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Email to Verizon.net customers delayed

Email to Verizon.net customers delayed

Copper Contributor YankeeDoodle
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Just received an email from a hotmail account 13 hours after it was sent which seems to verify a prior post regarding problems with hotmail.  I also learned from a IT person I use that there are email problems with other ISP's other than VZ since many of his clients do not use VZ as there ISP

Copper Contributor krez56
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Add me to the people who are experiencing delays of up to 22 hours to receive sent mail. I've got headers that show that Verizon accepted the mail when it was sent, but it was not passed on to me until long afterward. Those Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials aren't much use two days later.

Copper Contributor TiggerTina
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New Info:  it seems all emails from our system are delayed to Verizon by one hour.  We are not getting a greylisting response from Verizon servers, but rather a timeout.  Our system attempts to send every 15mins after the first failure and these are the responses we get back from the Verizon server:

[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 220 vms172099pub.verizon.net -- Server ESMTP (Oracle Communications Messaging Server 64bit (built Oct 14 2014))
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] CMD: EHLO
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-vms172099pub.verizon.net
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-8BITMIME
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-PIPELINING
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-CHUNKING
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-DSN
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-HELP
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-XLOOP E8118440C55501690D0BC4902229F8F1
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-STARTTLS
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-ETRN
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250-NO-SOLICITING
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] RSP: 250 SIZE 20971520
[2014.12.03] 12:14:15 [54771] CMD: MAIL FROM:<XXXt.com> SIZE=23355
[2014.12.03] 12:14:20 [54771] RSP: 250 2.5.0 Address and options OK.
[2014.12.03] 12:14:20 [54771] CMD: RCPT TO:<XXXXX@verizon.net>
[2014.12.03] 12:14:20 [54771] RSP: 250 2.1.5 XXXXX@verizon.net OK.
[2014.12.03] 12:14:20 [54771] CMD: DATA
[2014.12.03] 12:14:21 [54771] RSP: 354 Enter mail, end with a single ".".
[2014.12.03] 12:15:22 [54771] The smtp session has timed out.


After about 4 tries, the message finally gets accepted:

[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 220 vms172107pub.verizon.net -- Server ESMTP (Oracle Communications Messaging Server 64bit (built Oct 14 2014))
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] CMD: EHLO 
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-vms172107pub.verizon.net
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-8BITMIME
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-PIPELINING
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-CHUNKING
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-DSN
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-HELP
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-XLOOP 52A250FD95CF81C04D36107B3ED73B1F
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-STARTTLS
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-ETRN
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250-NO-SOLICITING
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] RSP: 250 SIZE 20971520
[2014.12.03] 13:01:34 [54771] CMD: MAIL FROM:<jXXXXXXcom> SIZE=23355
[2014.12.03] 13:01:35 [54771] RSP: 250 2.5.0 Address and options OK.
[2014.12.03] 13:01:35 [54771] CMD: RCPT TO:<XXXXX@verizon.net>
[2014.12.03] 13:01:35 [54771] RSP: 250 2.1.5 XXXXX@verizon.net OK.
[2014.12.03] 13:01:35 [54771] CMD: DATA
[2014.12.03] 13:01:35 [54771] RSP: 354 Enter mail, end with a single ".".
[2014.12.03] 13:01:38 [54771] RSP: 250 2.5.0 Ok.
[2014.12.03] 13:01:38 [54771] CMD: QUIT
[2014.12.03] 13:01:38 [54771] RSP: 221 2.3.0 Bye received. Goodbye.

Contributor daveopie
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I maintain our anti-spam devices and I started looking at what may be the same issue after one of my users complained about a bounced email to Verizon.net.  The reason for the bounce was a message too old error.


I did a packet capture while trying to send several test messages.  On one of the test messages, The sniff shows my email gateway made the connection to the Verizon SMTP server and started the email protocol.  My server sent the HELO message and then sent the From address of the email, and then I got the following error message:

"450 4.3.2 Milter rejected message".  I'm not 100% sure what a "milter" is, but I think it might be related to DKIM, which is a technique to filter out spam.


