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Email blacklisted, how to whitelist?

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Email blacklisted, how to whitelist?

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I believe that my smtp.verizon.net account has been blacklisted for some reason.


I am unable to access my e-mail at all from Russia. The password does not work.


My email is {edited for privacy}


I would like to know the procedure I need to go through, as well as the number to call, where I can whitelist my email.


I would also like to inquire if its possible to somehow whitelist my e-mail and be able to connect to it from different IP addresses, as I have different ones at work or at home.


Please let me know.



Some more informatoin on the topic - 


 traceroute smtp.verizon.net
 traceroute to smtp.verizon.net (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1 ( 16.769 ms 0.397 ms 0.351 ms
 2 ( 1.331 ms 1.366 ms 1.341 ms
 3 cat03.spb.gldn.net ( 6.508 ms 143.345 ms 34.958 ms
 4 GigabitEthernet6-0-0.gw5.Frankfurt4.de.ALTER.NET (
 39.391 ms ( 39.452 ms
 ( 39.420 ms
 5 so-2-1-0.IL1.DCA4.ALTER.NET ( 127.856 ms 145.798 ms
 so-0-0-0.IL2.DCA4.ALTER.NET ( 129.624 ms
 6 0.xe-3-3-0.IL2.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 129.863 ms 141.380
 ms xe-1-2-0.IL1.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 144.275 ms
 7 0.xe-1-0-8.XT1.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 125.700 ms
 0.xe-1-1-2.XT2.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 129.543 ms
 0.xe-1-0-8.XT1.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 128.631 ms
 8 80.ae1.SA3.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 126.176 ms
 80.ae1.SA4.DCA6.ALTER.NET ( 129.525 ms 127.842 ms
 9 * * *'



The packet always stop sending on the 9th step.


- Vlad 

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Re: Email blacklisted, how to whitelist?

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International email access is thru the website. log in at verizon.com/myverizon. click on email and news then click on email. If you cannot get in there and have a static IP call tech support to have IP added for access via webmail. Dont believe you will be able to use mail client for access.

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Re: Email blacklisted, how to whitelist?

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