on one bill, at one price, that also saves money for customers. That's what residents of several Verizon states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions have to look forward to regardless of whether they're served by the FiOS network or our traditional copper network. You won't get these plans from the cable company. We call it a quad (short for quadruple, of course) bundle and there's several different service combinations for people to choose from, depending on what Internet speed, TV package or wireless usage best fits you. Read more...

Verizon HSI Powers Couple's Clothing Business

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trikefront.JPGLiving in a small, rural town and running a business from home can be a great lifestyle. And thanks to today’s modern broadband networks, it’s a lifestyle that is more and more common. For four years now, Ron and Amy McConnell of Solvang, CA (about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara), using Verizon High Speed Internet to run a home-based children's clothing business called Lollybean Kid Couture. Read more...

Verizon High Speed Internet Offers Value

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On the economic front, the Federal Reserve now says the nation's economy seems to be on the road to recovery. That may be the case, but Americans are still looking to save money and still want products that offer quality and value. That's what makes Verizo's High Speed Internet (HSI) service a great tool for millions of consumers. When you couple it with Verizon's Freedom voice service and DIRECTV, it offers a great solution that beats similar deals from the local cable company.

Wireless Myths

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voice_data_thumbnail.jpgThere’s been a lot of chatter over recent months aimed at the nation’s wireless companies. Today the president of Verizon Wireless, Lowell McAdam, sent a letter to the New York Times refuting some popular myths repeated frequently in the press and online. Read more...

Introducing the Verizon at Home Blog

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Welcome! You've found our new blog, Verizon at Home. Here we'll be talking about. Read more...

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