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Email sending problems

Email sending problems

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I currently have comcast and a comcast.net email account.  Recently emails I send to verizon.net accounts do not go through.  I do not get an error message, they just fail to get to the intended receiver.  Comcast tech support checked all my email settings on my computer and they are good.  I can send emails to verizon.net accounts if I go to the Comcast.net web site and log into my email account there.  But not from my windows mail on my computer.  I have high speed internet service via comcast. 


I have also sent my ip address to Verizon's whitelist and they say my IP is not being blocked.



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Hey. Sorry you're having trouble. Try ending an email to verisocial@verizon.net. Let me know once you've sent one so I can check to see if we receive it. ShawnG

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The problem appears to be fixed at least to two of the three verizon.net addresses that were being block.  I sent both of my addresses to:  spamdetector.update@verizon.net <spamdetector.update@verizon.net>


and I sent my IP address to whitelist@verizononline.net <whitelist@verizononline.net> also went to the Verizon site:  http://www.verizon.net/whitelist


After weeks  of being blocked looks like its unblocked at least partially.  I have to do a few more cks and then if OK will post as being "fixed".  Unfortunately I am not real sure what the fix was as I never got any error msgs or responses to emails to version....

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I have now verified that all three verizon.net recipients that I was having trouble with are now receiving my

comcast emails.  So I can only assume that my email to Verizon asking they unblock both comcast.net emails that

were being blocked be unblocked worked.  Or the submission I did to http://www.verizon.net/whitelist with my

IP addressed worked.  No idea what worked or if it was something else.  Will leave this post open for a few

more days to see if anyone can verify what might have unblocked my comcast.net emails to verizon.net. 

Appreciate all the support on the forum, its great to know folks are will to take the time to help.

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This is an ongoing Verizon issue.  Verizon has had numerouse complaintas about not receiveing Comcast emails.  They fixed it once for me for 3 weeks, and now it is doing it again, but the last tech told me it was not an issue.


I still cant get comcast email that clients are sending me, and my Gmail email does get them, but fails to forward to the verizon account.  I can forward it from Gmail manually, and that works, but it also proves that Verizon is the one with the issue.


Let me knwo when you fix it, or at least let the rest of the verizon customers know that they might not get Comcast emails.  The comcast senders have no idea they are not going thru since they do not get error messages.


Really nice system.



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My problem has been "fixed" for the 3 verizon.net emails I was having problems with, all 3 are now going thru.  I never received anything from Verizon.  I did send both of my comcast.net email addresses to:  spamdetector.update@verizon.net <spamdetector.update@verizon.net> and whitelist@verizononline.net  and I entered  my IP address on the Verizon site:  http://www.verizon.net/whitelist


Unfortunately I am not real sure what the fix was as I never got any error msgs or responses to emails to verzion.  Comcast tech spt passed me to Microsoft windows mail tech spt which was useless and from the research I have done not correct as this is a Verizon Comcast issue 


As you have stated and from posts on the Comcast site, similar to this one, it looks to be an issue with Verizon.  Just wish I knew what I did to actually fix it.

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since you're an outside person sending mail in - it was probably the white list form. 




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OK,  thank you very much, should this happen again I will post to the white list and see what happens.  What I am now doing is using read reciept on emails to verizon. Smiley Happy

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