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Forwarding Email to Another Email Account

Forwarding Email to Another Email Account

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Can anyone tell me how to keep my Verizon email account but have all the email sent to my Verizon email account automatically be forwarded to my Gmail account.?

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From a response by user Lasagna to another similar question (in THIS POST):


Inside of Gmail, go into the "Settings" section (upper right corner of the Gmail screen), then under Accounts.  Choose "Get Mail From Other Accounts" and set it up using the settings for retrieve POP mail.   Gmail will then automatically poll for mail in your verizon account periodically and pull it directly into your Gmail.


Be aware that the mail will not remain in your Verizon account.

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I looked it up on Gmail Help, found the steps and did it earlier today. However, when I found that my Verizon Inbox did not keep a copy I decided to stop the process.  Thanks for your help anyway.

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Don't give up yet..... there is a setting in Gmail to "leave a copy on the server"


See the following: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=21289#



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....and i just tried it on my Gmail account and it works ok, fetches my messages @verizon.net and leaves them on the verizon server. Don't worry about the disclaimer on the Gmail page that says some services won't leave a copy.


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I did the fetching one and it took all my emails off my Verizon Inbox.  Luckily, none I really needed or in a few cases I  forwarded them back to my Verizon Inbox.

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i thought I had clicked on leave retrieved  messages on Verizon, but maybe I didn't if it worked for you. I think I'll just stick with the Verizon Mail for now--just thought I would use it if I couldn't get to my Verizon Email as we had been having problems here in Baltimore County Maryland with that. However, most of the time we could still get our Verizon Email  by going to Verizon Webmail, even if the Verizon Sign In and/or Verizon Homepage weren't working. They have been working here on the New Verizon Page so at times we get a maintenance message. Other times they are working on the new Verizon Page and don't bother to tell us so I put the Verizon Webmail page in my favorites.  

Thanks anyway for your help!!.

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