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Email from previous provider after change to FIOS

Email from previous provider after change to FIOS

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I was told by the Verizon salesman that I would be able to continue to receive my email from my cox cable email account (via Outlook) after making the change to FIOS. I am locked out of the cox account and my password no longer works. I have very important information that I need to access. Is there any way that I can get it?

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At http://www22.verizon.com/ResidentialHelp/HighSpeed/General+Support/Top+Questions/QuestionsOne/124274...


they talk about using port 587.


Correction to what they said: You can use any other port other than port 25.



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Technically, what verizon told you is correct.  Cox & Verizon are Internet service providers.  You buy your internet access from them and they give you email account(s).  If you don't have internet service from them, they might stop providing email service.  So


Did you disconnect your internet service from Cox?  If yes, that might be the reason why.  You will need to see if your account is still active.  Try going to webmail.cox.net.  They will prompt you for your state and after you enter that, it will give you a userid/password sign in that would let you access your email from a normal web interface.  If your credentials don't work, then COX locked you out.  Call them.


If that works, then you will need to set up outlook however COX tells you do to it.  I doubt Verizon will be able to help setting up a competitors email access.

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I tried to use the TrueSwitch to transfer my e-mail from roadrunner to verizon, but all that has been transferred was my contacts.  This is getting to be expensive, because to maintain my old e-mail account, I have been paying for the roadrunner service in addition to verizon.


This is from the latest e-mail that I received from the TruSwitch Customer Suppport:


"Thank you for writing to TrueSwitch Customer Support regarding your concern.
I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
I understand that emails from your old were not migrated to your new Verizon account.
In regards to the emails and for email forwarding I am escalating this issue to our Product Engineers to ensure that your request is being processed properly by our system. As soon as they analyze your case, we will notify you through an email.
We appreciate your cooperation, and look forward to resolving your issue."


Has anybody been more successful with the TrueSwitch?



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I am having the same problem. None of my emails from my Optimum account are being imported to my Verzion inbox

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I have the same question, was looking for answer.

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They no longer have true switch. So look for some way of your own to move email.  Personally I DON'T want my stuff in the cloud and have it all on my PC.  Doesn't matter that it what ISP it was previously on if you have copies downloaded.

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