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18 months of emails gone from inbox

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18 months of emails gone from inbox

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This morning checking my email encountered the repeated login error discussed on the board.   Once I was logged in and not getting logged back out, I noticed that approx. 18 months of emails are missing from my inbox.  Bascially from middle of Aug to May of 2011 messages are gone.  I did not delete them, they are not in any of my folders.  Any idea/suggestion on how to get them back or where they went.


I am really tired and frustrated with Verizon email service the last few months.

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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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The same thing happened to me three times.  I  lost important saved e-mails from as far back as 2010.  Something is definitely wrong - when I actually try to delete e-mails, sometimes it takes two or three times to delete them.  Anyhow, right now I have NO saved e-mails.  I called them about it and they told me it was my computer.  Since I have both a MAC and a PC and it happened on both of them - its not the computer.  I noticed that this happened when I renewed my contract and they went to digital phone service.  The Verizon tech helped me set up my MAC to get e-mail sent there so I have a back up.  No explanations from Verizon were forthcoming.  I am also frustrated and may not renew my contract.

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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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This is the 4th time a block of emails disappeared from my inbox.  I contacted tech support each time (or should I say I wasted time with tech support).  Within the past 24 hours emails are missing from August 27th this year  back to January 2011.  When I realize the emails are missing I check my deleted folder to no avail. Clearly there is a problem since I am not deleting the emails. What tech support did suggest is that I contact them as soon as they are missing so that they can view my account to see if there is anything unsual going on.    Well that is impossible because the emails always disappear after I log off overnight.


 I also have the problem with having to delete the same email a number of times before it is removed from my inbox.


I don't want to sound to dramatic but the emails dissappearing is hurting me personally and professionally.  There is information gone that I cannot regain nor rebuild.


If there are ANY thoughts or suggestions I desperately need to hear them.




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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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Just my personal opinion, DO NOT COUNT ON A SERVER ELSEWHERE TO SAVE YOUR EMAIL.  Personally I use a client on all my PC's to download copies.  I have one of them set to delete them after 7 days, and the rest to leave a copy on the server.

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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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Any time mail disappears from the server, there's a pretty good chance there's some device pulling it off. This can happen even without you intending it to. For example, the default Verizon setup for a long time (and possibly still) configured Outlook automatically unless you were paying attention and unchecked the box during the install.

The easiest way to fix it is to change your password. Once the device(s) can no longer authenticate, the disappearances should stop.

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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you  and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. 

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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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I found out 7 years ago NEVER to use verizon as my "important" email addy. My emails disappear sporadically and I never know if I am even going to be able to log in at all. I have had a much better experence with Yahoo for about 13 years now. and verizon out-sources support as evidenced by the thick non- understandable accents I have had to struggle to liston to for several hours at a time. I feel your pain.
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Re: 18 months of emails gone from inbox

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My emails all deleted today too. Live chat t  was ridiculous!!! And  was no help even after  one and a half hours wasted on line.. Verizon customer support via telephone said someone probably drove by and hacked into my router wireless. They helped my change the router encryptions and my password. Do not know if I believe them... We shall see... From previous posts it looks like once it happens to you... It becomes a repeat problem

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