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Cannot get email from a particular sender (no, it's not in Spam folder)

Cannot get email from a particular sender (no, it's not in Spam folder)

Contributor RocklandMS
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I cannot receive email from a particular sender (abroad).  They reply to my emails (so the address is fine), but I can't receive theirs.  Also I can't get help from Verizon, since they pass the buck to AOL.  When I try to register on AOL's web site to email them, they tell me I can't because I don't have an AOL email address (I use the verizon.net addresses).  This is INSANE.  Verizon is being completely irresponsible by switching the email service to another company and not insuring access to customer service and technical support.  If I can't get emails from this sender, what about others????  What the heck is going on here anyway?  Not as though I got a price break when they offloaded the service to AOL..... 

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Gold Contributor VII
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This is likely on the sender's end.   You don't provide specifics on their email service, but it's likely their domain does not have the proper identifying information which allows anti-spam engines to recognize and differentiate legimate mail from spam and as a result, the AOL gateway is rejecting it outright and dropping it.


Do you have another email account, like a free Gmail account?    


Have them try sending there and see if it works or if it arrives but gets routed to the SPAM bucket.   If so, that's likely what is happening.


Absent more info, the other person's mail account providers needs to intercede and investigate how far the message gets and what kind of exchange is occurring with the AOL gateway in order to determine what's wrong.

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