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Iphone 4 smtp outgoing mail problems

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Iphone 4 smtp outgoing mail problems

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I am trying to set up the outgoing mail with the iphone, however it fails everytime.

My mail server doesnt accespt smtp requests from external Ips, so in the past on my Treo phone

I had a account and used that to send my mail out.

On my blackberry i had no problems, however on the iphone i cannot send mail.


My collegue who has att iphone has to use a att smtp server for his outgoing which works fine.


I tried the with my but this no longer seems to be working.


I was told to try hostname: with port 587

however then it asks me for a usename /password.


I have tried my cell number as username, also my Myverizon username and password , all which fail.


How can i resolve this and be able to send mail.





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Re: Iphone 4 smtp outgoing mail problems

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Hello Brian,

Please visit our Verizon Wireless forum for your iPhone support question at You  may find answers to your questions on existing posts or one of our Wireless agents can help you further.


Thank you 

Verizon Support

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Re: Iphone 4 smtp outgoing mail problems

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SMTP server is only for accounts, which come with internet service from Verizon. If you don't have VZ internet, you'll need to use a different SMTP server.

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Re: Iphone 4 smtp outgoing mail problems

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obviously however verizon unlike Att do not seem to provide one for outgoing mail on thier network......

very disapointing

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Re: Iphone 4 smtp outgoing mail problems

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vzw doesn't offer email from what I understand, but the OP is better off posting this in the VZW forums and verify.  I have vzw and I am pretty confident I don't have an email from them.  I have a text thing which is my number@vzwblah blah  but that isn't a real email address.  

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