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Amount of Spam Has increased dramatically since switch to AOL Mail

Amount of Spam Has increased dramatically since switch to AOL Mail

Copper Contributor Bedfordite
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Yes!  The amount of spam has increased since the switch to AOL.  Most of mine involves drugs.  AOL should be filtering this stuff but instead appears to be promoting it.  If they can make a dime by any method they will.  Verizon is criminal for cancelling email service with offering a fee reduction.  I wonder if the DEA can do something about the drug ads? 

Contributor forever_amber
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I can't imagine any email generating more spam than Verizon! My primary account & my sub account emails are nothing BUT spam. It's impossible to find anything important in there because it's buried in spam.

Contributor DisgustedRoger
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I've had this address so long that @bellatlantic.net gets to me. I was receiving the email through dialup at that address, then DSL. Now they're coming very close to selling me on switching to the cable company after almost 20 years of loyalty. I knew that dumping us into AOL for mail was going to cause problems. Switching over was several hours on the phone with customer service representatives - only BECAUSE I've been with them so long. They don't know that old accounts have different usernames vs login names - yup, they're 2 different things. New accounts they're the same string of characters, old accounts they're not. Completely confused.

Now that it's moved over the spam level has increased 5-fold. I shouldn't need to do this much work to set up filters. AOL must be selling us out to the Internet ghettos.


VERIZON / AOL / Whatever you call yourselves, DO SOMETHING!!!!! You're on the cusp of losing all of my business - not just Internet. If I change, you lose TV, phone, and cell too. I'm sure I'm not alone in the outrage over this.

Contributor verizon10
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The best way to control spam in aol is to use the sender filters you set it to 

Allow mail only from addresses I specify

 then list your contacts.

Copper Contributor Forecastdude
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Good Day Fios/AOL folks!


I ahve to say AOL customer support is horrible.  I have registered my email@verizon.net domain so I could keep that email forever.  Now today in Outlook I am receiving email to email.AOL.com with nothing but spam.  I never signed up for nor want anything to do with AOL.  A call to customer support for 35 minutes with a condescending agent tells me that I don't have paid support for 24x7 AOL tech services but for $4.99 a month she can connect me.  What the heck have I been paying Fios for over 10 years for and through no choice of my own have to now use AOL servers.  Needless to say her supervisor was not available and she still tries selling me on subscribing for support. I did NOT sign up for any AOL.COM mail account so why am I receiving spam in my email.verizon.net account using Outlook as my mail client.  AOL support is horrible and I have left Fios because of it and the lousy answers telling me I have a free account and therefore not elgible for support!  10 years with Fios and paying a load of money every month for service gets you a "free" AOL account with no tech support!  Beware of Fios and I can only imagine how great service will be when Yahoo mail is added into the no support system.  No wonder Verizon is having customers split!  I did and much happier!!!

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I guess each persons experience is different.


I am getting almost no spam since I was migrated to aol over a year ago (FL Frontier customer).  And the spam I report is not getting through after I report it.


Also, as said, rules are more flexible then the old Verizon rules.

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