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Email Spam control and Domain/Sub-Domain blocking.

Email Spam control and Domain/Sub-Domain blocking.

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Customers need more domain blocking capability.  That is to say wild card options.   The current model does not address sub-domains and we are being overwhelmed.  Example @*.cracklip.com or @*.blowfood.com the * representing sub-domains. Simple stuff goes a long way.  -TheHill

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I agree.  I am being killed by cracklip.com and two others.  I tried everything including filters and unsubscribing.  Nothing works.  What's worse is the the spam is going to my cell phone as well.  I am almost ready to close my internet account with verizon.

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same here...cracklip, donerump, chatwhip.  I tried to block or spam all the "info@#" and they all still come through. what a poor spam filter, pretty much completely ineffective.  I got desperate enough to open an email and try to "unsubscribe".  I hope I don't regret that...

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Try using a * instead of a # when filtering. * is often a wildcard used in computer systems for all inclusive. # is usually a placefolder or a denotion of a comment.

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What is requested would be best served by an email client.


For example, as it was noted, a good email client may support wilcard characters and Regular Expressions (aka; RegEx).


*   They may be able to filter on strings located in the Header or Body of the email.

*   They may be able to filter on specific or generalized text within an email Header Field ("Fom:", "To:", "Subject:", "Reply to:", etc)

*   They may be able to filter on the sender IP address (IPv4 and/or IPv6)

*   You may be able to do Whitelisting and Blacklisting

*   The email client may have its own Bayesian mail filter that can be "taught" on what types of email are spam.


Example of RegEx wildcard and delimeters


    *    Match any number of any characters
    ?    Match any single character
    +    Match one or more occurrence of the last character
    [ ]    Encloses a group of characters to match. Ranges


Example Rules:


The following 3 line RegEx rules will filter on email sent from any IP address sent within the IP rage: - [ Iasi Romania ]


Here is a RegEx that can be used on any email received from HiChina.Com


*Received: from *.hichina.com*


How you use wildcards and Regular Expressions will depend on what email client one chooses.  Then it is just a matter of applying it in a rule or set of rules for the that implemented email application.


A logical application of the above examples would like like...


if HEADER contains *Received: from *.hichina.com* DELETE


if HEADER contains *46.102.17[6-9].[0-9]+* DELETE

if HEADER contains *46.102.18[0-9].[0-9]+* DELETE

if HEADER contains *46.102.19[0-1].[0-9]+* DELETE


The Lithium Software sux !!
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