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Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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We cannot use 2.0 Verizon webmail without encountering bugs - seems that our current Safari browser is not compatible with this new version. Spoke with technical rep today and have asked that our problem be escalated. We cannot load a newer version of Safari browser without an upgrade to our iMc operating system. So unless a workaround is found and given to us by Verizon, we will give up our verizon email addresses and set up email with another company. Too bad that Verizon would force us into a new version of their webmail without informing us we cannot do the basics. On our iMac we cannot forward emails with message content. Using the Safari on our iPad, we cannot write emails (not given access to message area), cannot scroll through the full content of emails and the list goes on. Also Verizon 2.0 webmail is slower not faster!!!

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Re: Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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Sorry that you are having troubles with your older version of Safari. I would recommend Firefox for your email access. If you dont already have it, you can download it for free.


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Re: Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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I had the same problem on my iPad I could not reply or compose mail.  It was suggested that I use the mobile version of the web mail and I can at least use it now.

Try and see if it works for your email.  This is a verizon design problem and they are aware of it.  Lets hope it gets fixed soon.


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Re: Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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Opps my mistake the mobile web site is

Sorry I think I need another cup of coffee .....

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Re: Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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Older versions of Safari are notorious for their lack of support for newer browser capabilities (same with people running Windows 9x systems running IE6 nad older).  In the ever changing world of technology, you always need to keep reasonably up to date -- if for no other reason than to close any known security issues.  Frankly, get one of the free browsers like Firefox and be done with it or upgrade to a newer version of OSX.  


Better still, if you're stuck in the mud for some reason, why are you even using the web mail interface?  Setup the i.Mail client and pull the mail onto the Mac directly.


Same for the iPad, you shouldn't be using the browser interface ... set it up to pull the mail onto the iPad instead.


If none of that works for you, use a different webmail interface to access your mail.  For example, convert your Verizon experience to use the "Yahoo" portal instead (this goes thru Yahoo instead of the Verizon webmail interface although it's completely transparent to you and your email address).  You can select this from your account settings on


If you're more technically inclined, you can also setup a Gmail account and configure it to poll your Verizon mail account and pull the mail into it.  You can even it set it up to allow you to send as "" addresses.   This is a bit more complicated, but Gmail has a walkthru for setting it up.


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Re: Compatability problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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Re: Compatibility problems with 2.0 Verizon webmail

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The browsing software I have at work is good enough for banking, buying and selling stock, gmail, Amazon, and countless other websites.  But apparently, it is no longer good enough for checking my email at Verizon.  Changing browsing software on my work computer is not an option.  This email change is unwanted and unwelcomed.  It just makes my life a little harder.

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