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Issue with sub-accounts with webmail.verizon.net

Issue with sub-accounts with webmail.verizon.net

Contributor mbctwilliams
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Has anyone else had issues with the switch from YahooMail to webmail.verizon.net? I can access my main email account pefectly from verizon, but when I try to login to my sub-accounts I am transferred back to the YahooMail login page. I use two of my sub-accounts as much or more as my main account, so I really need to get this resolved before the time limit is up in April.




Contributor joemoore
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I have had the same problem.  My main account was switched over to the verizon.net servers per the previous email announcements. My sub-accounts are not available through verizon.net.  They are still available through the yahoo portal using the old incoming.yahoo.verizon.net POP3 servers.  It appears that the sub-accounts were completely neglected by Verizon.net.  Also, I use the disposable yahoo addresses.....verizon has neglected to indicate what happens to those addresses as well.  I have not seen any update to the FAQs regarding the situation with either the sub-accounts or the disposible yahoo.com email addresses linked to my account. 

Contributor momq306
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We're also having issues with our sub account settings not working. It too, points me to the Yahoo login screen when online and keeps prompting me for username/password in Outlook. I can access my main account just fine and the changes settings also worked.


Do we need to have this resolved before the April 27th deadline?


Will we lose our contacts/addresses, etc. online (at Verizon Yahoo)?


Will everything be OK at Verizon Yahoo until Verizon resolves the problem?


I too have tried contacting tech support by phone - can't get through.

Tried emailing tech support - it takes me back to the main support page when selecting Technical support for High Speed/DSL.


How frustrating!


Verizon, don't leave us hanging in the dark.

Contributor OogieWaWa
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Same here, really torqued off right now.  Nobody has any info?

Contributor Marteb
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I found most of this information by trial and error as I was unable reach Tech support.  Their phone is constantly busy, imagine that!


It appears that you cannot login to email subaccount at the Verizon main page.  However, I can login at webmail.verizon.net and all of my 'new' email appears to be in this location.  There does not appear to be any way to log off.


I tested the 'true switch" move feature with a little used subaccount.  It moved all of email to a single folder labeled "Verizon email" or something similar.  My contacts were moved but there were only 2 in this account.  It did not move any folders or filters (rules) so it appears I will have to recreate them.  What a pain! 


I wonder if there is a space limit on Verizon since I see 0% of 250 MB in the lower right corner of the web mail interface.  This could be a problem as I have a lot of email in Verizon/Yahoo.  I am hesitant to move my email and do not use an email client on my computer.  I may just have to download everything to avoid losing it.


My parents use Outlook Express and are having some problems sending items with attachments.  They have email subaccounts and  I have already spent several hours trying to figure this out.


I am in Ohio if it matters.  Hopefully this helps!

Contributor lcjawhit
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I am having the same problem.  Hope this can be fixed soon.

Copper Contributor ltd76gold
Copper Contributor
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With the servers being overtaxed (sounds familiar) the issues may be fixed in the near future--or maybe not.


After a marathon session with a good  Verizon CSR (yes they do have some) this is the work-a-round we came up with.


 If you are using a Windows OS, use Windows Live Mail. Set up your email accounts from those you have established in the Verizon system. It (Live Mail) will transfer your folders and such in addition to your being able to read and write emails from any of your addresses, verizon or otherwise.


For your Verizon accounts to be transferred place incoming and outgoing to Verizon .net when asked. The same holds true if you have other mail accounts.


The first best destiny would have been for Verizon to have it together before the switch but alas, that did not happen. If you NEED to get your emails, the (Live Mail) system is working well for me and I hope it will work for you as well.


Doug k

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