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I can't get Verizon to give me an email address

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I can't get Verizon to give me an email address

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I switched to Verizon six days ago and I have yet to get an email address.  The technician forgot to give me one before he left after the installation so I had to call tech support.  After speaking with four technicians and submitting two trouble tickets with probably at least two hours on the phone, I'm ready to have the equipment picked up and return to my old providers.  Did any of you have any problems getting their email set up?  It seems like it should be really simple but no matter what I typed in, the user name was not available and the tech support people were able to tell me that my choices were available but that they couldn't be registered.  I was told that the issue would be resolved today, but of course, nobody calls back to let me know the status.  When I try to check status online, there is nothing there to check.  What should I do?  Is there a secret number to call and get somebody that knows?

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Re: I can't get Verizon to give me an email address

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Two questions:

1. The usernames that you're trying, is there something they all have in common that maybe is causing a problem?

2. Did you have any pre-existing Verizon accounts (.com or .net) that might still be in the system?


You should be able to set up a username through the activation process with no problem. (Either or depending on your service.)

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Re: I can't get Verizon to give me an email address

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Years later I still have Verizon and finally found out what the issue was today. They did give me an email address, I just didn't know it because I didn't pick it!


The technician that installed the equipment never gave us the option to select our own login or email address.  He assigned one to us.  Over the past 3 years, we've had problems because of this.  The assigned email address is nothing that makes any sense, just random letters and numbers.  I was able to log in with my selected user ID "alias" for awhile but Verizon took that away.  You must use your original user id that you selected which I never got the option.


I was on the phone with tech support and customer service for about an hour today figuring that there must be a way to change it but there isn't!  I would have to cancel and be removed from service, then be placed back into service.  Can you imagine what could happen doing that and how screwed up things would be then?  So I'm going to try using a subaccount and keep the unmemorable password in my safekeeping file for when I really need to see the details of my account.  Pretty stupid and inconvenient if you ask me.  In the days of very shrewd competition where there are providers knocking the door down with terrific deals, this is the best that Verizon can do???...Very tempting to make the change, especially when Verizon is so behind times in technology.  I'm a Mac user and they assume that everything is PC without even asking.  Guess that they don't know about that little Apple computer company!


Anyways, somebody finally explained the deal but no real solution. 

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