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Is there a system status page anywhere?

Is there a system status page anywhere?

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Lately Verizon email has been FAR less than reliable.  I can't seem to find any system status page anywhere.  It would seem far smarter and more customer focused for VZ to post such issues rather than have tech support people swamped with angry people that they can't help - adding to the already ridiculously long wait times.  Not sure what's going on here but it's not looking good for VZ.  Unreliable email is what caused me to leave my former provider.

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There is a system status page somewhere but Verizon never updates it.

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Here is a link to the Verizon status page: http://wapp.verizon.net/systemstatus/status.asp


However, as jumpin68ny said, it is not currently being maintained. Hopefully Verizon will realize the error and take action. Several of us are working with the Moderators and Administrators here at the forums to see if we can get Verizon management to take action on this issue. When (and if) we  get any positive results we will be sure to make all of you aware of it.


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Way back when you could look at it - I would think that as a business - having an updated status page would eliminate thousands of support tickets. Like now - how we all came here to see why we havent been able to get our email all day.


When we click that support button at the top of the page - it should clearly list current problems. Hiding them just **bleep** people off...it doesnt make you look better.

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