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E mail messages missing

E mail messages missing

Contributor jrshaw
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JOSEm441, Do check that date on that examiner article before you post. It's 4 years old!

Contributor RobFran
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On Sept. 12th of this year, Verizon Internet/email service was lost. All email folders and addresses were lost. A promise by Verizon to correct the problem and bring about the lost information has not happened. Verizon seems very vague on this issue. All privacy and identification information has disappeared from my email folders and addresses. I now have to be very concerned if identity theft has taken place by outside sources. Verizon is not correcting this problem as they said they would. It has now been three days and no correction to the problem as promised and what is worse, is Verizon's failure to keep their customers informed as to what is being done to correct this problem and if in fact if it will be corrected.Verizon needs to be truthful with their customers as to if they have real concerns about their privacy and identity being compromised by outside sources!
Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Like a lot of servers they probably respond to ping at their lowest priority.  With a busy server that often means a longer time than the default timeout of Ping.  Ping test often have to be done with longer than average timers set.

Copper Contributor Benjamins
Copper Contributor
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My emails are back this morning! Yipee!


Mary Lou, in Northeast PA

Contributor ACK
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Since the email outage last week -- I still have no folders restored back to my online webmail portal -- does anyone else or is there somewhere else we have to contact to get them back??

Contributor tucker2
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Same problem. An extreme irritant. Can't get things done without access to folders! Verizon isn't keeping us informed either!
Contributor RFU2
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This email problem has been going on for more than two days. I have email access but no folders to reference my active communications with other emails. Trying to figure out what has been going on is like trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together without knowing what the puzzle looks like. My opinion is that this email problem isn't being handled properly. I went from not having any access to email to now having email access BUT without any access to my created folders. That's like going to drive your car but no gas.Doesn't really help! Also trying to find out what is going on (you know,communication) is ridiculous! I don't need to spend hours trying to look for Verizon phone numbers to call to get a real person on the line Can,t find "live chat" anywhere??? These are the consequences of a not well thought out system that is in place. I understand that technical problems can happen but the responses are from Verizon are very poor! I need answers and empathy not wasted time and STRESS! Fix the email issues and fix your valued customers. You might be the Bosses but we are your Employers and we hire and fire you everyday!!! Get it RIGHT!

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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@tns_2 wrote:

Like a lot of servers they probably respond to ping at their lowest priority.  With a busy server that often means a longer time than the default timeout of Ping.  Ping test often have to be done with longer than average timers set.

Even with a 60-second timeout, there's no response.  I suspect Vzn's network filters/drops such ICMP packets, perhaps to lighten the server's load, perhaps to mitigate DDoS attacks.  Who knows?  Pinging Comcast's POP server produces the same no-response result. Google's GMail servers do respond to pings.

Copper Contributor Crystal_VZ
Copper Contributor
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Latest Update:

On 9/12, Verizon experienced an email service disruption that affected a small portion of our email customers. Through our restoration effort, customers are now able to send and receive email normally and will continue to have access to their calendar and address book.

We will be working through the weekend to restore email folders for customers who were affected. We are making progress in the restoration, however, this may take several days before all customers have been completely restored. When the issue is fully resolved, email previously sent or received and any personal folders that customers created prior to this interruption will be available.

We apologize for the inconvenience some of our customers have experienced, and we appreciate their patience. 




Contributor mb43104
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My email is back however I'm missing all my "sent emails" and also there is a huge gab in my incoming emails. I'm missing all emails from Aug 2013 to Jan 2013. Is anyone else having this problem?


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