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Email to Verizon.net customers delayed

Email to Verizon.net customers delayed

Copper Contributor KJ111
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The delayed email problem has been active this week again.  Today I got a 'gmail' email at 3:55 p.m. and the same person sent an email at 4:30 p.m. that never arrived.  It did however get the copy sent to my office server.  Another 'gmail' person sent the same email twice about 4:00 p.m. and neither has arrived.  Same problem yesterday.  Hours late.  I wish Verizon cared.  I will call again and get another ticket number.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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@FirstStateMark wrote:

I can see by the URL and the logo up at the top of my browser that this is a Verizon fourm.  It's their web site, it's in the

category of "support".  I wondering if there are any employees of Verizon in the support department that actually look at these posts?  This is a **bleep** poor support avenue given by Verizon to help solve problems. Nothing is being done. Just

whole lot of problems being aired by paying customers. You're not getting anywhere with Verizon here. This is just "Ask The Community" forum. Verizon is hoping that others and help each other with problems.  This e-mail delay is a problem that users cannot fix.  No help from Verizon.  This is pathetic.  Thanks for listining - end of rant

Not many as these forums are categorized as users helping users (peer support).  There are a few admins around, but this is not the kind of thing they normally respond to UNLESS Verizon has a general Notice out of a problem and work around.  They will sometimes escalate other kinds of problems, but don't actually handle problems themselves that are not related to the forums themselves.

Contributor Bramble1111
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Still experiencing the delayed emails. I remember the issue started as early as November....I was getting all the Black Friday sale emails from all different companies the week after, when all the sales were over! In April, I needed to place 2 orders with the same vendor so I placed one order using my verizon.net email and the other order using a yahoo email. The order confirmation that I used my yahoo email for, came through immediately. The order I placed right after using my verizon.net for the email, did not come through until almost 24 hours later. I guess I should be happy that I even got the order confirmation, as a lot of the automated emails don't even come through at all anymore.
Copper Contributor YankeeDoodle
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Over the past week some emails from certain senders have been delayed for up to 6 hours.  This condition seems to occur every 6 months or so.  Is anyone else experiencing such a problem

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Platinum Contributor III
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Note the problem COULD be related to the senders isp or peering problems somewhere between them and Verizon. 


Note I see some delays in hours. I am one of the Verizon email users Fully Switched over to AOL email.

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