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Email session times out after just a few minutes.

Email session times out after just a few minutes.

Copper Contributor josephkovi
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I just switched from Comcast to Fios so I’m just learning, but with Comcast I could leave my email open all day in a minimized window and it would be right there for me when I brought it back full size. Now if I’m on another website for just 10 minutes and come back to the email page, it’s timed out. Is there a way to turn that off so it doesn’t time out? Alternatively, is there some way to get notified that a new message has arrived when you are not on the email page?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Unfortunately our current security policy will automatically log you out of your account after 15 minutes of inactivity, there is no way to manipulate this setting.

Verizon Support

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Bronze Contributor I
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that answer is unacceptable and is also **bleep**.  It never used to time out after 15 minutes until this new useless upgrade.  It's very annoying to have to keep on logging back in.  FIX IT!!!!!!!


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I've been having that problem more and more,but today I forgot I was still in my webmail page and I got a box with a message that said,"Do you want to stay logged in?" So maybe they are working on fixing this problem


Contributor SDK-Tampa
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James - I still don't understand what you mean by  "inactivity"!  Does "inactivity" mean typing replies, selecting messages for deletion, or scrolling through the inbox????


As an example - I logged into my mailbox and opened the first message - I decided to forward it - I typed a six line introduction to the forwarded message and hit send - session time out message!!! This activity took less than 2 or three minutes!!  Is this "Inactivity"???  Now I have to click the the buttons to get to a new session and the big payoff is that my message to be forwarded is gone!! No draft copy no nothing!!


If I was not using this e-mail address for a mortgage transaction I would quit Verizon.  I can't even create a rule to forward the mortgage related messages automatically.....   


This e-mail structure is almost unusable!!!!

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Silver Contributor II
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Re: Verizon Classic Webmail Migration to Verizon Message Center

My only problem with the new Verizon email is in the middle of an email I'm composing I  lose the email and get a message that the page I'm on has expired. I lose all information in the email that hasn't been saved to draft. So I must constantly click on save to draft as the auto save to draft is not done that frequently. I have seen on the Email Forum page many complaints but we get the answer you can only be writing an email or on the email page so long or you will be taken off--one employee said for security reasons. Well who in the world is going to break into my house to tamper with my email page. That doesn't make sense and besides this is only a recent occurrence--that is where you are constantly bumped off the page. I also get the message after being bumped off the page that the tab has been recovered,but it doesn't recover the words I've been typing in the email i was writing. It just takes me back to the sign in page. Another person was told by someone on the forum to type their email on Microsoft Works and cut and paste and copy it to the Verizon email compose page. They've  got to be kidding!!!!  This morning after typing a long email with many names and addresses and losing the email many times and having to start over, I finally went to my gmail account and typed the exact same email and was never bumped off, and I never lost any part of the email. So don't say it's my computer. From now on I will write my emails using gmail.


Contributor VirginiaDeacon
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Haven't had this problem as long as I've had FiOS (several years). SOMEBODY had set a timeout value, in spite of your tech folks saying they can't do anything about it.  At timeout, EVERYTHING I've been typing in e-mail is erased! No draft copy, no backup, so I've go to start from scratch!  "Timeout" is not an issue I've created; never let e-mail sit idle for more than a few minutes.


As a former systems administrator, I KNOW FiOS can fix this problem (as well as the "Your session has been timed out" situation).  All Verizon has to do is take responsibility for the problems and get the problems fixed. For now, FiOS has a black eye for creating this mess and responding to customer complaints.

Contributor ver_customer
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Prior to a few weeks ago I could click "keep me signed in" on the sign-in page  and I wouldn't have to re-enter my login and password every 10 minutes.  That no longer works.  What's the purpose of the option if it doesn't work?...or what's preventing it from working now?   I didn't change any settings on my MAC.

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