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Adding Verizon e-mail to Samsung Galaxy Player

Adding Verizon e-mail to Samsung Galaxy Player

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I'm trying to add Verizon e-mail to my Samsung Galaxy 4 Player.  I've tried using the device's own setup, and I've also tried doing a manual setup.  In both cases, I keep getting a message that "username or password are incorrect".  I've carefully entered them, making sure that they're typed correctly, case-sensitive.


I've also looked at the verizon.com/repair tutorial on setting up Android e-mail and I still get the same error message.  What gives?  FWIW, I was able to setup the Yahoo email account ok, it's just the verizon.net account that's giving me trouble.

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can you log in at www.verizon.net?   if you can, then the password is good, if you can't then the password is bad.


If the password is good and you are confident that you are typing it correctly and everything, then you may want to reach out on your phone providers forums.  if that is VZW then go to VZW.com and search on their forums for similiar threads and or post a new one over there.


here is a decent walk through for the galaxy S


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Yes, I can log in to www.verizon.net, both on the Samsung browser and on my desktop computer.  It's just the e-mail client on the Samsung that's giving me the problem.  And I'm positive that I'm typing password and username correctly.


Another problem is that even when I log into Verizon e-mail using the page in the web browser, any mail I send out gets addressed as being from the Yahoo account, causing confusion among the recipients who are unfamiliar with my Yahoo e-mail address.  Any idea how to separate the Yahoo e-mail from the Verizon.net account?

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To seperate them, you want to remember that any emails on the yahoo website will be lost and gone, and any contacts in there will be lost and gone.    so it's a good idea to set up outlook or something similiar and download all your mail and contacts from the yahoo thing.  


after you get all that staff, then log in at www.myverizon.com and then select ACCOUNT>Account Profile>Residential. The next page, from the "Jump to:" list, select "Online Experience" At that point, select the link labeled "Change My Online Experience" and then you will get detailed steps to change the experience. 

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