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Email spam incoming

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Email spam incoming

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The last 3 weeks I keep receiving spam advertisements from different domains.  Each spam email changes domain names, therefore I cannot block. Dozens are starting to come every morning.  This address is tagged at the bottom of each: {edited for privacy}.  Just so happen I set up an new IPhone 5S account 3 weeks ago with this email address.  Anyone experience these spam advertisements and can I do anything about it?

thanks in advance.

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Re: Email spam incoming

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Yes, I'm getting the same type of emails. Started about 2-3 weeks ago.

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Re: Email spam incoming

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HI, I'm getting the same emails from the same company, the address listed happens to be a UPS Store so they used a "dropbox" for snail mail, i did find a webpage that lists phone numbers for that same address and Suite number, i'm going to try calling them tomorrow and demanding they stop as there are too many emails and varying addresses to "unsubscribe" from far i've unsubscribed from over 50 of them and it never stops !!

The page i found was  i tried the number supplied at 8pm and got a "basic" answer machine message .. will try it during the daytime

Did either of you find another way to stop this ??

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Re: Email spam incoming

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For Verizon you can make sure you have their spam detector set to active.


Forward new spam to .  No telling when or if Verizon might block it, but its the only way they will know they have missed some spam.


Write a blocking rule of your own.

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Re: Email spam incoming

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This notion that we have to block and filter our own spam is ridiculous.  I have been getting spam bombed to my inbox for the past year.  When I call Verizon, they tell me all the stupid cookbook solutions.  First off, this is a paid service.  I have accounts at Yahoo and Gmail.  Why is it that these free services can bounce this junk to the spam folder?  Why is it that these services, although advertising motivated, will honor your click of the "mark as spam" check box.  Verizon completely ignores this.  These are free services and they have a handle on it.  And Verizon will tell you idiotic things like the subscription is paid for but the email is free.  I'm fed up with how they are avoiding this issue.  This problem is with the email servers.  This is not about whether my spam detector is checked or not.  This is not about me blocking addresses or using the limited amount of filters they give you.  Verizon is placing the burden of filtering spam on the shoulders of paying customers.


I have called all over the country trying to speak to proficient people to examine the SERVER.  This almost has the appearance that these spams originate from the if we were being subjected to some scam set forth by Verizon.  They REFUSE to look into this problem even at the elevated levels.  They claim they don't know who to contact within the organization to investigate it.  We are being subjected to this crap and are expected to do their work.


Spam is a reality, I am extremely aware of that.  But there is nothing about these messages that land in my inbox that couldn't easily be siphoned into the spam folder.  Just take a look at the garbled text in the headers.  My contention is that Verizon wishes to do nothing about it because it somehow originates internal to Verizon.  Whether it's being done maliciously at the employee level, or whether it's being done in coordination at the corporate level.  The fact remains that Verizon REFUSES to address it other than telling us to jump through hoops to make it stop.


I have set up the maximum amount of filters and I can't create any more.  Why does Verizon limit the amount of filters I can create?!?!?!?  I have unlimited blocking...but Verizon also knows that spam email addresses constantly change though aliasing and other methods.  But they REFUSE to allow us the ability to setup unlimited filters.  This is ridiculous and even more damning evidence they they are in on this little scam.


I have subscribed to this service since 2002.  And up until 2 years ago, this issue simply did not exist.  My suspicions are that at some point in recent history, these servers were moved.  And I have reason to believe they were moved to India.  And interestingly enough, when doing a general search to learn more about spam and how to avoid it, I find that 80% of spam originates in India.  Imagine that.

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