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How to change E-mail account password

How to change E-mail account password

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I can't find how to change my E-mail account password.  If somebody knows could you E-mail it to me at {edited for privacy}


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To change a password ( these steps assume you know your current password). Go to http://www.verizon.com and sign in. Once logged in look at the top red bar and got to Account->Account Profile->Residential (click on Residential). This will take you to your accounts profile page. Six entries down you will see "Password" and to the right a link that says "Change" (click the link) and proceed to change your password.


Alternatively you can use the password change tool at the following link to assist as well.






Verizon Support


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I have tried this several times and while it changes my password to log in to the account profile to change things it does NOT chamge my login password to email.  My account has been hacked and sending out bogis emails and I am frustrated beyond. 


Can you help?

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Mrsrh3, if you logout of everyting  and go here https://mail.verizon.com/webmail/driver?nimlet=showmessages&view=emails

is the login different from the one you use at www.myverizon.com

Sorry to hear you got hacked

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This doesn't work- the Account pane simply has a Manage button that disappears when I click it- nothing actually happens.  If I View Source, I can see 85 occurrences of the word "password", including where the text is *supposed* to be, but CSS errors or some formatting errors are preventing it from being displayed.


This has been going on for several days, and is across multiple browsers (including Chrome and Firefox).


I have checked with 3 different Pwned sites (from Forbes article) that all indicate this address was compromised late last year, possibly due to Heartbleed or other bug.  I need to get the password changed, but your system is preventing me from doing it.  I have checked also the parent account (which I also control), but cannot get this changed.


I have noticed all around really flakey behavior on the account pages- they are just poorly done.  They give errors, "can't do that right now" sorts of errors- really unacceptable stuff, and this isn't by far the first time I have had issues in the account administration.


I've attached a screen snip.  The grey "Manage" button disappeared when I clicked it.  This is what I get- nothing.





Verizon account.png


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