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Itouch is connected but can't get email to work from Verizon account

Itouch is connected but can't get email to work from Verizon account

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I have a new I-touch which is connecting fine to my wireless and will recieve and send email from an alternate email server.


But I cannot get the settings correct for my verizon.net address to work on the I-touch.  It confuses me as my email address is verizon.net, but my old settings on my pc are incoming.yahoo.verizon.net and outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net. Should I be trying incoming.verizon.net, or incoming.yahoo.verizon.net.


I have my user name without the @verizon.net and I have checked the password many times.


I have the port setting at 587.


It is on password authentication.


Can anyone share with me which settings are working for them???





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I don't have a iTouch, but I do have an iPhone ...  the answer to your question depends on what "experience" you have when you get your mail from Verizon.   Are you using the Yahoo! portal experience perhaps?


If so, the iPhone has a Yahoo! account profile which appears to work.   You use your full @verizon.net email address as the logon userid and your email password for Verizon.


Standard POP also works ...


POP Account Information

   Name: Joe User

   Address:  joe.user@verizon.net

   Description: Verizon


Incoming Mail Server


   Host Name:  incoming.yahoo.verizon.net

   User Name:  joe.user@verizon.net

   Password: ******


Outgoing Mail Server


   SMTP outgoing.yahoo.version.net    ->

      Primary Server  ->

         Host Name: outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net

         User Name: john.user@verizon.net

         Password: ******

         Use SSL:  On

         Authentication:  Password

         Server Port:  465




   Deleted Message

      Remove: After One Week


   Incoming Settings

      Use SSL:  Off

      Authentication: Password

      Delete from server: Never

      Server Port: 110


Some of these settings are obviously personal preference, but there should be enough here for you to piece toogether what you need to get up and running.



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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I just needed the updated ports and fine tuning of the settings like you sent me and it works great!  It can take hours to figure these things out- which I just don't have right now!  So I so appreciate it.  I copied the settings and saved them for later use if needed!!!!!!!!




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Tried for about one hour plus to get my iPod Touch4 to sync with VZ mail. Gmail was easy but this... On a last shot I found the Community and found Lasagna's post from 5/10...OK, last shot...let's try one more time.... Worked like a charm. I never could figure this Verizon/Yahoo synergy...I have a separate yahoo.com account which is now synced to Google G-Mail. Lasagna, a belated thank you.

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You're most welcome.

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worked like a charm...thank you

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Thank you for saving me (what I'm sure would have been) HOURS of frustration.  I'm very happy I checked this forum.  Your suggestion worked perfectly.  Thanks!Smiley Very Happy

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Thank you so much for the great advice. It worked perfectly!
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After spending hours on the phone and two hours at the Verizon store, I finally came across your message with settings for email.  Verizon wanted me to pay $39.95 to fix the settings on my Ipad2 which worked fine until I started getting message that password or username was incorrect.  THANK YOU and THANK YOU for posting steps.  Strange Verizon provided completely different settings (which did not work), but willing to provide if you pay a fee.

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