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Can not login to any sub-accounts

Can not login to any sub-accounts

Contributor scristello
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Currently I am on my main account. I can access all of my emails fine. The problem I'm having though is that I can not login to any of my sub-email accounts. None of them work at all and I have typed the passwords correctly. This seemed to happen out of knowhere. I don't remember the recovery questions for these accounts either. I know I used to be able to go into account settings and manage the sub accounts from this (main) account but I don't see any options anywhere to manage sub-accounts. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Sorry to hear about the problems with your email account. Since posting this have you been able to login? Have you tried accessing them from another browser or another computer? Please reply back if further assistance is required.


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Contributor Garth
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I have the same problem with sub accounts failing to authenticate. Today, it's pretty bad. All morning and up to now, 2:30 PM (PST), times outs constantly.  Not only that, saving attachements from webmail average 1.4 mbps and my Fios line is 15.0/5.0.  Also, I use outlook, outllok express and windows live mail which have worse connectivity.  When using windows live mail software, I have full 15.0 down and full 5.0 up email speeds, when using a yahoo, live or hotmail account.


This tells me Verizon has a huge problem and they won't admit it when I call.  Terrible Terrible and the other email services are free while we pay for Verizon.net.

Contributor Garth
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Verizon.........EMAIL is not okay. It's too slow and logins fail often.

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