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I am not receiving all my emails

I am not receiving all my emails

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Nickel Contributor
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I send myself emails of reminders of important things.  Today. I  sent myself and email and got a message that it was spam.  It did not appear in any folder.  I sent the email from my yahoo account, and I still have not received it.   Why is this, please?

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Were ther any links or text that may have triggered the spam filter? Or any text?


I got my own emails blocked as "spam" once (My website was completely legitimate, but who knows whats going on with the spam filter sometimes.) Removing the link let the message go though. I did however get my domain removed from the whitelist by sending to the spam whitelisting bot. This is another method you could try.


Take the message you were trying to send, and send it to spamdetector.update@verizon.net


Hopefully (not always) the system will see that there was no spam and remove the block. Hopefully when Verizon moves their email to AOL we won't have as many of these problems as multiple people have stated before the Verizon spam detection system desperately needs work.


You can read more here about removing spam messages.

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A family mamber is also having the same issue with not receiving all emails on their Verizon email account. These missing emails do not appear in any folders (including trash or spam), and the only way we know they were sent is that several people have told us they sent them, and they were definitely sent to the correct address (they sent them again and came through the second time).  The senders never received a rejection notice either.  Nothing in the emails should have triggered any spam filters, plus all spam filtering is turned off on the email account, both online via the verizon site, and also on our mail client.


I tested by sending emails from 4 different email accounts and all came through, so hard to figure out what is happening.



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The email to you may have been deleted by any of the servers in between without notice including the senders ISP.  May not have even been a Verizon server that did the deleting.


If the server thinks its spam or if it exceeds certain limits various servers are set to delete email, sometimes without notice.


Verizon version of this policy follows


Limitations on Sending E-mail

The following limits apply to sending Email from your Verizon Online Email account(s). These limits are in place to help fight spam (i.e. unsolicited Email) and apply to each account and sub-account separately:

 You may send a single e-mail message to a maximum of 100 recipients in one mailing, not to exceed 500 recipients within a one hour period. All single e-mails sent to over 100 addressees will not be delivered. No notice will be given to you in this case.

 You may not exceed a total of 500 e-mails in 1 hour.

 You may not exceed a total of 1,000 e-mails per 24 hour period.

 If you send e-mails to more than 500 recipients within a one hour period or more than 1,000 e-mails in a 24 hour period, your ability to send ANY e-mail messages will be suspended for 24 hours. You will receive a Notice regarding this action.


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