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How to set up Verizon.net email on the Apple iPad/ iPhone & iPod

How to set up Verizon.net email on the Apple iPad/ iPhone & iPod

Contributor VSM
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After two hours on hold I finally got a soul to talk to but just to find out that nobody knew how to set up Verizon email account on the new iPad. It took me a few minutes but I figure it out by myself and I will be glad to share it with anyone by just calling me {edited for privacy} ( Verizon Wireless by the way - lol ).
{edited for privacy}

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Gold Contributor VI
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Why not just post the process here?

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Why not search for iPhone setup instructions on these forums?   I have posted exact step by step instructions or configuration summaries at least three times in the past 6 months on this topic.


Here's one ....




The above one specifically deals with Verizon mail via the Yahoo portal.   For Verizon regular mail you would modify as follows:


POP Account Information

   Name: Joe User

   Address:  joe.user@verizon.net

   Description: Verizon


Incoming Mail Server


   Host Name:  incoming.verizon.net

   User Name:  joe.user@verizon.net

   Password: ******


Outgoing Mail Server


   SMTP outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net    ->

      Primary Server  ->

         Host Name: outgoing.verizon.net

         User Name: john.user@verizon.net

         Password: ******

         Use SSL:  Off

         Authentication:  Password

         Server Port:  587




   Deleted Message

      Remove: After One Week


   Incoming Settings

      Use SSL:  Off

      Authentication: Password

      Delete from server: Never

      Server Port: 110





Contributor GANDJJONES
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pls explain how to setup verizon email on iPad. i just spent 2 hours with verizon tech support and they were useless.

Contributor GANDJJONES
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VSM, i tried the above settings, but iPad email still doesn't work.

Contributor tiffanys
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Can you send me the instuctions or contact info please, I would really appreciate your help in getting this email system to work on my ipad.  Thanks! 

Contributor ccr10
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I have done this process and have my verizon email on my IPhone.  I use folders a lot and my folders are not present on my IPhone except for the Inbox.  With my Hotmail and Gmail email accounts, I was able to get all my folders included.  Any idea how I get my verizon folders to also come over?  


Thanks for any help you can provide.



Contributor spwild
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I was having trouble not with the set up of the email of the phone but of the deleting email from ipad/iphone/outlook i have gone through and tried everything and sat on the phone for hours trying to get someone to tell me what to do.  you would think if verizon is carrying these products they would know how to use them correctly!

Contributor shamrock17
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Thanks...Do you know how to be able to delete from iphone and simultaneously delete from desktop???


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Platinum Contributor I
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For those still looking for a guided set up of iPhone and iPad with Verizon email, simply go to www.verizon.com/repair and click on set up email. Then click the link for iPad, and it gives detailed step by step with pictures.
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