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Inconsistent or No access to Verizon Webmail

Inconsistent or No access to Verizon Webmail

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Over the last week or so, we have been unable to access the Verizon Webmail site at all or with serious inconsistency. This does not seem to matter what broswer or version we choose to use. 

Site:  webmail.verizon.net or webmail.verizon.com

Browser options:  Chrome(latest update/version), Firefox multiple versions from 5 to 10, Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9.

Most of the time you get the sign in page, but once you have entered your credentials, the resulting navigation and hand off times out.  If you get to the actual page with your email shown, if you manipulate your email in any fashion, the page gives random errors or completely time out as well.


Please investigate the issue and respond.



Merle Family

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As of today, we can not access the E mail page.  We get "Internet Explorer can not display the page."

Talked to tech supportr and was told that there was no problem on their end. (server)  He said he would send me an E mail that would help me to solve problems myself from the verizon sight.  It is a shame that I will not be able to read that E mail because I have no access to my E mail page. (DUH)

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I'm on this...there is no ETA right now but I'm working on it


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I'm having similar problems, I keep getting "your session has timed out" messages with in 2 or 3 minutes of logging into webmail

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nation wide issue we are trying to correct it now

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the pop servers appear to be working I would advise using outlook and remember when you set it up make sure you check save a copy on the server


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sound be resolved now

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This is June 15 and I'm having all kinds of problems trying to access my verizon webmail. This has been going on for months!   When will this issue be resolved?  As soon as I log in I get session timed out.  I don't even get a chance to look at my email.  This happens more times than it doesn't.  It also times out when I'm in the middle of creating an email.  If I don't save it in drafts as soon as I start, I lose it!  THis is not good!  Why does my session time out at all!

Today I am unable to access my email at all.  I have a business and need access to my email!!!  When will this be resolved?

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The problem we had has been resolved a long time ago.  You have another problem!  I would get tech support.  If you are nice, you can usually get help.  They may be working on your server!!

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I'm sorry to say, this is not a new prob lem.  Its the same OLD problem that has been going on for MONTHS.  I have called support....they can't help.  They don't know what the problem is or what is causing it or why. 

This really needs some attention.  I may have to go back to comcast.....

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