Several seconds after that, my server tried to send another of my test messages, and I can see in the sniff that I was able to successfully complete the TCP 3-way handshake, but immediately after that, I got a TCP RESET packet sent by Verizon, which closes the connection.


In my particular test, my server then waited a few seconds and established another TCP session, but after completing the handshake, the Verizon server never responded with the message that identifies the email server.  After a few seconds, my email server tried this again.  After another delay, another attempt was made and again met with a TCP RESET.  Verizon is not accepting mail.


I also looked in our mail logs for all connections to the Verizon email server (relay.verizon.net), and I see a lot of network errors, but those errors almost exclusively occur during the hours of 9-5.  I only have 3 days worth of logs, so this only goes back from today (Wednesday) to Monday morning, but both nights in that timeframe showed a bunch of successful connections and only 1 or 2 network errors.  During the daytime of all 3 days, about 1/3 of connections established reported a network error.  I'm not sure if this is enough data to conclude it is only a 9-5 problem, but it was weird enough that I wanted to report it.


I think what happens is after a failed connection, our email server waits and attempts to send again a minute later.  If it is lucky enough to connect next time, the email gets sent, otherwise it waits a hour and attempts later.  But not all emails are going through, especially ones that aren't lucky enough to establish a TCP connection with the Verizon server.

Copper Contributor TiggerTina
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Test email to my personal Verizon email from Gmail:  Received in 30 seconds or less

Test email to my personal Verizon email from Outlook.com:  Over 1+ hour to be received

Test email to my personal Verizon email from my corporate email: Over 1+ hour to be received

Test email to my personal Verizon email from Yahoo:  Over 1+ hour to be received


So this is an issue from small mail servers to big that Verizon mail servers (Oracle?) is having a connection issue of some sort. But how Gmail never seems to have an issue, IDK.

Copper Contributor TiggerTina
Copper Contributor
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I too also notice the issue is only 9am to 5pm.  Overnight my mail queue never fills up...only when the workday begins does it happen.  You would think this would be enough clues to either identify the issue or admit that possibly the workload on Verizon servers is too much during business hours and they are failing connections.

I have received multiple responses as well from Spam Filter failure timeouts to Pending to Account Temp Disabled.  All false in my book.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I am having problems with Gmail as well.  I sent an email from Gmail to Verizon almost 15 minutes ago, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Contributor rclemings
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I'm seeing about 700 Exim log entries per day like this:


T=remote_smtp defer (-18): Remote host relay.verizon.net [] closed connection in response to initial connection


All of them are for messages sent to an address on my server for forwarding to a Verizon address via an /etc/aliases entry.


Eventually the messages are sent successfully, but there can be several "closed connection" errors before that happens.


And often the delivery time (DT) is more than a minute when the message is finally sent, even for messages that are sent directly from my server and not forwarded. Occasionally I also see SMTP timeouts.


As others have noted, the problem is at its worst during east coast business hours. At other times there is little or no delay and few or no closed connections.


Copper Contributor KJ111
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I have the same problem - it's been over two weeks now, starting with just one sender, now 50% of emails are from 2 hours to 22 hours late.  It is getting worse by the day.  In three phone calls to VZ, they simply said it was global domain issue and nothing they could do and they are not responsible.  I hope everyone with this issue calls VZ.  Gmail is fine as is my company server.

Copper Contributor susanpl13
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So glad I stumbled upon this forum. I started noticing email latency on Nov 21. Like others, I get emails either on time, 20 minutes late, hours late, or never. Happens with Outlook and with Verizon webmail.


Called tech support; got nowhere: they created a trouble ticket and promised resolution and a follow-up call, neither of which have materialized. When I call, I'm often on hold for at least an hour, misconnected, disconnected, etc.


Off-topic, but . . . In addition, while traveling last weekend I had trouble accessing Verizon webmail. After typing in my username, I was never brought to the password screen. Interestingly, this happened on a desktop and on a laptop--but only when the laptop was on a particular wifi network. On another wifi network, it was fine. Still, can't blame the wifi, b/c the desktop doesn't use wifi.

Any evidence that Verizon reads these posts? I reached out via their Facebook page, which was useless.




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